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  1. Couldn't it just be your choice of which Jason to use for any challenge? If you have Savini and wanna use him, cool, if you don't have him, no big deal. No exclusive challenges, just the ability to use any Jason that you want on any challenge that you want.
  2. First Look: Single Player Challenges

    Great stuff, really excited and hope that there's enough challenges to keep us busy for awhile!
  3. They definitely seemed to have made progress with map design. I personally liked the Jarvis map a lot, but Pinehurst just feels more immersive. Perfect placement of cabins, better lighting etc. It's far and away, my favorite so far.
  4. Anyone else notice about Roy?

    Does ps4 have the bloody skins yet? I haven't even thought to check recently.
  5. Hopefully it has the trailer park area or a nod to it.
  6. Nothing will be done about it and it's only gonna get worse from here. Unfortunately, this game isn't made for us fans anymore, it's for the kids and the people that want an easy win. Think about it, they've made some awful decisions before, but no one is for lack of a better term stupid enough to increase guns, knives, and med spray. There's no reason for it and this game has become a fucking joke.
  7. SPOILERS: Next Jason

    I agree, they said they would add every Jason that they could, so maybe it's something legal with that, just not sure why that would be.
  8. SPOILERS: Next Jason

    Ronnie said no Pre Uber on Twitter.
  9. At this point I'm more interested in the cabin than the game. I think they did a really nice job with it and I'd definitely welcome more. Maybe later on they can expand and make models of Higgins Packanack and so on in a condensed little area as a sandbox/museum mode with more little puzzles and lore.
  10. Nothing on Reddit so far. I also feel like there's something else, but with as big of a community as we have, you would think we would have found a lead by now.
  11. So, after we get to 2.0 what do we actually have possible clues for, just the Pamela badge and the pedestals?
  12. Yeah, we know that. We're talking about after you complete that phase, you can't go back down that path without getting killed.
  13. Nothing, I'm probably gonna call it quits and hopefully there's some word on it in the morning. If not then I guess it's completed.
  14. If there's more to it, somebody smarter than me will have to figure it out lol.
  15. I picked up on that as soon as I went outside, it just seems to draw your attention, but I can't find out anything about it.