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  1. Well never let it be said that I'm not a man of my word. I was wrong. I get passionate about this game, and I get tired of everyone bashing it at every single turn. Yes the devs have made mistakes along the way, but it doesn't deserve anywhere near all the hate that it has gotten. Even when the devs give people good news they get flooded with comments like "Your game is shit" or "You guys don't know what you're doing and the game is dead" or "You guys never lived up to all your promises, I want my money back" and I just get tired of hearing all that. It was clear that this whole story was just put out there for no other reason than to attack the devs and it's not fair to them and it's not fair to ACTUAL FANS of the game. When I say "actual fans" I mean the people that still enjoy playing this game for what it is, and not the people who have stopped playing the game months ago but just enjoy coming back and posting hate comments about a game that they don't even play anymore. Anyways, sorry for the long rant.
  2. Who would put that much effort into making mods? The same people who modded Thomas the Tank Engine and a Macho Man Randy Savage dragon into Skyrim (pretty sure those weren't in the game files) . The same people who mod entire new maps and cars in games like GTA V and Rocket League. Some people just enjoy doing stuff like that.
  3. I sent out tweets to Wes Keltner, F13 support, and Gun Media over the last hour trying to get any kind of confirmation if the video is real. Like I said, if they come back and confirm that the video is real and not a mod I'll gladly come back and admit that I was wrong.
  4. Remember several months ago when everyone was convinced that this was the real Grendel map, then it turned out to be totally fake?
  5. The interview from wes was just him talking about the Grendel map and what it would've been like. He never says anything about a video that is leaked. That was just thrown in there by the website to get people to click on it.
  6. If we see an actual post from Wes Keltner saying that this video is %100 real and that was the actual map that they were working on and it comes from an interview or twitter post from him, then I'll gladly come back to this post and admit that I'm wrong. Will you be willing to do the same if I'm right though?
  7. I saw that article and read his quote. At NO POINT does he say that what you seen in the "leaked video" was the actual map that they were working on. He simply says that they were working on a Grendal map that they were hoping to get out by some point in July, which we already knew they were working on the map from several months ago. This is something that somebody modded.
  8. Tell me then what exactly makes you believe that this is real? A random french facebook page says so?
  9. I REALLY don't understand why ANYONE would think that this footage is real?! There are tons of red flags in the 1st 2 minutes of watching the gameplay that basically proves that is is a mod that someone did and not "leaked footage" that everyone keeps saying that it is. Let's go over a few of those red flags, first listen to the way that Jason walks in the footage, does is sound familiar? It sounds like he is walking on dirt. Now anyone who has played the game will know that when Jason walks around outside it sounds different than when he walks inside. There's NO WAY that they would have that sound when he is walking around inside a spaceship. Next thing is that there are cabin doors in some of the main hallways, and I don't mean doors that are on a spaceship that you can break through, I mean CABIN DOORS! Why would there be random cabin doors in a hallway? A few of them aren't even leading anywhere. Next up, does it seem strange that the power boxes that we would use to cut the power on a futuristic spaceship look EXACTLY THE SAME as the ones we use in a 80's summer camp? Don't you think they would've changed the look of them at least a little bit? I can go on and on but you get my point. I would love to believe that this is real, but the fact is that IT'S NOT REAL! We've seen people do mods on fake JASON X maps before and they look exactly the same as this. In fact I'll go a step farther that say that the other modded Jason X maps actually look way better than this. Don't believe everything that some random gaming website tells you people. They never bother looking up the facts on anything.
  10. I'd be fine with this as long as they subbed out knives for bullets. Having 6 pocket knives, 3 shotguns, 2 handguns with 4 bullets is a bit too much. But if it was only 3 knives in each map along with 3 bullets is fair. Let's remember the goal of each match is to ESCAPE. It's Friday The 13th, not Call of Duty. You put too many weapons in where everyone is armed to the teeth then Jason isn't scary anymore.
  11. I like the idea of finding different weapons around the map, but with the way the game is set up it wouldn't work just because most of the kills that you have as Jason are dependent on what weapon you have at the start of the match. Plus like I said, the one shot insatkill weapon should be a one time use and not used over and over. It would put the counselors at too much of a disadvantage.
  12. Not a bad idea, but then you'd be able to do that over and over. Plus what if you throw you weapon through a window to kill a player and the door was locked, you'd never be able to get it back then you're screwed.
  13. AJ is my go to just because I like sneaking around the map and repairing things. But if I'm just messing around I'll play as anyone.
  14. I agree an environmental kill for this would be cool, but the idea behind it is to stop people from standing at the exit trolling. Making it one specific spot on the map wouldn't make any difference in that regard unless you could carry it with you. Also it would appear in a random spot somewhere on the map so it wouldn't be easy to find.
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