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  1. Fixed it for the simple minded who, clearly, could not see my line of thought. Don't bother replying. I'm not following this thing and won't be coming back here.
  2. All this talk about knives and running but where is the map? Do we have to wait until the patch drops to get a look at it?
  3. Yeah this is not an issue. The interface had not changed. The image has been pulled out to showcase the Jason Simba because skins are a thing now.
  4. You sound like the kind of guy who drops out of a lobby when you don’t get Jason and wouldn’t have the first clue how to play as a counselor.
  5. To those people arguing that Jason never ran in Part 5, the character doesn't show up fully on screen until the last 20 minutes of the movie. Using your logic, Part 5 should be a pair of forearms and hands until the last 3 minutes of the match that shows up out of no where and once he does show himself, he gets his ass handed to him and dies without accomplishing anything meaningful. Part 5 also Morphs when Reggie and the chick find the dead EMT and he just pops up on the other side of the car.
  6. At this point, I routinely find cabins filled with empty draws, 2-3 each radios and maps and literally nothing else. At what point will the reduction in drawer spawns mean people just stop checking drawers once they have a radio, map, and the keys are on the map? When will the time wasted checking drawers not be worth it when you can just quickly scan a house for the items that always spawn then move on to campsites where you are guaranteed to actually find something.
  7. From what I can tell, the small maps and part 4 don't count for badges and achievements.
  8. Negative on all counts. Vanessa is not agile. The character is fast. I have no anger toward the devs for a game that has provided me with hundreds of hours of enjoyment. You are annoying and useless. Goodbye.
  9. Preparedness is garbage after the first 3 minutes of the game. If Deborah is sprinting, Jason already knows where you are, making lightfoot pointless. Double XP IS double CP. You aren't making anyone rage quit being a slow Deborah and no one buys how awesome you think you are.
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