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  1. I'd be fine with this as long as they subbed out knives for bullets. Having 6 pocket knives, 3 shotguns, 2 handguns with 4 bullets is a bit too much. But if it was only 3 knives in each map along with 3 bullets is fair. Let's remember the goal of each match is to ESCAPE. It's Friday The 13th, not Call of Duty. You put too many weapons in where everyone is armed to the teeth then Jason isn't scary anymore.
  2. I like the idea of finding different weapons around the map, but with the way the game is set up it wouldn't work just because most of the kills that you have as Jason are dependent on what weapon you have at the start of the match. Plus like I said, the one shot insatkill weapon should be a one time use and not used over and over. It would put the counselors at too much of a disadvantage.
  3. Not a bad idea, but then you'd be able to do that over and over. Plus what if you throw you weapon through a window to kill a player and the door was locked, you'd never be able to get it back then you're screwed.
  4. AJ is my go to just because I like sneaking around the map and repairing things. But if I'm just messing around I'll play as anyone.
  5. I agree an environmental kill for this would be cool, but the idea behind it is to stop people from standing at the exit trolling. Making it one specific spot on the map wouldn't make any difference in that regard unless you could carry it with you. Also it would appear in a random spot somewhere on the map so it wouldn't be easy to find.
  6. It would work EXACTLY like this. One time use only.
  7. While I admire everyone's enthusiasm, I think that F134ever86 had it best. I was thinking the range could be the same as it was in part 3 which was somewhere between 15 to 20 feet. At the very least it should have the same range as the shotgun in the game.
  8. I think exploding them and killing everyone around them would be a bit overkill, like I said it's main purpose would be just to prevent people from standing by the exit dancing because nobody would want to run the risk of getting shot.
  9. We've all had games before where you're playing as Jason and you see several people standing at the police exit because they know they've won but just want to troll Jason by either setting off firecrackers, ganging up on him, or have several knives and just want to use them on Jason. It's annoying not just for the guy playing as Jason but for all the other players that just want to get on to the next match and don't want to watch Jason get trolled for 10 minutes. I think a good counter for this would be for there to be 1 speargun somewhere on the map that Jason has to find. It would only have 1 shot so he couldn't use it over and over, but it would be a long range one hit kill with it's own kill animation. Having this would be a good way to prevent trolls from just standing at the exit dancing because then one of them would run the risk of dying from a spear flying into their head.
  10. It's so confusing. I earned the 666 kills before the offline bots came out wanted to earn the 1313 kills, I know that I've done enough matches to get it offline but it hasn't unlocked.
  11. I can confirm that you CANNOT get the trophies for 13/666/1313 kills as Jason in offline bot matches. I logged onto an old account on PSN that has no progress in F13 and tried some of the easy ones. I was able to get the trophy for 1st kill as Jason along with the fireplace and door smash kill trophies. However I was not able to get the trophies for killing all 7 counselors and Jarvis in the same match. Also when I tried to get the trophy for killing 13 counselors it never unlocked, even though I played 3 matches and killed all 8 bots each time.
  12. Part 4 Jason has + Weapon strength, Can Run, and has + Destruction. In my opinion he's the most OP. The only difference is YOU don't have access to Savini because you didn't back the game. If you had access to Savini Jason but not Part 4 Jason you'd complain that Part 4 Jason is OP.
  13. If you're saying that +shift is what makes him OP then you're just terrible at this game.
  14. If you're playing as Jason and several high level players are ganging up on you, they can basically kill you easy by all of them sticking together. I think as a counter to this there should be a weapon (Harpoon Gun maybe?) with one shot somewhere in a random location on the map that Jason can find and it will be a long range one shot one hit kill on a player. It will serve 2 purposes, 1- it will help Jason deal with a crowd of people all huddled together at his shack waiting for him to show up so they can kill him. 2- It will prevent people from just sitting at the exit where the cops are waiting for Jason to show up and dragging the match out so they can all stun him with fire crackers, pocket knives, and flare guns, then do dance emotes.
  15. I know how you feel. There's only 2 things in this game that really set me off, and that's the host leaving mid match and people doing glitches to win. Thankfully you don't see as many glitchers as you used to, but the host thing just makes you want to stop playing. The game's been out for 7 months, this should've been fixed by now.