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  1. I agree on single player challenges being fun. Definitely felt like the genuine F13 game it was meant to be and even made me forget the fiasco that is online play. I only wish there was an option to replay the single player challenges as a counselor: You have the choice of either leaving on your own, saving the other counselors by helping them escape or trying to kill Jason like in each Parts' respective movies. As you try to save the other counselors, a mini game pops up, where you have to pick the right dialogue choices in order to convince the other counselors that Jason is real, and depending on who you choose: Dictates how easy or hard the mini-game is. Sadly, it'll never happen! ?
  2. Considering Jason is a hulking behemoth with a machete, maybe characters with low composure slow down at the sight of him due to fear, meanwhile high composure characters aren't affected as much/have their screens obscured like with high fear? Something a bit more drastic would be low comp. characters like Chad having the downside of freezing in place if Jason's near for maybe 2-5 seconds and the longer they stay near Jason/the closer they are, the more likely they'll be frozen in place for a maximum of 10 or 20 seconds? Just something I thought of to add more of a gamble when fighting Jason alone or in a team fight since that means not everyone has the ability to hit Jason like a pinata. First Jason sighting causes their attack speed/movement to slow for two seconds or more depending on how high their composure or strength is, certain characters like Jenny or Bugzy can fight Jason while still facing some drawbacks or other characters have the option of fighting Jason but are more likely to die than others. As for window hitting and door hitting they should come with a penalty too, since unlike Jason the counselor's are human, so hitting a window or door causes a moderate amount of damage due to the splinters and shards hitting them. again, just shit I'm thinking on the fly. I understand if these ideas suck, been one of the few who've ended up drinking the DBD kool aid, and I actually enjoyed the whole "get the fuck out or die" aspect of it, since it's something fresh but hate the whole "build this generator in 20 minutes with no way to defend yourself!" bit and the massive grind the game can become later on.
  3. I completely agree! I think it'd be an interesting way to stop the car instead of just shifting in front of it all the time. Depending on the weapon, players could either get 1-2 shots and have to decide whether they want to slow down the car by popping a tire, snipe the driver and insta-kill him causing counselors to either panic and flee or attempt to switch drivers as quickly as they can before Jason comes OR injure the drive so he swerves off road and makes it harder to drive since he's wounded, giving other players the choice of abandoning the driver, switching out drivers (which could screw everyone over) or saying 'fuck it' and sticking with the injured driver who could get them all killed. Players could even pop both tires (but waste all their shots) and have it so the car is completely stuck, leading to players having to go and repair at least 1 tire in order to drive it.
  4. True. It'd be neat to be able to customize public games like that (not just turning off emotes and costumes, but rain, icons, etc.) and enter lobbies with those who have similar preferences!
  5. Lol, exactly. Let's pretend gunmedia decided: "Sorry guys, some people don't like costumes and emotes because people fuck around with them too much... So we're getting rid of them!". Gunmedia ain't gonna refund anyone who bought the damn emotes, and it'd be a shady as fuck move to scam people like that, so what exactly would be the alternative to those bought them? Free CP? Exclusive costumes? Ladies Night Jason?
  6. Listen you nerds, I paid 3$ to fuckin' dance and I'm gonna fuckin' dance!
  7. This sounds cool! I'd even be fine if someone on the team decided to make their own 8 bit/12 bit mini game on their free-time and asked the devs if it could be implemented as a fun side game you can play while waiting for a match to end. (if tommy's already been summoned)
  8. Exactly! If David Bowie can do it, so can I!
  9. This sounds really cool, this is kinda like Jason's own version of a shotgun/flaregun! Would players be able to use long range weapons to pop a tire on the car to slow it down or would that just be overkill? I don't think it's as simple as 'git gud'. The fuck? I doubt any of these buffs'll break the game. A normal game shouldn't be Jason too scared to use grabs because every counselor has 1-2 pocket knives on them, or counselors of all types banding together and beating the ever living fuck out of Jason for shits n giggles the entire match with no real drawbacks. Especially since this is a survival horror game... not a 'hey let's beat up and bully the loser in a hockey mask' game.
  10. I think it should be, if character strength is under 5, he or she's stun either has a 50/50 shot of actually working OR the stun lasts for a shorter duration of time
  11. Everyone's pretty much mentioned all the stuff I'm pissed about: (too many fucking items, Jason nerf, window barriers, no dedicated servers, xbox users getting no love etc. etc.) One thing that really pisses me off is the glitches... I'm playing as my girl AJ and getting stuck inside a tent, then Jason kills me because I can't fucking move. I hate being Deborah and trying to repair something only for the game to glitch out and not activate the QTE or kick me out of the QTE randomly. I hate trying to close a door, only to phase through it and get stuck inside of it, then have to wait for a Jason to come and put me out of my misery. Personally, I wouldn't mind if players who have died had the option to either spectate or mess around in the virtual cabin/something similar to it just to pass the time. Maybe it's dumb, I don't know, but sometimes it gets really fucking boring just waiting around... Especially when remaining counselors decide it's time to gang rape Jason with bats, shotguns, flareguns, firecrackers etc., play ring around the rosy with windows, or stall for time by fucking around near the cops and spam the dance emote... (no hate towards those who use the dance emote, but c'mon if you're spending a good chunk of time trolling the fuck out of Jason when you could just leave and end the fucking game already it stops being funny.) Also I'm kinda salty about the fact that I was in a match with some chinese dudes and not one of them spoke a lick of english but, I guess it was kinda fun to actually use emotes to communicate with them and vice versa .
  12. I don't know if this counts since this is pretty dumb but, I wouldn't mind if we had a Halloween costume dlc for AJ where instead of the punk/rocker girl look she has more of a goth look: Not necessarily like this, I'd personally be fine with a plain black dress, straight black hair, maybe a pentagram necklace or something along those lines/basic goth girl kind of look... Eh, I like me some goffff gurlz, sue me.
  13. My thoughts: - players that are using split screen shouldn't be picked as Jason - their name tags should at least specify that they're using split screen (either with their names being different colors or an asterisk or something next to it, and if possible an achievement with a cheesy name each time you kill both players that are using split screen) - when one player dies, the screen should revert back to normal, to make it easier for which ever player is still around - maybe have a 2 player mode where you have to survive against 2 slightly weaker Jason's
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