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  1. Just posted it on the other thread bro would love to know your opinion on the ability proposal
  2. I don't want to start a new post as I feel it will probably get seen more here but I would like to propose a new Jason ability that is compelelty open to suggestions improvements and counters as to why it possibly couldn't work. Sense Morph as keeping true to the movies Jason always seems to have the upper hand they don't know when he's coming or where he is which keeps the tension high once they see that first body and know he's there which in our case is the opening scene. so this ability is available when sense becomes available and it can give Jason an actual view of the place he is going to morph to at that exact time so he can see what's going on without going there giving him the upper hand this ability would allow him to morph in to the exact spot he wanted and get that completely unsuspected planned attack. This would mean lone wolfing wouldn't be a thing as why would you take the risk that he could grab you out of nowhere and be watching you at that exact time putting a sort of fear back into your out of cabin exposed movements teamwork would become even more important as the only way you could save yourself or your team mates is to stick together and save each other from grab attacks that could happen at any moment. This could also stop the utilisation of "ganging up" on Jason as he could be watching your movements and come in from no where and take you out one by one if your not careful. This would also be a great advantage when they are attempting to kill Jason which is becoming to be as easy as escaping with a competent lobby because the mask will come off so easy and usually Jason will turn into a big shark and swim off shore because he doesn't want to be killed but if he had the ability to morph right behind tommy or sweater girl they would not be standing dancing on the shore shouting profanitys at him. please I am open to any discussion about this topic as I feel the more ideas on #makejasongreatagain the better! Hope your all having a great day (please feel free to use my hashtag!)
  3. Thank you for your diverse counter argument tommy I completely respect and take into consideration what you have proposed and I feel it gives the guys just starting out I good understanding of different play styles to approach Jason play as I see a lot of people talking about how Jason isn't a scary prescense or a threat which is completely untrue if he is played to his advantages which i believe is picking off one by one the problem seems to be in my opinion I feel the meta game has changed and any lobby that knows what they are doing no one wants to escape because that isn't fun any more the goal is to make Jason salty and then kill which is fine hey we all want to kill Jason but he can't take on a group of 2 or more high level counsellors and not take repeated stuns and lose his mask which is a shame. I read this back and realised this is completely off topic maybe I just want someone to talk about Friday with lol
  4. Love a few of these so I'm going to lay my personal game plan, the metagame has changed. Any decent Jason does not need to trap cars as these should be two of the three morph locations that you patrol instead use all of your 5 traps at the phone house (same works for minus traps) one by the phone box or two depending how competent the team of counsellors are, one at each door and maybe a window closest to the box this will usually throw a whole plan of attack off even for a good team of counsellors and more often than not you will catch the first unlucky prey if they are in the house and try to run from you the open doors that you have previously broke are too enticing not to run through without proper regard for checking the terrain and unless they have been chad lucky and found a piglet knife in their first few draws it's a quick easy kill that generates enough salt to bath the Cornels famous chicken.