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  1. So one of the counsellors in a multiplayer match will be Roy/Jason then, will there be two Jasons in this mode or just one? i.e. The original one and the fake one?
  2. How will the Paranoia mode come into play?
  3. As there are many many kills in this game, what ones make you very uncomfortable? For me, it has to be the Slam and Gut and Crotch Chop, imagine that happening in real life, that'd be horrible.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm happy to be here and I love playing Friday The 13th: The Game, I've bought all DLC and I'm wondering will we ever get Savini's Jason for the game as an update? I know we're getting Uber Jason and a new map along with a new Paranoia mode, so I can't wait for that, who is/are your favourites counsellors to play as? I love Kenny, he's so gorgeous and his hot pink Police costume is everything.
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