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  1. Agree on all of those. But let me add. 1. Even though they can't kill you some dumb ass following you around and hitting you with a weapon. 2. a person in a car driving off the road to hit you on purpose. 3. Someone playing loud music on the mic. Yes, you can mute them. But one time I nicely asked a guy to turn it down please and his reply. was go f**k yourself.
  2. Agreed 110% on this and it's my main problem with them. Communication skills suck. No matter whatever I asked. Here or on Twitter, I never got a reply. I still love this game very much and still play it. But the way they communicate makes me think long and hard if I will ever support another game they do.
  3. Here too for the first time. Seriously the game is getting worse all the time. For the first time, I'm starting to get frustrated.
  4. I feel your pain. There have been several posts about how the salt mines are more trouble than they are worth. I have had the game crash on me and then sent to the salt mines. Which causes me to spawn in an empty lobby over and over. I just quit and watch a movie. They just need to remove the salt mines.
  5. Yeah, I hate it too. I got kicked last night when I stuck myself in one of the bathrooms and ran to the restroom. It's a stupid feature needs to be at least 5 to 10.
  6. Dr Zaius 007

    Troll Disposal

    I have been running into the same. It's why I have taken a few days off. I needed a break from the trollls.
  7. Use to when I enter a room and see a bunch of players leveled out even though I'm not there yet. I think alright this is going to be a fun good game. Last night I saw a level 150 running people down on purpose with the car including me. Last week two people 150 levels working together. The only problem one of them was a Jason. I wondered why the one player was just standing there watching Jason attack me. It's cause he leads Jason right to me. Then after killing me, I watched him lead Jason to the remaining counselors. Then I thought one more game before bed last night and guess what? Yes, you guessed it another level 150 helping Jason. Yesi have more stories of level 150 doing this stuff. But i will stop here. I blocked all of these players of course cause one even sent me a nasty message. What a boring pathetic life these people must live that they log on to a game just troll people. I need to find some good people to play with I'm getting frustrated. I'm on Xbox with the same username that I have here.
  8. Playing a game right now that all the guy does is slash. I mean I'm ok with that if that is what player wants to do. But he isn't even trying to grab anyone. All his kills have been slashing.
  9. I have had the issue once so far. Basically doing the same thing it did for you on Xbox for me. So frustrating.
  10. I'm hopeful the online play will stick around longer than most people think. Maybe I'm too much of an optimistic person. But it is a total dick move to shut it down say in Jan. or something especially after releasing the game again in September.
  11. Didn't find any Tommy tapes during the Friday 13th event. But I found one last night. I got 6 now. Besides a 1000 matches as Jason getting the Tommy tape collection may be the hardest thing to do on this game in my opinion.
  12. I'm not sure. I'm on the fence. It would be nice to have all the content on the disc. Even though I bought it all separately. Also, I have a couple of NECA Masks. I wouldn't mind having another.
  13. Xbox one I use the same name on there as I do here.
  14. I think I'm at level 118. But I still have a lot to do besides that. I only got 7 boat repairs so far for example. *ouch* I just want to have fun and if I'm killed fairly then awesome. There no shame in being killed by Jason. But trolls sure can bum a person out.
  15. I actually bought my Xbox to play Friday the 13th. That was my entire reason. I think if Friday goes away I will be using my system for Shudder and Netflix mostly. Unless someone convinces me to try something new.
  16. LOL ok. I didn't see it an hour again. That explains that.
  17. One of the photos shows a NECA replica mask. NECA makes good stuff. I got a couple of the mask they have done. There the reason for the 70.00 price point
  18. Happening to me right now and it's pissing me off. I posted very few negative things here. But this is bull crap. I can't help it their broken game crashed and now I'm spawning into empty lobby
  19. Dr Zaius 007

    The Salt Mines Are Broken!

    I wanted to follow up on how much I hate the salt mines. Played 4 really good games as the host. Then, as usual, your game crashed on me. Now I been sent to the salt mines. Please turn the salt mines off till you fix this broken game if not permanently.
  20. Dr Zaius 007

    Just a random thought

    yes, please I don't need to see that again. I was really young to young to be watching it and that ending.
  21. Dr Zaius 007

    I finally played online...

    Yes, it's happened to me before. They started talking crap during the game. So I muted them all. Then after I killed them all. I received several messages cussing me out. I blocked them and closed lobby I was in and moved on. The best way to kill a troll is to ignore the troll. I never feed them.
  22. Dr Zaius 007

    July Friday the 13th

    hmmm ... this is the last Friday the 13th of the year and nothing posted yet about anything happening.
  23. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. I really want the tape drop I still only have 5 Tommy tapes.
  24. I tried everything. Reinstalling the game, unlinking and relinking my controller. I did the settings change that Shiffy said. I find it interesting that it works for your sister but not for you and you use the same xbox. Maybe compare settings? if you figure anything out please post here.
  25. I not been here since the beginning like a lot of you. I heard about the game and bought an Xbox back in December. I hit 113 level finally last night. What a grind feels like I was in the 90's forever. But my question I'm curious if you still find the game fun? Seems several long-time members here have moved on. Seems like most topics started are negative. But don't get me wrong you have every right to be upset and negative. There still issues galore with the game. Which i have faith will all be fixed one day. In a little over 6 months, I met some cool people on Xbox because of this game. I also ran across trolls, host quitters and Jason quitters. Though frustrated at times when everything is going well the game is so much fun. Also, there is still lots of good people playing. Had a person back up last night and let me get on the boat. The same night had a person run over me with the car. Yes, which is annoying. But through all of that, the game is fun and I continue to meet cool people. I have not gamed in probably 7 or 8 years. This game and it brought me back. For that, I owe it a big thank you. If anyone happens to ever want to play on xbox feel free to add my gamertag it's the same as my name here.