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  1. No, the system isn't able to tell the difference between a player quitting, and a crash/timeout/connection drop. Salt is calculated by illfonic's account server, not the players client. All the server see's is 'Player X was in game, player X is no longer in game. No death recorded. Game still running. Apply salt based on player X-s role.' The way the game is coded (and this was an intentional choice made by either illfonic or Gun), leaving a game by choice, or leaving a game due to circumstances beyond your control (including bad coding by the developers) both punish the player with salt.
  2. Still having the issue here. Multiple game restarts, full-power xbox reboots, plus router power resets. Still no joy here.
  3. The worst thing about the whole progression system is the lottery/RNG bull****, and you guys pile on yet more. I said recently in another post i made about how terrible this system is - that it's a major contributor to my considering giving up on this game after a year of RNG crap, and we'll have to see what the future brings. I guess this is that answer.
  4. I've given up. The perk system in this game is the most terribly designed i've ever seen in any game. It's truly awful. Honestly, whomever authorised such a terrible mechanic to be implemented should never have that kind of authority in a videogame ever again. Been playing since day-1 release, and the fact that almost a year later I know that there are still people running around in the game with strong advantages which i, and others, dont have and may never have due to an utterly awful lottery system... makes me feel pretty bitter towards the game and its developers. I've given up on the perk system, and it is a STRONG contributor to why i will most likely end up giving up on the game as a whole one day. We'll see what the next few months bring...
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