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  1. Oh i see... that is why you are rude, another cry hard counsellor. The courier didn't ask about anything you mentioned that needs fixed by the way. He simply asked if we like or dislike combat through doors ?
  2. Im still curious as to why you are so salty towards the courier? Especially after a good patch and moving in the right direction. Uncalled for ?
  3. Agreed. If anything, removing combat lock in general would improve gameplay. The hitting through doors is not a game breaker, more silly then anything.
  4. Dude... as i said before, use your time to adjust and get better as a counsellor instead of wasting it on here crying. Its not hard to survive if you play smart.
  5. Yeah i 100% agree with the OP. I played 4 matches last night(all counsellor) and i died 3 out of 4 times. I'm not even mad, im impressed! ? Each game was intense, i barely found anything but it made me think more which in turn kept me on my toes. Well done devs, *applause* this game is back on top of the pile.
  6. Go away already. None of your posts make any sense.
  7. Go away already. You make no sense in any of your posts.
  8. I find that to be effin awesome. Do you think it is the new patch? I don't remember any bots doing anything remotely that smart.
  9. For the 5th fucking time, level has nothing to do with skill! Troll more please.
  10. Say what? Haha... the bot used a pk on a trap? Thats awesome?
  11. A lot of 10 year olds are good gamers man.
  12. Hey!!!! Cmon now... lil Timmy deserves to play this game and live every single time or its unfair.
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