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  1. I think k it's fine. I was exposed to all of this as a 5 year old. I have a career and family and I give back to the community. My mother made it clear it was fiction. I don't think movies and games create widespread violence. I do think there are individuals that may be influenced by it, but I think it is the exception. I think stress, drugs, desperation, high emotions, and mental illness creates violence. It's in our nature and people can't cope any more. The zero bullying in the US is a double edged sword. Kids don't learn conflict resolution because it's "run to an authority figure". We have also started equating words as the same as physical assault. Young people in the US are growing up in a world that is suppressing their natural instincts. Also, people can't escape their antagonizers because of social media. It's not a single cause.
  2. @aldermachxi @tatooey what are the Xbox user names I would get an invite from? I'm not sure I got an invite from my previous post. Thanks.
  3. It's a lot of adults. Most of the worstbs comes from them in my experience. It's why I don't mic up often. Well that and it broke.
  4. On the topic of squeakers, while annoying, I'm not aware of any time in the past 13 years or so that squeakers don't make up a large chunk of the skilled player base in a lot of these games. It is pretty grating on the nerves to get smashed by one though. I let my 9 year old play it. He also knows the difference between fiction and non-fiction. He is also monitored when online. I sit beside him, but he has never been disrespectful to anybody online or offline yet. My mother didn't filter anything from me as a kid. It's where my love of horror movies came from. Different parenting may net a different result with other kids, but until I see a negative behavior that stems from any of this, then I don't have an issue. He's been watching horror movies since he was 4 and is usually a straight A student and has a lot of friends and plays a lot of sports and we do a lot of outdoor stuff. His life has variety so he isn't immersed in it 24/7. He expresses plenty of empathy, which is what a lot of our tech obsessed youth are having an issue developing these days. We're also very sanitized in America vs children in Yemen or Somalia etc as a whole minus areas like Chicago and Detroit. The "yankee" story seems like a stretch based on a dislike of Southerners or an attempt at humor. It was mildly humorous. Also extremely annoying is the fellows in chat constantly trying to talk in a cool, low tone and repeatedly asking for digits to the girl that makes overt comments but won't give out the digits. I would rather listen to the squeakers than those douchebags any day. At least the squeakers have the ignorance of youth.
  5. I agree it was funny 20 years ago for a day or two. I don't really care though even if I know the intent is disrespect usually. I actually never thought of it as a psychological strategy to get Jason to tunnel. Interesting. I usually ignored it in favor of what gave me the best chance to get another kill or stop an objective. I do like the idea of a Tbag kill. Make it a 50/50 chance of working so there is risk involved in tbagging but it doesn't always get you killed.
  6. The number one problem, as with any multiplayer objective based game is teamwork. Play anything ever released and how many lone wolves have you seen over the years? How many people are on the mic or in chat asking people to work on objectives in all of these games? Teamwork does not happen often in QP environments in any game. That is player choice. I used to rage trying to play some of the game modes in CoD that weren't Deathmatch, but my entire team played the match just like that. That's what we were seeing with overpowerd counselors. Maybe we should try and come up with a designated game night were people on the same platform party up, use mics, and we play the game the way it's meant to be played. I would argue very few of us more casual players have had that chance. It's something that could rotate nights every few weeks to fit in with other peoples schedules and make it a 1 or 2 hour event. I think this would help a lot of people myself. As a supporter of the changes so far, I was pointing out the update and my enjoyment of it on gametz.com and a fellow chimed in with support of having 3 items to help escape all the time. We can't go back to that. It isn't a 1v1 game. I think in a few weeks we as a community may have changing opinions. I have zero doubt there isn't something we can't fix with the counselors to make it more survivable with proper adaptation of play style and maybe some game tweaks. Maybe teamwork bonus XP could help. Being in range of a counselor doing a repair could be an XP bonus (say 10 yards). Escorting a runner carrying an item could be another bonus based on time in proximity. Maybe knocking Jason off a counselor should be worth 500Xp or reward CP or credit towards new clothes or something. There are other methods that don't involve excessive spawning of "I Win Buttons" that could work that are in other games. For whatever loot crate crisis there was in Battlefront II, the reward for objective work in game is substantial and really keeps a lot of players on task so they can unlock the more powerful special units during the match. In starfighter matches, the attacking side take dozens of deaths trying to get the objectives down rather than dogfighting the entire match. Maybe something that would allow a chance to respawn as a new counselor, increased chance of finding a pocket knife or temporary stat boosts for objective play could be looked at. Surely Jason fans would love a chance to hack down 14-16 counselors per match. I'm not saying its the right thing or that I would want "extra lives", but it's something to consider. Right now, I personally love the direction it went. I just hope there are a lot more bug fixes (car rubber band, window glitches, Jason hit detection).
  7. Maybe, maybe not. My experience so far has been that most cabins have something weapon wise. I even went into a cabin that had a flare gun, axe and pot just an hour or so ago. I think that its going to be inconsistent. I've had a mix of games where everything was sparse, items were common, and a few where there was a lot of stuff.
  8. I'm just glad it went from Dance Dance Revolution to Dance Dance Execution haha.
  9. Load some perks and start with med spray or firecrackers. Weapons are still plentiful. I never won the PK lottery before very often, but I did today. There are still plenty of opportunities to escape him. You have to at least give it time to see if it broken in your opinion. Practice a few days and see if it plays out better for you.
  10. There are still things that need adjusted but this is a huge step in the right direction. I do feel the counselor salt is at an all time high in my short time in game. I finally got to be Jason today in Pinehurst. I morph to the phone box and drop my traps. I see a ping in the upstairs of the house. A player is in Violet's room with the door looked. That made me scratch my head but whatever. I break the door down, grab and as the animation is playing out I said aloud "I really hope this isn't the host". Guess what? Host disconnected. I take it as a big victory with a price myself. I don't know why you would corner yourself in an objective house and then get mad you got ganked.
  11. I don't think it's too hard, but it sure isn't easy. I'm sure as they patch is explored in the coming weeks there may be things that need fixing or adjusted, but at the moment it feels pretty good to me. Granted I'm only a level 25 playing since Christmas. Today I managed to get quite a bit of repairs completed before dying in several matches. I completed my first ever boat escape on Pinehurst too. Of course, Jason had just wiped the counselors in the boat out a few feet from the exit and got on shore and morphed somewhere not realizing I was about 100 yards away watching the carnage. I hopped in and drove about 4 seconds lol.
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