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  1. 1. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter 2. Friday the 13th, Part III 3. Friday the 13th: A New Beginning 4. Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives 5. Friday the 13th (2009) 6. Friday the 13th (1980) 7. Friday the 13th, Part 2 8. Friday the 13th, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan 9. Friday the 13th, Part VII: The New Blood <insert large gap> 10. Jason X 11. Freddy vs Jason 12. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
  2. I play on Xbox, but I've played single player without having an active Live membership. As soon as I logged in with my gamer tag it prompted me to sign up for Live. I just backed out of all of that and was able to play single player with all my progress intact. I don't know how similar PSN is to XBL, but I assume it wouldn't be so different that you couldn't play single player without having access to playing online. Can you still log in to your profile?
  3. 4/5. I dig the new map. I'm not a huge fan of the small versions of the maps so getting another sprawling one was alright with me, plus it looks great. Making it darker was cool, too. I got stalked a couple of times and didn't notice him until he was almost on me. I had my initial concerns about Roy, but I really enjoyed playing against him and as him. Those garden shears, though...yikes. At first the fanboy in me was excited about them but seeing them in action slashing and taking down a door is rough. As far as the game play goes with the balance adjustments, the game was a ton of fun (I played mostly as a counselor for my handful of games). In one game I ate a trap so a more capable counselor could fix the car and I used my med spray after. We didn't make it out, but we were close. It was just cool having people coordinate instead of watching counselors all play the lone wolf. The downside is that the game is still buggy. Jason glitched out in mid animation while he had me. I should have died but didn't. Another time I had to pop out of a window and hit Jason just so he could move and keep playing. Those glitches don't happen often for me, but damn are they annoying when they do. The most annoying one is that the first game I played as Jason after the update my morph ability just wasn't an option. Nothing like playing on a big map without morph...
  4. I really don't understand why that exists when it's already in the game, a.k.a. diving through the window.
  5. ...so many updates! #1: I'm pumped to be getting Roy and a Pinehurst map, obviously. #2: The Jason buffs are ok, but I didn't see anything in there that would affect the game too much. #3. The changes to the counselors are ok, but again, I didn't see anything that would affect the game too much. You put #2 & #3 together, though... I think the main thing to remember about this is that we're talking about a game where potentially 8 people play at once. If Jason is too strong, then we have potentially 7 people not having fun. I have seen people on here saying that Jason needs to be accurate to the films and be an unstoppable beast and no counselors should survive. Well, that's not movie accurate. Someone always survives the movies and they implement all kinds of tactics to stun Jason and get away...because you need tension and suspense in horror movies. That being said, the counselor survival rate shouldn't be 50% or higher as often as it is. To blame it solely on Jason nerfs and counselor buffs just isn't fair, though. Sometimes a Jason player is just really bad. I've seen them just walk around with no apparent strategy plenty of times. I think the combo of changes they're going to implement is just enough to sway things a little more back to Jason's favor, but it's not going to cripple the counselors. The biggest nerf to the counselors is, and likely will always be, the people playing as counselors that don't use a microphone. I play on Xbox and the amount of people that don't use microphones is insane considering this is a co-op game and MICROPHONES COME WITH THE SYSTEM. There's literally no excuse for it. I guess this was just a long winded way of saying I don't really have a strong opinion one way or the other about these changes. I don't see it dramatically changing anything one way or the other. I think a vocal minority of players on both sides (Jason and counselors) just seem to want an easy mode and not have to work for their victories and XP.
  6. That's pretty much how I go about it. I'll head straight for a counselor that's alone so they have strength in numbers. If they're trying to repair something, I guard them. If the cops are called I try to escort everyone to safety. If they're making zero attempt to get to the police when I reach them, I leave them. I assume they're just waiting to do some trolling.
  7. It essentially looks like a generic version of Friday the 13th, but with different killers to choose from. They're only developing it on PC at the moment. http://www.lastyearthegame.com/
  8. The Good: The design. The sound and level design are so good. It makes the game feel very authentic. I enjoy the game play. It's not perfect, but the flaws don't ruin it for me. The camaraderie when you get a group of counselors that want to work together to accomplish objectives and try to get as many counselors out alive as possible, which usually ends with almost everyone dying. Playing as Jason and facing off with a counselor that can evade you really well, lulling them into a false sense of security and then taking them out. Hell, hanging back in general when there are 3 or less counselors left to give them some space and kind of forget about you, then hit them with Stalk + Morph or Stalk + Shift and watching them sprint away in terror. The Bad: The host quits the game and everyone wastes their time. The glitch that makes it so Jason can't actually do anything unless a counselor hits him first. When you have just a couple of counselors left and their not generating any noise, it's damn near impossible to find one let alone get hit by one. There's not option but to just quit the game, which also wastes your time. The Ugly: The discontent among the players. It's never good to see such a large amount of people upset by a product they've spent time and money on. I don't agree with every complaint I read on here, but I feel most of them have merit. Would I like to see more maps and counselors? Absolutely. Would I like to see patches that fix bugs, glitches and other issues that taint the game before we get new content? That's a hard yes.
  9. I'm getting more and more excited for Last Year. Is there any kind of expected release date for it?
  10. There was a summer in my early 20's when I decided I was going to beat the games I never could as a kid. I conquered Jaws and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES. The TMNT game took forever and ended up putting me off of games for a bit due to the hours of frustration, so I didn't continue my journey past those two games. I still have a ton of fun coercing a random friend to sit down and try and beat Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the SNES with me.
  11. My thoughts exactly. It just seemed so damn lazy.
  12. Koffin Kats "Drunk in the Daylight".
  13. That's the set I have. I gave all my DVD copies (except for the unrated Jason Goes to Hell since it's not included in that set) but I kind of regret not having the separate cover art for each film.
  14. Speaking of leveling up, does anyone know how much xp is needed to reach each level? Is there a chart or something somewhere that I'm not finding?
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