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  1. Hellraiser: Judgment - 6.5/10 Nothing groundbreaking but i quite liked it! And the guy playing Pinhead was really good, if Doug never comes back as the character im happy to see this guy more
  2. When i first got into Ghost i had the first album on heavy rotation! Elizabeth is one along with Ritual i always go back to!
  3. Pokemon moving to the switch will be my reason for buying one i think, im playing through Moon now and i still need to go back to Black 2 and X on the handhelds but im very keen to see what gen 8 has to offer
  4. Any fans here? I started being a fan back in late '98 or so when i was 8 years old and my first game was Red version i also still have all my cards I went off the franchise once i hit high school but came back to it a couple of years back and caught up on some of the games and i still play Pokemon Go to this day
  5. Last one i watched was Thor: Ragnarok - 7/10 Good movie a bit over the top with jokes at times but was fun to watch and gets me more keen for Avengers: Infinity War
  6. Ritual, Elizabeth, Secular Haze, Ghouleh (Zombie Queen), Monstrance Clock, Cirice, He Is, Year Zero, Square Hammer... so many great songs! Highly anticipating the next album
  7. dude seriously i joined the forum before you and you aint a fictional character in real life. get over it!
  8. Victor Crowley - 5/10 Painfully average, definitely the worst of the lot by far
  9. i have, From Crystal Lake to Manhattan DVD Boxset Friday the 13th Ultimate Collection DVD Boxset (with all the deluxe edition dvds) Part 5 and 6 on VHS Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X and Freddy Vs Jason all on DVD seperately His Name Was Jason on DVD Crystal Lake Memories on Blu-Ray 2009 Reboot on DVD
  10. Really enjoyed parts 1-3 but severely let down by the new one, Victor Crowley
  11. i downloaded Shadow Warrior on Xbox One through games with gold and really loving this game!
  12. i mostly main part 9 for those reasons above i also use part 8 sometimes as i like knocking down doors faster
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