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  1. I would be on board with adding more perk slots if they put each perk into a tier class. Some perks are almost useless while others are almost overpowered. What if we had 6 perk slots but we can only equip 1 top tier perk, 2 mid tier perks, and 3 bottom tier perks.
  2. He means he has 86% of the trophies. The only trophies he's missing are the 1000 as counselor, the Platinum, and most likely the 1000 as Jason. I would also like to them to add progression stats as well.
  3. I'm sorry but isn't enemy AI like game development 101? If collecting knives is too complicated for an AI then don't let him. Obviously it would be difficult to create a Jason bot, but you don't get into game developing because it's easy do you?
  4. What if you could place bets with other spectators using your CP on who you think will die next or how many couselors will escape or whatever just some kind of wager system.
  5. The only way I can see them stopping cheating of that kind is to have a mode that doesn't allow parties to join, doesn't allow inviting, and doesn't display your game ID (so that you cant invite someone to a party chat right there on the spot). People could still tell them their name over mics but then everyone listening would know right away who was going to cheat.
  6. I suggest making it so that the objective icons like gas, battery etc. only show up on the map for counselors that have a walkie talkie. The icons would still work like before where they don't show up for anyone until someone picks it up and drops it. The only difference would be that when it does show up it would only be visible for counselors that have found a walkie talkie. They could even take it farther and make it so that only someone with a walkie talkie can make the icons show up at all (they could still appear retroactively if they found an objective THEN picked up a walkie talkie later). If it still feels unfair for counselors they could increase the number of walkie talkies which would also fix the "too many empty drawers" complaint. It would make more logical sense and give more purpose to the walkie talkie item which let's face it is useless when no one is communicating.
  7. If Jason doesn't grab then we won't see the kill animations. The basic slash kill is boring. The grab SHOULD be his main way of killing.
  8. Yeah I'm pretty sure the only people against fixing it are the ones set to counselor just playing as Chad so they take advantage of the stunning.
  9. I'm chill and that perk needs to be fixed. They've fixed perks before. This needs to be next. They don't even try to escape anymore because it's so easy to mess with Jason. Not just me either. I'm spectating and watching people dance on top of a perpetually stunned Jason. It's a joke.
  10. I don't know what's wrong but the stun chance is messed up. I just played as part 9 who has "Stun resistance" and Chad stunned be with literally every hit with his machete (at least 6) which is suppose to have low stun according to the "How to Play" weapon screen. Maybe he had a perk which seriously needs to be nerfed or something else is wrong but it needs to be looked at regardless.
  11. I want this as a setting too. Now that I've played the game long enough I've gotten pretty good at knowing where I am without looking at the radar/map so it could be like an expert mode. To balance it you could remove Jason's sense and white pings. Composure could just effect how loudly or how often the counselor screams when something happens and Jason can ACTUALLY hear it instead of some kind of visual cue that simulates audio. If you don't have surround sound maybe Jason's head would turn in that direction. Footstep sounds and twigs snapping could happen for the stealth category.
  12. Is Pam still going to talk to him or is it going to be Joey? Will the sweater even work on him at all? Can he still use the superhuman kills like punching someone's head off? Is the song "his eyes" going to be added as one of the radio songs?
  13. It would make logical sense. It does NOT make sense for a counselor to start dancing when there's a psycho trying to kill everyone. You could still dance if you want to so people that paid for it don't feel cheated, but it would definitely reduce the amount of trolling. The dances were funny the first 20 times I saw them. Now they're just annoying. This game has too much silliness and needs to bring back the horror any way it can.
  14. You would still have time to get into the car if you get in before he wakes up which is plenty of time if he was hit right next to the door like in your scenario. If there's any kind of problem with the timing it can be adjusted.
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