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    We're Still Here

    Ouch indeed. But I'm still here and will be. I played last night and even though the host quit in three games. I kept playing. I still find this game fun and when the bugs and glitches are fixed it's going to be even more fun.
  2. I found a Jarvis tape last night My 4th one. It's been forever I was thrilled.
  3. Really high for me. I not gamed in probably 7 years. They get the bugs fixed and it will be even higher. I love it.
  4. Dr Zaius 007

    Cop exit predictability

    I like it being random. It's fun to guess and try to figure out where you should go.
  5. I'm happy and fine with the one we have. Look how many years between F13th games there was. Not like anyone else ever stepped up and made the game. I know Sean said he been approached before but passed. I have faith they will have all the glitches and issues worked out eventually.
  6. Same issue here I tried everything. I do miss it.
  7. Ok thanks, I'm still at work for a bit so I may have to catch you another night.
  8. Cool, I love to. What time are you planning on playing?
  9. Yeah, I was having the same issue on Xbox.
  10. I only had this game since December and I feel like I gotten my money's worth. This game brought me back to gaming. Last time I gamed was about 7 years ago on Xbox 360. I went out and bought the game and xbox one cause of my love of Friday the 13th.
  11. Played like 6 games last night. 3 of the 6 games Jason broke a door in front of me and it was still there. No suicide from escaping in the car in the games I played.
  12. I played a few games last night and it was really easy to get into a game in quick play. Rooms were full too. I wonder if lots were playing cause of the very sad announcement. But it's about the easiest I gotten into games on a Monday night in forever. The only glitch/error I experienced last night was the one others have spoken about, Jason breaking down doors and doors still there. I ran into a few toxic players as always. Someone was trying to run over me on purpose but missed then ended up getting killed by Jason. Such wonderful Karma.
  13. Dr Zaius 007

    Is the Game over now?

    Even with all the bugs and issues, the game is still fun to me. Would I have loved more new content? Yes, I would have. But I will continue to play it.
  14. I had it happen to me as well and it sucked cause i yet to kill Jason or help kill him.
  15. Was this ever figured out? Still doesn't work for me.
  16. Dr Zaius 007

    Dying too soon

    I had it happen a few times as well. Usually when it does i just sit the controller down and go do something productive in the house while the game plays out. Peaking in to make sure i not came back as Tommy. LOL
  17. Played a lot this weekend and found 1 Tommy tape. Oh well it was fun and i was very lucky in quick play only ran into a couple of toxic players.
  18. I will play her a lot i'm sure. I like the character she is based off of. I mainly use Tiffany and Chad. But i can see her moving up to my second choice.
  19. Manhattan would be freaking amazing. Part VIII is one of the most overlooked and fun Friday movies. I don't understand why so many people hate it. I love to have map from it on the game.
  20. I been playing since December 25th. I only found 3 Tommy tapes. Found one during the 130% event. None since then. I have 7 Pamela tapes.
  21. Dr Zaius 007

    Savini Jason

    I seen it. I mute people that are total jerks a lot. I seen high level Savini Jason's mock and make fun of just like you said lower level users. I also seen counselors with high levels make fun of a newer low level Jason. As i was escaping with the police this guy that had been mocking the jason and using racist language ask me to drop my bat. I plugged my mic in long enough to tell him he was a d*** and then exited with bat in hand.
  22. Played a ton Friday night and sunday night and found one Jarvis tape. Giving me two total now.
  23. I love the few extra games out of it so i will take all the help i can get.
  24. Oooh I will have to try that. I'm sick of it as well. It's so annoying.
  25. I was having serious issues last night with host quiting. So i just gave up and played the bots.