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  1. i think i'm done with this game.The ability to save our progress offline is a must,and if it's not going to be on the new disc,then it's not worth keeping this game going.If the ability to save our data/level/unlocks offline is only going to be 'update data' on our hard drives,what happens when the game is discontinued and the patch isn't available for download anymore?Well,if someone's system dies and needs to be replaced,you're stuck at level 0 forever.You won't be able to level up and unlock the other Jasons,nor learn new kills for them,which would make the decision to have the ability to save your dat to your hard drive not being on the new disc the biggest mistake in the gaming industry.After all the crap,disappointments and the content we're never going to see from this game, WE DESERVE BETTER.Goodbye everyone.
  2. in that case i don't think i'm going to buy the new disc then.It's a waste of time.I'll need to consider if i still want to stay with this game then.
  3. how do you know?How is anyone supposed to access the other Jason's once the game gets discontinued?Do you have facts,or is this more rumors that we don't need?
  4. from what i read on Gamestop's website,the offline modes are supposed to be on the physical disc,which will be good,so i'm really hoping the ability to save our level and unlocked characters on our system's hard drive will be there as well.
  5. i'm hoping it will be there on the Ultimate Slasher Edition when that comes out on September 14th,otherwise the game's release will be useless.
  6. I decided to make a PS4 Community for people looking to help others with multi-player video games.Have a mission that you need a hand with?Is a challenge mode slowing you down?All you do is post which game you need help with and the details about mode of play,characters,bosses,challenges,etc,and see if you can organize a team to tackle it.It can be for any video game,not just Friday The 13th.Anyone is welcome to join.The name of the community is Ranmaru's Help Wanted Room.Please drop in if you need help with a game,or want to help out someone else.
  7. The times i play are random,due to the fact that i work part-time,so sometimes i have long work shifts,sometimes i have short work shifts.However,i have off on monday,tuesday and wednesday this week,so i'll be online during the days a bit for those next 3 days.When i do work,i usually get out at the latest by 5pm Wisconsin time,so usually on work days i'm online later at night betweeen 6-8pm.So far i managed to find 3 Pamela tapes,but none of the Tommy tapes yet. Also,i don't mind letting people kill me after i search for tapes,i'll even take turns being Jason,if needed.
  8. Listening to Almost Unreal by Roxette from the Super Mario Bros.movie soundtrack,love the song and the movie,despite the constant problems the movie went thru with many rewrites WHILE FILMING.
  9. today when i played i had 3 matches ruined,where i was doing okay,looking for tapes,and then the connection timed out,it was pretty bad.
  10. Normally i only play offline,but am thinking of playing online just to see if i can get any of the Pamela/Tommy tapes.I don't really want to go to YouTube for this,kinda would like to find then and have them for my system.Was wondering if anyone would want to play online with me,just so i can play as a counselor and try to find some of the tapes.Currently i have none of the tapes,so anyone willing to play would be a big help.If interested,my PSN ID is RanmaruMori13,just send me a message if you're interested in helping.Thanks for your time.
  11. i have both Nightmare and Friday the 13th for my NES,both are awesome,and i still have a Four Score adaptor and 4 controllers for my NES.....lol
  12. betrayal/team killing was one of the reasons i stopped playing online,though there were others.Since i don't play online anymore,this isn't an issue any longer.I'm much happier playing offline.
  13. recently picked up Final Fantasy 13-2 for PS3.Tried it because it has an easy mode in it(The other FF13 games were too hard for me),and managed to get to the final chapter.Levelling up a bit before i take on the final boss.The game feels like a Doctor Who story,with all the time travel and fixing paradoxes,so i'm enjoying it alot.
  14. i only play offline,so i'll never get 100%.Don't have any of the tapes,or anything.Played online a bit before the offline modes were added in,but i only play offline now,due to the online mode being to hard for me due to my learning disability.Getting close to unlocking Part 4 Jason,though,i need 3 more levels i think,so that will be nice when it happens.
  15. at the moment,i'm playing 2 Final Fantasy games...Final Fantasy Tactics- War of the Lions for PSP and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for PS4.Tactics has a few new characters/job classes added in,plus animated story scenes,while Dissidia in a 3 on 3 fighting game,though story mode is a bit hard,so you have to level up your characters alot.
  16. for me it depends.If the offline modes are actually on the physical disc,and i don't have to redeem one of those stupid paper codes to access them,then i'll trade my old version in towards the new one.since i only play this game offline.
  17. On December 31st,it looks like Super Neptunia RPG comes out for PS4.I'm a big fan of the Neptunia franchise,and this one is the first game in the series to be developed by the USA instead of Japan,it's going to be a side-scrolling action game,from what i've been reading.
  18. yeah,usually people on amazon ask a ton of money for stuff,that's one of the reasons i don't shop there.A year ago i got the last Jason X book i needed for only $35.With Ebay sometimes you have to keep checking over the course of a few months,or even a year or two,the prices go up and down alot.The same with video games on Ebay,i look around for awhile to see how low i can find something in price before i buy it.
  19. actually,they do at times.a few years ago i paid $175 just to get the part 3 novel by Simon Hawke.Needed it to complete the set of books he did,he wrote books of 1,2,3 and 6.
  20. i'm not going to see it.I got kinda tired of many of the sequels ignoring each other.I'm still glad the movie is being made,since there will be people who enjoy it.I'm just going to be happy with the previous movies.I did like Rob Zombie's first one,but the second one fell off the deep end for me,the only thing i liked about that one was the chemistry of acting between Brad Dourif and Danielle Harris,they were the part of the second movie that i did like.I think my favorite movie in the series is always going to be the Producer's Cut of Halloween 6- Curse of Michael Myers.I was glad i finally got to see it,it was very fun to watch,and i liked what they did with it,with the runestones,Thorn,and the cult.
  21. i have many of the out of print Friday and Jason X novels,but i'm never selling mine.I enjoying reading them too much.
  22. as far as other horror games that i like,i play many of the Resident Evil games,Telltales Games Walking Dead Collection,and many of the older Castlevania games,i didn't like the new Lords of Shadow games at all.I also still play my old NES versions of Friday The 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street.
  23. i'd like to see a Nightmare on Elm Street game,but i would want to it be slightly like the old NES game,in the sense that it would be an adventure style game,with 4 player co-op online as well as 2 player co-op offline.You'd get to create your own character,and choose a set of skills and powers to use in the dream world sequences.What i would do for unlockable content is a single player Freddy mode where you play as Freddy and hunt down victims in the dream world once you've beaten the main mode of play.
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