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    The ability to be a hidden/imposter killer is the ode to Roy. That's why we see a part 8 mask, with a blue chevron. I don't think it's specifically gonna be Roy.
  2. A little off topic, but as far as I can tell they've delivered everything that was in front of the pumpkin, so next should be the virtual cabin right? Also, since everything before the pumpkin has been released, does that mean that the pumpkin represents Halloween?
  3. A lot of people have been asking for this too since even before release. I'm not sure why they haven't brought it back, but it would definitely be a crowd pleaser.
  4. Well, if the 2nd wave also costs $4, that'll be pretty disappointing.
  5. Just make it the same as if you were jumping out of a 2nd story window. Plenty of people do it on Packanack and end up looping Jason for a lot longer than I would imagine you could loop him at the barn. I would just suggest to add another animation so that as Jason you can kind of hop down in a timely fashion. That should end the looping there. Add an environmental kill to hang a counselor and make the loft possibly be a shotgun spawn point or something else that's useful. The balcony of the party house could be opened up and made as a dead end, kind of again like the balcony of Packanack. I'm not sure why you would go there, but it would be cool to open it just for accuracy purposes. Maybe there's a something that could spawn up there also and maybe an environmental kill for Jason to throw the counselor off of the balcony.
  6. Halloween Costumes DLC

    It sucks that we're in the minority with all this stuff. The game isn't a horror game anymore, I would almost call it comedic and not in the way that it's supposed to be.
  7. I think they'd would have to make the hit box bigger than the bike so that Jason can stop it. I think it'd be too fast to simply have a prompt to throw them off when they go by. I love the idea though if they can figure out a way to do it.
  8. The weapon is a pig splitter. That's all that's been confirmed so far.
  9. Blanket in the woods?

    That's my guess also.
  10. There's a screenshot somewhere from the dev diary, I'll try to find it.
  11. I definitely agree, I think that stuff might be coming with the rain whenever they decide to drop that.
  12. I'm sold on the part 2 ability for sure. This game lacks jump scares and a lot of the fear/intense moments are gone, with this it would bring it all back and make people think twice about running around free in a cabin and or hiding in a closet. Maybe make it able to bust out on your own and if a player tries to hide while Jason is in it, then it automatically triggers Jason to bust out and cause the players fear to spike for 5-8 seconds.