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  1. I love the few extra games out of it so i will take all the help i can get.
  2. Oooh I will have to try that. I'm sick of it as well. It's so annoying.
  3. I was having serious issues last night with host quiting. So i just gave up and played the bots.
  4. I can’t be the only one

    I only been playing since Christmas Day. But I still love the game very much. I have mine set to preference counselor. Each time I play i go for different objectives. Sometimes I will work towards escaping to the police. Other times I feel like I just want to die so i will smack Jason a few times and end up dead. LOL .. Then other times I will try to repair the boat or the car. I'm sure i may get tired of the game eventually. But being a big Friday the 13th Movie fan I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon.
  5. Escaping doesn't worth it

    I personally love escaping. Especially if the Jason player i'm playing with is really good. I'm only at level 44 and learning new stuff all the time still.
  6. my favorite is how even though they driven the Car into a rock they just stay in it. But i have to admit though while the bots have lots of issues. I do enjoy seeing them do crazy things over and over.
  7. I love to see more counselors added and i know it's been mentioned before the ability to do a crazy amount of counselors bot mode. I mean i think it be so much fun to have a ton and see how many you could kill in 20 minutes.
  8. excellent post and i agree with you. I only mute when the guy being a total jerk.
  9. Found 2 Pamela tapes Friday night. Which thrilled me. Been playing since December and found only 3 total up until Friday.
  10. i had lots run off at the mouth then quit. I started muting them instantly not even giving them a chance to talk after one got pissed at me cause i escape from his grab twice. He decided to slash and kill me and then tell me how awesome he was and how i sucked. Mute / blocked him. lol
  11. I'm Jason > Host quits

    I had it happen to a poor guy last night. He was kicking series butt and took everyone out accept the one that came back as Tommy as he was getting ready to finish Tommy the guy who was the host quiet. What a dick move. If I happen to get killed early i just listen to music and kill time that way. Host quiting sucks anytime but especially when they are about to get killed.
  12. About a week ago i got killed less than 2 minutes into a match. OUCH. I watched TV on my kindle while waiting for the match to end.
  13. I only killed one person and i was pretty awful my first time as Jason.
  14. Ouch yeah i can imagine.
  15. I love this idea it be amazing to add that just to see how many a person could get in 20 minutes.
  16. Oh this is fantastic and going to be so much fun.
  17. Host and quiting

    exactly and that's what i did i trolled the hell out of him for being a dick.
  18. Host and quiting

    I had 2 host quit last night. Which yes is annoying as crap. But i also blame the person playing Jason on the first one. He was beyond talking trash he was being racist and over the top vulgar after he killed him or her.
  19. I die a lot less and live more often with Vanessa. But Tiffany and Chad are my two favorites to use.
  20. awesome thank you again. This a lot more detail than any youtube videos i watched.
  21. Either the game glitched or i screwed up. I'm just level 34 and i been playing mostly offline (about 50 online games) cause i will be honest I have not gamed in years and this game brought me back. I been playing off and on since December 26th. i was thinking from what I read you push the Y button to activate it. Do i do anything else? If that correct. I ended up dead and Tommy Jarvis guy wasn't very happy with me.
  22. Thank you so much for the detailed reply. I pretty much did everything you said. I had already knocked his mask off earlier and me and the guy playing Tommy was just waiting for him to arrive to attack us. It was my first time having the sweater and i watched a you tube video to prepare myself in case i did have it. lol I may have pressed Y to late though. I'm not really sure. I will add you for sure. my gamertag is the same as my user name here. I'm running into a lot of toxic players the last couple of nights online as well as hosts quiting. As for the mic that is fine i actually prefer to not use mine. I ended up muting a lot of people cause of racist talk or dead idiots leading Jason right to players.
  23. Then i can assume i didn't screw up? lol Thanks for the reply.
  24. I was playing last night and all of us got killed except for Tommy. So i'm watching Tommy and at one point he is like buried in the ground with just his head and down past his neck a little bit sticking out so for the next 9 minutes I watched as he was just stuck there and Jason walked right passed him over and over.
  25. How I spent my Double XP Weekend

    I must been lucky on Friday. I started playing about 11:30 eastern time and didn't have any quitters. For the weekend i made it from level 30 to 34.