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  1. This looks great! Will it be longer before you can kill the person in your hands or will the time before kills appear remain the same?
  2. I want to try part 2 with machete. I always thought part 2's kill were kinda boring, now I can use cool ones
  3. Jason's resurrection in the beginning of part 6 is great. Mirror kill in part 8 is cool, heart rip part 6, really all the kills!
  4. Jason would win. Both of them are depicted to be quite stealthy in there movies, and both can take some punches. However, I believe that Jason is much stronger and would be able to outlast Michael in a fight.
  5. I want her in the game, but don't think she would work in the existing game mode. I still think a non-Jason game mode is the way to go. With Roy and Pamela as the killers and no shift, morph and all that. I mean I guess they could put her in with young Jason in the water, but I just think it would be to weird. Even more so the Roy
  6. Halloween could be cool. It could be more of a 1v1 stalk and kill. Or it 8v1 (or whatever v1) but Michael only has one target but no one knows who it is or when he will come. He has to look around the town for clues to find his target, and he can kill anyone he wants along the way. However the more he kills the more people are aware he is around and it will be harder for him to find his target silently. The people who aren't Michael could have to do stuff around town until Michael is spotted, and maybe someone is Loomis who is hunting Michael while he hunts his target.
  7. I just want some more where he uses them as shears and not duel blades. And soon hopefully
  8. VI Jason Lives The Final Chapter Part III Friday the 13th Part II Part VIII Part VII Jason X FvJ Part V (It's good but the ending ruins it for me) Friday the 13th (2009) Jason gose to hell
  9. No it wouldn't. What's the difference between that or spamming the choke button. In fact I think they would have more of a chance while Jason is walking over to the dropped weapon.
  10. Fun stuff. Some of the new kills are great (hope they toss in a new kill pack soon). Separated blades is wired but the "you're so vein" kill is fun. 4/5
  11. Part 6 is my favorite. Love the opening and Thom Mathews is my favorite Tommy. A lot of the kills are pretty funny too, in a bloody way.
  12. I think Jason should get environmental kills for baseball bats, fire pokers, sticks, and all the other weapons counselors can pick up. When Jason grabs a counselor they drop the weapon already. Just go up to the Weapon on the ground and press action button, killing ensues. This could deter some players to pick up weapons due to the fact it could backfire.
  13. Anything that gets even more kills in the game is good with me. Although I have wanted that pitchfork from the launch trailer.
  14. I want Pam. But I think there should be a non-Jason Gamemode. With the main killers being Pam and Roy. As well as smaller maps and less people in thing game (like 1v4). Also Roy and would have no powers (other them maybe a stalk).
  15. yes! ive wanted this so bad. knocking out the power and a counselor all at once
  16. Star Wars Battlefront 2. I know... I know pay to win you don't have to tell me.
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