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  1. Farewell

    I've been thinking about this for awhile,and it was not an easy decision...but i am leaving the forum.For awhile now,i've had problems with the online portion of this game,due to the actions of other,but part of it,as some people are are,is that i'm real bad at player versus player games,due to my learning disability.As a result,i played the game's offline Jason mode alot.It was fun for awhile,but what i really needed was an offline counselor mode.I've already heard the replies that programming a Jason AI would be too hard,but at this point,there is little left to interest me in the game anymore.Still haven't unlocked the Part 4 Jason,and i'm not having much interest in continuing to play the game. I want to thank Gun Media for the work they did on the game,their passion for Friday The 13th really shows.Thank you,also,to everyone for the times talking and sharing thoughts,it has been fun.Farewell.
  2. I don't play online,i don't like player vs player games,due to my learning disability.I already have a hard time playing video games as is.I'm glad we have an offline Jason mode,but i still hope we get an offline counselor mode one day.I'd rather have that than an online mode,but,to each their own.
  3. Faverite Comedians/Movies

    it's a mystery/drama with many comedy elements.Several actors in the movie are people who have been in comedy movies/sitcoms,etc.Tim Curry is awesome in the movie..
  4. Faverite Comedians/Movies

    i don't like too many comedy movies other than Clue and Monty Python and the Holy Grail,but i like alot of action movies that have comedy like Adventures of Ford Fairlane,Lethal Weapon,Beverly Hills Cop,Harlem Nights,Ghostbusters,Spies Like Us,Mortal Kombat,Super Mario Bros,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  5. Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak UPDATE

    darn.that sucks.there's a new version of the game at Gamestop and the box front says it comes with the zombie game.Too bad it's online only.
  6. Just got Biohazard Chronicles HD Selection for the Japan PS3.It has Resident Evil- Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles on one disc.Most of the text is in Japanese,but the voices are in english,and it has the option to play using the controller instead of a Playstation Move remote.So far,i beat many of the missions on Umbrella Chronicles,and i'm playing through the levels based on RE2 in Darkside Chronicles.
  7. Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak UPDATE

    can that mode be played offline?
  8. A Much Needed Break

    My prayers are with you.I've had 2 suicide attempts in my life,and it's never easy.Take care.
  9. just got Dynasty Warriors 9 and Telltales Games Walking Dead Collection for PS4,both are pretty fun.
  10. I'd like to see Tina in the game,even if she doesn't have the powers,just having another movie character would be awesome.
  11. if you liked 13 cameras,i think there's a similar movie called Sliver,with Sharon Stone, that had a building owner who was spying on tenants with cameras all over the building.
  12. i have both the book and the dvd of Crystal Lake Memories.Both are awesome.The book doesn't cover the remake,as the book came out a few years before the remake.The dvd does cover the remake,however.The dvd is also available on bluray.
  13. Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak UPDATE

    zombie outbreaks are fun,i have alot of the Resident Evil games....lol
  14. Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak UPDATE

    i have a PS4....R6- Seige's offline content was the practice missions,of which there were 10,i think.I couldn't pass the first one due to it had my character going solo with no team,and the enemies in the game were too hard for me.The majority of the content in Seige is online-only,which i felt was odd for a Rainbow Six game.As far as co-op games(offline co-op)that i have for my PS4 i got Samurai Warriors 4,Samurai Warriors 4- Empires and Warriors Orochi 3- Ultimate.The games that I own that have online co-op are Toukiden 2,Bladestorm- Nightmare,Ghost Recon- Wildlands and Resident Evil- Revelations.My single player offline PS4 games are Samurai Warriors- Spirit of Sanada,Warriors- All Stars,Agents of Mayhem and Final Fantasy Type- 0.I also do offline mode only on Friday The 13th.
  15. last horror movie i watched the other day was Resident Evil- The Final Chapter.It was okay,but i didn't like how many of the video game characters they killed off in the movies.In Final Chapter,we had Doctor Issacs back as the main villain,with Albert Wesker as a supporting villian.It seemed odd that Issacs now had a God complex,since it wasn't part of his character in the previous movies he appeared in.Also,didn't like how Wesker died in the movie,he took alot more damage that that in the fourth movie,plus the fifth video game. Some good things i did like about the movie was that Claire Redfield actually survived the series.Also,showing Doctor Issacs and Wesker team up against Doctor Marcus in the opening reminded me alot of the Resident Evil Zero game,which was a nice touch.The movie also had some good fight sequences in it,plus some nice touches of humor at times.Also,it was nice to see a nod to the first movie near then end.Also,i got to see the triple barrel Hydra shotgun from the video games in the movie,which was sweet.I think my 3 favorite movies of the series are still 2,4 and 5.