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  1. I ran into a newbie Jason kill squad last weekend. Boy were they upset when Tommy couldn't kill me with a machete because NO ONE got the sweater. It looked like a nature show after their error. Running in all directions.
  2. "Pressure resources. Don’t let counselors burning healing to offset knife damage frustrate you as Jason. They are consuming limited resources. This is a good thing in the long run for Jason." @Alkavian This was posted in the tips section a year ago, and it's a rule I live by to adapt to every update where Jason's life is made more difficult. I still take my share of stuns, but i throw a couple slashes, make counselors eat a knife, make them loop through broken windows, and force them to waste a knife or tank a trap. You have to adapt your play style. As much as human nature wants me to chase tea bagging vanessa and pals for 10 minutes after they stun me, I force them to use resources. Morph away and patrol objectives, stalk, and pick off those separated from the herd. When I engage the small groups again, more resources used by them and I apply pressure.
  3. I'm not in the camp of claiming to be 8/8 all the time, but I did have to adapt and try much harder before this latest patch. I could get at least 6 kills most games with the occasional 4 kill but it came with a lot of anger, saving morphs, and having to get out of group beat downs.
  4. it's easier for me compared to before, but now when I rush a group I smile as they waste their items on me 5 minutes in. I've had a few give me some long chases still and I do get stunned, but I find most of the time it delays the inevitable.
  5. For those of us who remained solid Jason players prior to the current patch, do you find the newest update too easy? I feel that I am so used to simultaneously having the 4 seater leaving, cops already called, and being chain stunned and taking 9 pocket knives to the face to squeak out my 7/8 kills that this just isn't even fair. I will say I've changed my play style to have fun again...no more anxiety and slashing everyone in hopes I don't go 0/8. I used stalk the other day and hid in the phone house after Vanessa set my trap off at the fuse box and she ran away. I let her come back and pick up the phone before dispatching her and Deborah with an ambush. Before this update I would never have let it get that far. How's everyone else changing things up now?
  6. My most satisfying kill ever on the game was a guy chatting up a female player in the lobby. I was host, and he asked if I'm a rage quitter. When I asked why he told me how good of a Jason he was and kills quickly (to impress her?) I was Jason next match and found him following her around at the phone house. He was dispatched quickly while she ran off.
  7. You dont have to worry, now a 4 passenger car you are guaranteed 8 knives and 8 med sprays with perks.
  8. It's beating a dead horse and has been said already in this thread, but here are my thoughts: - I used to show mercy for the unfortunate counselor who was unlucky enough to be in the phone house etc. I wanted to allow them points and more play time. Due to updates with knives and shotguns , along with string of d bag counselor interactions... those days are over. -My rules of engagement now is to be absolutely ruthless. If I can get an under 1 minute kill, it's one less potential teabag from a baseball bat stun later. -Your turn as Jason is limited, take full advantage. -I dont have data to back me up, but if i can get around 3 kills before the 5 minute mark my Jason experience becomes much easier. I sometimes take my first morph to the lodge to catch players off guard and pick off a couple early. -Still not convinced? How many counselors would avoid calling the police in under 1 minute to be "fair" to a Jason player?
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