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  1. Just ignore it... sad, salty bitches is what they are. Our world is getting soft. People want what others have and if they dont get it, they throw temper tantrums. Nothing will change, if anything it will only get worse. But for now... lets hold up our glasses and catch them tears. πŸ₯‚
  2. Hey bro, everything you ranted about is exactly how i feel. I havent played in approx. 3 weeks after almost punching tv. We all know how you feel and i too think this game is a comedy, not a horror. Like weve all said, it should be a fucking achievement to escape from Jason. It shouldn't be like, "hey bro tonight im going to lay jason out with the frying pan and see if i can do a 5 second teabag HEHEHE." Like what in the actual fuck is going on? I DONT UNDERSTAND what is happening to this game. My friends used to come over on weekends just to crack a few beer and play f13th because it was fun. This shit does not happen anymore because even they don't find it fun now. I am starting to see a layer of dust on the case...if the next patch is shit i am afraid the game will be overcome by dust bunnies! R.I.P Jason😭❀
  3. Jason harpoon

    Ya I am not very good at properly stating my points, Alk made what ive been saying sound better as well. ☺
  4. Jason harpoon

    I understand you can just reduce pk's, sprays, guns etc... but what the hell would be wrong with giving Jason some variance? The spear gun in no way would be overpowered, just juke and dance your little asses off if it misses πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
  5. Jason harpoon

    This is exactly how i would implement the almighty spear gun. ME LIKESIES! πŸ‘
  6. Where is everybody from...

    Sweet... Where abouts? Im in Edmonton
  7. Emotes need to go

    Well said sir, well said! πŸ˜ƒ
  8. Jason harpoon

    How would the speargun be unfair? 1 shot and if you hit them in a fatal spot its an instant kill. That alone, would single handedly make people think twice about walking up to jason with 2 pk's, 2 sprays, and a fucking frying pan. I am all for this. The spear gun would be feared by all, amen!πŸ‘
  9. Where is everybody from...

    We can be friends. Lots of love to our friends below. Sorry @Cer1alkill3r I didn't see you the first time i browsed. I see it now though ☺
  10. Where is everybody from...

    Only other Canadian ive seen. Go Canada πŸ‘πŸ˜
  11. Where is everybody from...

    Edmonton alberta, Canada
  12. It isnt about being a good or bad jason. Its more about why the hell jason has to bait/spin twirl in fear of a 90 pound girl stunning him with a frying pan. Keep counsellors how they are. Redo perks maybe, but its all about big J. Make the damn game scary... make it so when you are a counsellor you are on the edge of your seat to try and survive. None of this "oh well ill fuck around because i have a shotgun, 2 pk's, 2 sprays, and slot open for the next pk or spray i get. It's absolutely retarded and i dont blame the op for starting a new thread. Jason is and should be an OP, scary mofo...so make it happen!
  13. Jason is a freaking joke.

    That could work... itd be tricky not to make it isanely op but eh. I like it!
  14. Yeah, jason should be easy. Not too easy... but after all your in his house. The real challenge should be surviving the damn game against iconic J man. In no way whatsoever should we be talking about how easy it is to escape. We should be on here talking about how damn hard it is to survive. Telling the stories of the "few" times you have survived and what you did to do so.
  15. Jason is a freaking joke.

    Your right... jason still can wipe out lobbies. The game just isnt scary anymore. Permanent stalk until jasons seen should be implemented. As ive said before, have random weapon drops for jason as well. If that was put in then they could make it where jason can throw weapons. If you miss the counsellor with an axe throw and too lazy to go retrieve it, you go find a different weapon. This would beef jason up a bit and make it feel more like friday the 13th.