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  1. That stalk ability is something else. Iwas able to get a from using it. The player was in a cabin by a window and I went out of his view to activate the ability. He thought I left and as soon as he came out, BAM! lol
  2. Please forgive me but where do I go to put my code for this skin? Thanks
  3. Try wounding them first. That makes it harder to get out Jason's grip.
  4. I thought we were supposed to get different intros and outros with this patch too?
  5. That Jason more than likely used their stalk ability along with the shift. That stalk is a bitch. I used it for a couple of kills. Haven't tried it while shifting though.
  6. I think the game is good so far, even with server and bug issues. I like playing as Jason as well as the counselors. I was thinking to myself that I would be nervous if I had to play as Jason the first time I played my first match and that's exactly what happened.? I managed to kill 5 out of 6.
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