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  1. I want this as a setting too. Now that I've played the game long enough I've gotten pretty good at knowing where I am without looking at the radar/map so it could be like an expert mode. To balance it you could remove Jason's sense and white pings. Composure could just effect how loudly or how often the counselor screams when something happens and Jason can ACTUALLY hear it instead of some kind of visual cue that simulates audio. If you don't have surround sound maybe Jason's head would turn in that direction. Footstep sounds and twigs snapping could happen for the stealth category.
  2. Jason V (Roy) - Stats

    Is Pam still going to talk to him or is it going to be Joey? Will the sweater even work on him at all? Can he still use the superhuman kills like punching someone's head off? Is the song "his eyes" going to be added as one of the radio songs?
  3. It would make logical sense. It does NOT make sense for a counselor to start dancing when there's a psycho trying to kill everyone. You could still dance if you want to so people that paid for it don't feel cheated, but it would definitely reduce the amount of trolling. The dances were funny the first 20 times I saw them. Now they're just annoying. This game has too much silliness and needs to bring back the horror any way it can.
  4. Add a leg grab to prevent teabagging

    You would still have time to get into the car if you get in before he wakes up which is plenty of time if he was hit right next to the door like in your scenario. If there's any kind of problem with the timing it can be adjusted.
  5. Jason should able to grab people after he wakes up from being knocked out instead of slowly getting up while everyone around him is taunting and emoting right on top of him. In the movies if anyone got close to him when he appeared to be unconscious, they would get grabbed. It doesn't have to be like the normal grab. Just give it the same animation as when someone hits a trap and then they break free but with less health now. You would still be able to get around him indoors after you hit him. He wouldn't be able to grab someone until after he wakes up but before he stands up completely. After a while people would stop falling for it and it would just be a deterrent. It makes it more like the movies and reduces obnoxious teabagging.
  6. Forget the stamina. It could be anything. Strength, points, just some incentive so theres a reward for the risk. No one said you have to do it just because it's there. I don't even want to have sex with other counselors. I'd just like to be Jason and be able to kill the players who are having sex/doing drugs so that it's more like the movies.
  7. Have you seen the Friday the 13th movies? Do you think people who watch them are perverted? Also you can easily imply the idea of two counselors fooling around without actually showing any nudity.
  8. I like this mode. To add to it, there should be a way to do drugs and have sex only while in tranquil mode. Doing drugs raises your composure stat while lowering your luck. Having sex raises your stamina but the cabin your in lights up on Jason's sense mode from anywhere on the map.
  9. I want this too. It would also make it easier to get a private match going with friends if we could always have a full game with bots filling the empty slots. The only problem I can see would be if a bot picks up a key item and proceeds to get stuck opening and closing a door forever or staying in a hiding spot. It would help if the bots responded to emotes maybe. If they see the "follow me" gesture they would follow you, en emote telling them to drop the car part, etc.