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  1. Actually, I started a suggestion campaign here for a better offline experience quite a months ago, but there was no response to that from devs or officials. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/14696-custom-settings-in-offline-mode/
  2. Yup, I am optimistic, too. I am sensing a good news.
  3. I wish if you had recorded this. I can imagine how funny it would have been if I was on that match spectating this happening.
  4. I go with One handed choke (For quick kills and doesn't require much space to execute) Two handed choke (For annoying players, it feels good to slowly kill them and then head-stomp is icing on cake) The remaining slots are filled with Jason specific weapon kills.
  5. I had a game today where the Tommy was AFK I picked Pamela's sweater and got Jason's attention. I survived but Tommy was killed effortlessly by Jason.
  6. Interestingly, people have voted 11% for Venessa (second-most) but I see the lobbies full of Venessas. (At least in EU & AP server) Once I was in a lobby where everyone, except me, had Venessa selected and coincidentally I was selected to play as Jason. God, I had hard time killing those Venessas.
  7. Yes, I have noticed that, too. And not just those, I think they also run faster now.
  8. They should always do an open or a closed public beta of major patches before releasing it as final. Nothing is more valuable here than getting public feedbacks. If I was handling this matter, I would have made bug tracker available for public so that they can submit a bug report and view progress of bugs in realtime. Currently, we do have a bug reporting 'form' (jasonkillsbugs.com) but once you submit it, you never know what happened to that bug until you see it fixed in a patch.
  9. Platform: PC/Steam Issues: Huge FPS drop after recent update. In chapter 4 I threw Shelly out of window but his body came back in the air and dropped near me. Location: Higgins Haven Pressing 'E' sometimes doesn't work when trying to throw somebody out of window. Location: Same as above Right after head-stomp in two hand choke kill, the counselor's body bounces and falls at random place.
  10. Looks like some electricity work is required now that the lighting effects are real. Jason cutting off power supply should result in darkness but not when he doesn't cut the power. I know many people will not agree and some will suggest adjusting gamma but I think we should get some feedback here.
  11. I am sure devs are listening to feedbacks and will allow us to skip intros in next patch.
  12. I do agree that there should an update followed with a sale. That may improve things for the game.
  13. Well, it looks like the upcoming update will not feature any of the requested improvement for Offline gameplay. I'd give devs more time as they were busy improving important aspects of gameplay. We will, hopefully, have something to cheer on in an update after 24th's. Fingers crossed.
  14. I play on PC and we have dedicated servers for PC version. Since there is no host player in dedicated servers, the players should get option to vote for map they want to play instead of giving the map selection option to a single player.
  15. I think there should be an option to pass on playing as Tommy Jarvis. Sometimes, you just want to do other things until the match is done or sometimes you just want to spectate. For example, if you are chosen to be Tommy Jarvis, you should first get a message with a Yes/No option for you decide what you want to do. If you decide 'No', next eligible player should get that chance. What do you guys think?
  16. I like Two handed choke with Part 8 Jason. (Maybe I like to follow the movie) I also like throwing axe weapon kill of Part 8. I always keep two handed choke and one handed choke (for macro key hackers). I am yet to play as other Jasons.
  17. I personally feel that F13, even on PC, can beat DbD. DbD's graphics sucks and I hate the repetitive limited objectives. As for Last Year: The Nightmare, god knows when this game going to be launched. The devs can't stick to what they promised. Their team simply disappeared after PAX news.
  18. Offline play can add more fun to gameplay. I am, with few handful of people, requesting devs to improve offline gameplay here: http://forum.f13game.com/forum/9-friday-the-13th-the-game-suggestionsfeedback/ If they make improvements mentioned in the thread, offline gameplay can be more fun. (assuming that they will improve bot's AI over time)
  19. Except that thread generated very strong response and hence the result. Here, we have very little response for Offline gameplay improvement.
  20. And the worst thing is AJ calling him '''honey', seriously?
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