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  1. wow I thought this was America, can say anything. on some things I don't get all the backlash at u guys. some I get and is understandable, I love this game bugs n all since I got it its all i play . so mod our free speech should not be allowed wow i wasn't mad at u all till this to me seeing that comment hit me
  2. how I see it is uber was in virtual cabin so is already in the game so is the grendal (prob spelled wrong sorry) so they should be able to release both, and since they can fix bugs and things like that, they could release uber and map then work on any fixes to them. just the way I see it , don't see why they cant do this but im not in on all the inside stuff or a lawyer so its what it is I guess
  3. ive thought of this for awhile, savini came up with his Jason. for a new Jason why not have kane hodder come up with a version of his ultimate Jason and put it out as a limited time to buy. say like 2 weeks then maybe in a year bring it back, again for 2 weeks for sale.
  4. lol that was funny, as to why I dunno maybe the flash from hitting the car like mild explosion
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