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  1. Add me on xbox. I'll help you boost it 1v1 it goes pretty fast that way. My gt is Brad Chaa
  2. Crybabies....I got 1000 Jason matches back on 9/9/17. Unfortunately because of that glitch, I haven't been able to play since. But my point is 1000 is a grind, but you do feel good when it pops, and it isn't as hard as you all think.
  3. It's been over a month now since this announcement. I'm done waiting. You've lost a very devoted gamer and all of his friends because they couldn't play with me for almost 5 months now. I should demand a refund but I got my monies worth. I'm not a total ass.
  4. It was for sure the final chapter that did it. I unlocked phd after only because it was still glitched. I had already done everything to earn it, so when it was fixed, it unlocked. But I had the freezing issue immediately after unlocking the final chapter achievement.
  5. I was almost happy to hear this, but I don't care anymore. I reported this issue as early as 9/9/17 and was ignored for months until it happened to several others. Then someone from illfonic basically called me a liar and said they never knew anything about it. I loved this game and even took an alternate profile to level 95. It's going to take something special to bring me back.
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