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  1. Juicy (introducing myself bc why not?)

    Hi! Gotta love pizza lol and i have really enjoyed Evil Within 2 so far, i need to get back to it and finish it still!
  2. Hello!

  3. Newbie At The Forums

  4. i don't agree with Pamela killing everyone in the first movie that had nothing to do with Jason's drowning but i can understand to some extent why she did back when it happened, if the same happened to my son i don't know how i would react! i feel bad for Jason as he was born with that deformity and was treated like a freak for it, you still see that this day and age with people getting bullied because of how they were born or with physical disabilities and mental too and it's really sad
  5. Where is everybody from...

  6. Emotes need to go

    the only emotes that i agree with are the ones that actually communicate with people, those dancing ones are annoying as hell, i'm getting sick of seeing trolls dancing the whole match and making everyone wait at the end of the game instead of just escaping to the cops. i'm taking a break from public matches for awhile, i had enough of that dancing bs last night, at least bots act more like counsellors in the movies even if they are a bit stupider
  7. What kind of beer do you drink?

    some of my usual beer choices, Storm Light (they stock this at ALDI supermarkets, not sure if you guys in the US have those) Budweiser Coors Leo Stella Artois James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale We are known for own big love of beer here in Australia but i only really like James Squire out of our countries brands, mostly import stuff for me
  8. This! i hate going for the kill i want and having to stand in a particular position to execute it, makes no sense and it's frustrating as hell if you are using a jason with lower grab strength causing the counsellor to escape before doing the kill
  9. definitely agree, it's annoying how much they hide and swim in circles all the time
  10. Hello everyone

  11. Finally joined forum

    Welcome! I have yet to be mobbed by that many people dancing and taunting but i see it alot and i feel bad for the jason player, i don't do dance emotes i think they are stupid lol
  12. Jason from Hell

  13. If looks could kill

    have to go with the FVJ design, it's too plain and seems to be the base for alot of merchandise and his look in Mortal Kombat
  14. What Are You Listening to?

    currently i am listening to the Leatherwolf album Endangered Species (1985)