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  1. Single Player Challenges Spoiler Warning Ok so I found a fair share of little things that might point toward future content in within the game including customization, unreleased emotes, a new clothing pack, and more. -Customization/ In challenge 9 Jason is here Deborah has Jenny’s hair ultimately hinting at further advancement in counselor customization. -Emotes/ In several challenges we see cheering, drinking, and a little dance from aj in challenge 9 during the opening sequence. -Clothing pack/ In challenge 6 Snuggle by the fire Tiffany wears an alternate style of clothing during her kill while she makes love to Adam. A rumored pajama pack has been talked about and leaked and it includes Tiffany’s outfit. -Wheelchair/ In challenge 5 packanack party Bugzy is in a wheelchair ultimately showing gameplay of what it may be like if they implement the wheelchair into the game for a new counselor or simply paid dlc to have a new badge and a new challenge to overcome.(Just an idea) -Kills/ All throughout the challenges special kills were implemented in each one, but some of the these kills would fit perfectly into Multiplayer such as the noose, car hood, generator electricity, octagon window, ect Some kills would simply not work in the challenges(to my belief) such as the car jack, the raft, the head to head smash, the propeller kill, corkscrew, the love making kill, and stab on top of the head. The kills with the gasoline, injections, ranged weapons, wheelchair kill, and the hanging over the fire are kills I wouldn’t get my hopes up for, but could happen. Any kills I left out should be included into multiplayer in my opinion. -Ranged weapon selection/ These actually go hand in hand with the kills section with the ranged weapons. The only way I can see a harpoon gun or a bow in the game is if we get the option to switch our ranged weapons throughout throwing knives, bow and arrow, and a harpoon gun. Throwing knives would work normally, but a bow and arrow would do the equivalent of one and a half throwing knives and only 3 arrows could be found throughout each map(not including the two you start with). The harpoon gun would only have 2 harpoons and would do the equivalent of a normal slash and a half. The ability more throwing knives would let bow users start with 4 arrows and let harpoon users have 3 harpoons. The weapons would show up the same as throwing knives only seen when used.(Again just another idea) -New weapon/ The scythe used In challenge 4 stargazing has potential to be a new weapon for weapon swapping since it would be a perfect addition.(Just like a normal pitchfork) (Maybe a weapon pack including a chainsaw, scythe, and pitchfork) These were all the hidden things I’ve seen in SP challenges. Hopefully these things come into the game.
  2. Can you get infractions if you lag out or your platform crashes
  3. Yey now I don’t have to hear people whine about progress thank you shifty
  4. What happens if you lag out or leave late in the match
  5. I was really thinking about paranoia and how it would work and so I thought how would Roy pull off being a woman and so I came up with this solution if your selected counselor is a male it will have a 50% chance of being Roy At the end of the game he will put on his blue chevron mask if your selected counselor is a woman it has a 50% chance of being Pamela Voorhees At the end of the game Pamela takes of the mask of the character you were playing as for either gender their is a 50% chance that you will be possessed At the end of the game Jason’s heart bursts from your characters chest
  6. From part 9 their was a dagger that could kill Jason that I think would be a great thing to implement into the game along with lore friendly steps to get it jessica Kimble a new hero(randomly chooses tommy or Jessica) the dagger a new end cutscene a new way to kill Jason now here are the steps if this dlc was to occur call Jessica get Pamelas sweater get the dagger from a glass case the takes a lot of damage to break stun Jason with Pamela’s sweater and hit him with the dagger while he’s on his knees go behind him as Jessica with the dagger and interact with Jason. At this point it will feature a cutscene showing Jason getting dragged to hell 50/50 chance Jessica will spawn you only have 3 hits with the dagger until it breaks
  7. So I was looking back on early footage of gameplay for f13 and I was wondering why they took away those great graphics and animations and if they’ll ever bring those back because the game would be a lot better with everything included with the alpha including the drown the counselor in the boat kill but u could only perform that during rage mode
  8. I would put a switch pre game saying friendly fire off or on and people could vote if it ties the host decides
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