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  1. Back during launch I used to get the impression that actual fans of the movie series were playing. Now with all the bugs and glitches it seems to have attracted a undeniable troll element from other online games that have came to take advantage and to mess up the gameplay experience for fans. That on top of the mechanics seemingly worsening every update. Its a really frustrating gameplay experience and coming from someone who used to play the Nintendo game and waited YEARS for something like this to come along I never thought I'd see a day were there would be an unfun next Gen game where you get to play Jason Voorhees.
  2. The older reckless thing makes sense, I'd be down for that. As for everything else that's false. That's like saying there was ever actually a chance you'd see Corey Feldman get his head cut off in his movie or having sex with another actor in part 4 and they were around the same exact age when they did their movies. I don't know why so many people seem to look at Reggie like he was a grown man. He was a child. His voice hadn't even cracked when he did that movie.
  3. First off the Facebook page says it was coming I the24th. Not only is not coming on the reported day but it isn't coming out on the day I'm just finding out it was moved too ? I think people are giving the developers a little too much of the benefit of the doubt at this point. I know what it takes to go into the programming aspect But if you couldn't do it then you shouldn't have committed to it back then.
  4. Reggie is too young for this to work. Anybody in here claiming he's "arguably " old enough without it being inappropriate to kill him on screen, would it have been appropriate to have the actor playing him engaging in the sex that was going on among the other "teenagers" that he was around too ? If you need to make him older then there's no point in adding him.
  5. I feel like the culture of people who live in this game are dull to the bad changes the newest updates have caused but I'm not saying anything illogical. The point is it should not be an even playing field between Jason and the counselors and the developers have seemingly over compensated so much that Jason's slowness and lumbering grab and strike animations put him at a disadvantage more so then the counselors Someone just eloquently stated why the grabs are so clunky and ridiculous. The brands that should workdon't and sloppy grabs where you wouldn't expect to be able to have grabbed a councillor, winds up grabbing them. And the morphing is different. It's really clunky . I used to be able to stop a car with a well timed morph now I've yet to really see anybody to do it.
  6. I had the exact opposite experience with this. I literally did several 360s trying to grab counselors running around me attempting to grab and i get stuned every single time I'm hit with a blunt object.
  7. If you can still literally run circles around around Jason and the grab diameter is still atrocious, then the developers did not do what they were supposed to. Fix the grab diameter. It's not supposed to be an even playing field between the counselors and Jason. Too much is being done to make it so that Jason isn't "too powerful". In doing so they're making the playability of Jason suck
  8. I've been away from this game for a minute but have been following all the patch updates and such that were supposed to make the game more playable and you have Jason still too slow, not able to grab players, being taunted by counselors jerky controls ? What the hell where the updates for ? Why is it still a chore to be anything other then human Jason.
  9. Again they already did this for dead by daylight which I play regularly. You can literally play as Michael Myers So frankly it is possible, I think you sent it isn't very likey which isn't iron clad
  10. Now I know, I know, I know about intellectual properties being the reason why it's be hard for this to happen but just thinking about Dead by daylight and the fact that they have Michael Myers, Freddy, Jason and leatherface DLC why would it be so impossible to consider having a Michael myers skin for this game especially considering that Dick Warlock was the stunt coordinator for Friday 5 leading to cool photo ops like these. I'd also prefer to okay as Michael Myers in this context as opposed to dead by daylight as well so if really like to see this
  11. These changes are needed, I don't know what you were playing.
  12. I have a list of reasons why I'm disappointed in how and why it's become not fun and almost a chore to take on the role of Jason and how this inadvertently created a trolling culture in the sessions 1) GRABBING IS USELESS there's almost no reason to try and use any of the grab kills you buy with the xp points anymore because there's so many pocket knives available. I've completely stopped trying to grab victims because they'll have two sometimes 3 pocket knives on their person. Which brings me to the next point. 2) MELEE IS ALMOST USELESS Jason's swing animations are so slow and jerky that more then 90 percent of the time if you swing at the same time as a counselor, the game will show favor to the counselors action and "stun" Jason every time leaving the counselor unharmed. Maylee kills only work if you are directly on top of a counselor from behind, DIRECTLY ON TOP and if they are directly in front of you because if they are even slightly adjacent, it'll miss, every time. 3) THE CLOSER YOU STAY TO JASON THE SAFER YOU ARE. The troll culture in the sessions have found out about the extremely slow tank like functionality of Jason controls and have saw fit to making a game of running around Jason in circles because the reaction time to anything Jason does is extremely slow you almost certainly will not be able to swing or grab them. 4) TRANSITION ANIMATIONS ARE SLOW. I just don't understand why it takes almost a minute with no control over the character whenever he grabs a projectile. This makes me not want to grab projectiles sometimes, the sessions are only but so long to go through this Everytime you pick one up one up and it's a little annoying. I understand the choppng of the door motions is supposed to give the counselors time to leave but why does swinging individually without seeing the R2 icon result in several jerky unsuccessful swing attempts that take far too long to regain control of his swing. STUNNED JASON IS DISORIENTING whenever Jason is stunned the camera forcibly changes, breaks into a cutscene animation then changes the angle you were probably in completely. So temporally you don't know if the person you dropped was in front back or to the side of you until you reorient the left joy stick. In these short sessions, time is of the essence and that seems very unnecessary to me. 5)TELEPORT AND GRAB IMPOSSIBLE Seems perfectly logical that if you can successfully control the teleport morph to land directly behind or even in front if you're skilled enough, that you should be able to grab them coming directly out of a morph. I've never seen this successfully done by any player. I believe this is because of the impracticality of the slow transition animations and jerky grab options. It seems these two functions should be seamless but they work completely against each other which is odd because we've literally seen him do this in the movies. ALL THE FAN FAVORITE JASON'S ARE USELESS. I respect and like the fact that each Jason's weaknesses and strengths are taken from his evolution from alive to walking zombie but you guys were WAY to literal about this and it whereas the later Jason's I'm there movies were considerably more powerful and unstoppable, their functionality in the games make them way more harmless. You shouldn't have to pick Part 2 Jason if you want to successfully kill skilled players as counselors simply because he's the fastest and most human. I'm noticing Everytime a seemingly new player gets chosen to play Jason and they pick THEIR favorite Jason from a film they find out quickly that what he was in the movie and what it translates to in the game are two different things and they wind up quitting the session after discovering that they are completely useless .
  13. Can somebody tell me whether they are having trouble accessing their game today ? I have not been able to start the game once i open it on ps4 ?
  14. Is it me or had nobody else been able to start the game today ,?
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