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  1. That's why i'm wishing the game would be re-released with all the offline stuff on the physical disc.It would be nice to have the offline stuff forever.
  2. Hmmm....there's mainly 2 things i still want from this game,but i'm not sure how the lawsuit would affect them. 1. So far,the offline modes are download content/updates.Having the game re-released at some point with the offline modes on a physical disc,like an Ultimate Edition would be nice.I'd like to keep playing the offline mode forever,long after the game ends.I've had to replace a few defective systems in my time,and i don't want to lose the offline modes at a later date. 2. I'd also like to se an offline counselor mode at some point,even if it's a challenge mode type thing,which i'm not too good at.Just some more options for us offline-only players like myself.I don't play online due to my learning disability,plus the fact that i'm not really into player vs player games,i'm more of a single player or co-op player.
  3. JF13

    Did Uber-Jason survive?

    He survived and went on to 4 more adventures in the Jason X novels.It's a set of 5 books,the first book is the Jason X novel,and then there's 4 sequels, (The Experiment,Planet of the Beast,Death Moon, and To The Third Power).I have the set of all 5 books,they were fun to read.
  4. JF13

    Halloween 2018 ignoring part 2?

    I'm not going to be seeing this one.Kinda tired of the Halloween movies ignoring previous entries in the series.I'm glad this will be out there,for those who will enjoy it,but i think i'm done with Halloween.I got the bluray box set that has all the previous ones,and i think that will be fine for me.
  5. Yup,i've been a fan of the Kunio/River City Ransom series since the days of the NES.I was able to get a few of the american games that did get released over here,plus i imported a few of the japanese ones we didn't get.It is a fun series.
  6. a friend of mine tired the level yesterday and got 2 skulls on it,but it took him a few tries.Currently i'm stuck on the mission about the late night poker game.
  7. Got to challenge mission 6,with the small island,but having trouble killing everyone before time runs out while staying undetected.My best run was that i got most of them undetected,but i had to rush at the last 3 because i only had 2 minutes left on the clock.Got 2 of them,but Jenny survived,so i failed the no survivors and undetected on that on.It seems like a small area with too many characters running around all at once.I think that one might of been easier,had there been fewer counselors in it.But i am at least enjoying the missions i was able to beat,which is good,so at least i was able to play half of them to some degree of success.
  8. Yesterday i finally bought a physical disc version of Friday The 13th,instead of staying with the digital version.I like the bloody Jason skins that came with the disc,it lets me use them in the offline modes,which is nice.Also picked up River City Tokyo Rumble for 3DS,it's part of the old River City Ransom/Kunio series,it's lots of fun,but hard to find,and also came with an 8-bit sprite keychain of Kunio.
  9. i practiced a bit and was able to clear the first 5 missions.However,the only one i was able to get the Undetected Skull on was the first mission.I'm enjoying the mode,even though it sometimes take me awhile to finally get 2 skulls in one playthrough.I'm not worried about getting skulls for the emotes,since i don't play online,i'm more worried about getting the skulls so i can unlock the next mission,which i still have trouble with at times.Overall,i like the presentation and the cinematic kills of the mode,it's very nicely done.
  10. i'm liking them so far.Actually what would help me alot in the challenge mode,if the devs were okay with it,was reducing the condition of having to get 2 kill skulls in 1 playthrough to unlock the next mission.That's what's really stopping me from clearing mission 2.If you could get the required 2 skulls in seperate playthroughs,then i'd have a somewhat easier time being able to get to the other missions.I do like the different bonus points for getting the various cinematic kills,that's a good idea,and i like the 'stories' of challenge mode,just wish i could get to see more of them.
  11. got another japanese video game recently,this one was Gundam Seed Battle Destiny for the Vita.It's the 6th game in the Gundam Battle series(The first 5 games were on PSP,i have 3 of those),anmd i recently beat sotry mode,and it was alot of fun.I don't have a Vita,but i have the Playstation TV system,which can play some Vita games on a hdtv,but not all of them.The only 2 games i encountered that weren't compatible with Playstation TV were Mortal Kombat and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Also been playing Secret of Mana remake for PS4 and Resident Evil Revelations for 3DS.
  12. I'm sorry if this post stung,that wasn't my intention.There's alot of things in life i can't do as well as a normal person due to my learning disability,video games is just one of those things.That doesn't mean that this is a bad game,it just means that i have trouble with challenge modes on many video games,not just this one.I'm enjoying the offline bots mode of this game alot,that mode is more suited to my skills.
  13. i made a few more attempts and was finally able to pass the first challenge mission.Stalk did help,but the second mission was more difficult for me.I can usually kill Mitch undetected,and sometimes AJ,but when Jenny and Chad arrive,usually one or both of them see me,and i fail the undetected objective.Even when i manage to kill all 4 of them i'm only getting the no survivors skull,and i'm not getting the XP skull or the undetected skull.I do like the cinematic presentation of challenge mode,and the cinematic kills,those were awesome.I guess i'm wishing there were selectable difficulty levels in this mode,but i can understand why there isn't.it is a challenge mode,after all.
  14. Hi.It's been awhile since i played,had lots of things going on that i don't feel like talking about.Got interested when i heard the single player challenges were finally available.I tried the first one,killed Buggsy,but Adam got away and left the map.At that point i saw that i failed the mission and didn't get any points due to the fact someone survived and i was detected.Due to my learning disability,i can't play the game well enough to sneak around doing a stealth run.I have the same issue with many of the Metal Gear games...they're great and fun to play,but i always get detected and get low grades,due to my poor performance.As a result,i'm not really enjoying the challenges at all,so i'm going back to the offline bots mode,since that's the mode i am best at.I do want to thank Gun Media for putting more content in the game,even though i can't enjoy it as much as everyone else does.Have a good day.
  15. JF13


    I've been thinking about this for awhile,and it was not an easy decision...but i am leaving the forum.For awhile now,i've had problems with the online portion of this game,due to the actions of other,but part of it,as some people are are,is that i'm real bad at player versus player games,due to my learning disability.As a result,i played the game's offline Jason mode alot.It was fun for awhile,but what i really needed was an offline counselor mode.I've already heard the replies that programming a Jason AI would be too hard,but at this point,there is little left to interest me in the game anymore.Still haven't unlocked the Part 4 Jason,and i'm not having much interest in continuing to play the game. I want to thank Gun Media for the work they did on the game,their passion for Friday The 13th really shows.Thank you,also,to everyone for the times talking and sharing thoughts,it has been fun.Farewell.