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  1. I don't mind the quirks of the offline mode.I only play the offline mode because i'm not the biggest fan of player vs player modes,due to my learning disability.I have more fun with this game offline than i ever did online.I'm hoping we get an offline counselor mode,even if it doesn't have any kind of 'story'.But yeah,the offline mode is fun,and i'm glad they added it.Thanks again,Gun Media!
  2. When did F13 end?

    I don't think Halloween- Resurrection was all bad.It had it's moments.The one i watch the least is Rob Zombie's Halloween 2.The characters said the F-word so many times it was ridiculous.It don't mind some swearing,but that movie did it like it was trying to see how many times they could cram that word into the movie,and that doesn't really do anything useful for me.I guess that comes from me growing up in an abusive home,dealing with abusive customers at my job,and being married into someone else's abusive family for 6 years before i walked out and filed for divorce.I get tired of hearing that stuff all the time.It's definately a turn off for me.
  3. with a number of the books i had to look around a bit before buying.When i first saw a few of them on Ebay they were expensive.But when i kept checking back months or even a year later,some sellers had the books for around only $35 each,so sometimes you do have to hunt a bit and watch the prices.
  4. on a side note,i was disappointed to see Jason can't set traps inside the cabins in offline mode....i could have sworn when the game first came out,when i played online Jason was able to set traps inside the cabins. I don't mind counselors setting the firecrackers off in the cabins in offline mode.It doesn't bother me that much.
  5. Jason did that in the Jason X novels.....the first novel was the movie novel,and then it had 4 sequel novels about Jason killing people on Earth-2....it took me awhile to get all 5 of the Jason X books,but i'm glad i did.i enjoyed them alot.
  6. What race are you?

    i'm white,but a mix of different things...polish,german,dutch,a few others.I like to think (foolishly) that i'm part japanese due to my interest in anime/japanese video games/japanese samurai history and the fact that my drawing style is anime-style art.
  7. When did F13 end?

    the Crystal Lake Memories video recently got released in a double feature format with Never Sleep Again- The Elm Street Legacy on Bluray,i've seen it at local stores recently,like Walmart,Target,Best Buy,etc.,that one might be your best shot before it goes up real high.I don't buy from Amazon,usually their prices are even higher than Ebay's.
  8. When did F13 end?

    in the sewers,the bucket that Rennie threw in Jason's face was toxic waste.That's how they explained Jason's 'melted' look when he was unmasked.Also,Warrington Gillete only played the unmasked Jason in Part 2,due to the fact he wasn't being truthful about weather or not he was an actual stuntman.All that was covered in the book Crystal Lake Memories,so they had to get someone else to play Jason for the rest of the part 2 movie.I'd recommend getting the book or the DVD of Crystal Lake memories,since they did cover most of the controversies that went on during the making of the movies,however the book didn't cover the reboot,as the book was released a few years prior.The dvd,however includes the making of the reboot.
  9. 1. Fixing bugs/glitches,also fixing the problem when i slash at a counselor who is near a fence or window,my weapon goes through the counselor,does no damage to them,but i hear the smack of my weapon being deflected,even though the counselors are often not blocking,or not even carrying a weapon to block with.If my weapon goes through the counselor,they should be taking damage. (Offline observation,since i don't play online at all anymore,but it has happened before when i used to play online). 2. Adding more offline content,preferably content aimed at playing as a counselor,even if it's against a Jason bot alongside other counselor bots,or even a second player in local split screen co-op,even if there's no actual 'story' to it. 3. Eventually re-releasing the game as an 'ultimate edition' with the offline content on the physical disc,without needing to download the offline content.I would honestly be much happier having the offline mode on a disc,as opposed to having the offline mode as a download data.That is just my personal preference,as i have had to replace a few defective systems before,i'd like to have the offline mode available,even after the current generation of systems gets discontinued at a later date. Thanks for all your hard work Gun Media!
  10. i agree.I was playing offline as Part 9 Jason,and was disappointed that the game never kicked in any of the Jason Goes to Hell movie music.It would be nice if the offline mode would play music from the corresponding movie that your Jason belongs to. Also,i was chasing Bugsy,and he hid in an outhouse!It was the first time i saw a bot hide in an outhouse in offline mode,which was nice.....he died there,of course....lol....once my Jason took an axe to it.
  11. What is your favorite Friday the 13th?

    oddly enough,i like Parts 1-4 as classics,but i like Parts 6,8,VS,X and the Reboot because of the sense of humor added into those movies.I tend to enjoy when a horror movie stops being horror for a moment and gets me to laugh a bit....it's unexpected,but in a good way.
  12. Whats your job/what are you studying?

    i work at a grocery store not too far from my apartment.Because of my learning disability,i always fail the driver's ed written test,due to misunderstanding the majority of the questions(Things have to be phrased a specific way for me to understand them).As a result,i take the city bus to work,there's one a few blocks away from my apartment,so that's good,and it has a stop right infront of my store.I bag groceries for customers,bring shopping carts in from outside(I hate winter...lol),clean spills/bathrooms.My co-workers are awesome,it's the abusive customers that many of us really hate,due to the customers often resorting to swearing and name calling whenever they don't like something,it happens alot in retail jobs,i'm told. My dad died over a year ago,and now my mom is dying of cancer.Both of my half-siblings(Mom was married before) live out of state,and my half-sister hates my mom,so she doesn't care.I check in on my mom on some of my days off,we saw The Last Jedi last week,enjoyed it alot.I'm single,had too many abusive ex's,not sure if i'll ever have another girlfriend again at this rate.For now,just concentrating on my job,and mom,and what movie-watching and video game-playing time i get when my world isn't crushing me...lol....it helps when i try to have a sense of humor about everything.
  13. When did F13 end?

    his look changed in each movie mostly due to different costumers and makeup people designing the character,more than anything.
  14. Where is everybody from...

  15. Where is everybody from...

    I'm in Cudahy,Wisconsin,down by the lakefront.