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  1. ever wondered what it would be like to be able to play as Jason with the counselors having a harder time trying to figure out where you are..? it would make some good scares and reactions especially when Jason uses Stalk mode, the fog would make it just a bit harder for Jason as well, but hes got sense to counter the blindness of the fog and the circle blips that pop up every now and then, don't have much else to say about this, i just thought it would be awesome to play a match on the Crystal Lake map with a nearly thick fog around the whole map. people may have spoken about this, that is fine, just thought id put my input on the suggestion
  2. a thought just occurred to me, may or may not be the only one who had thought of it but like, ive seen videos on what people make with the blank Jason masks you can buy and most of them ive seen were really good so it had make me think how some of those masks would look on Jason as you walk around murdering other players, it sounds pretty cool..
  3. especially when you get the kill pack and you have a cool kill you want to keep seeing, and then you realize you need to play good ol part 7 to see it, and then you think of all the tryhards that spout a bunch of shite you hear on Cod black ops 2, gets quite obnoxious after a while..especially when someone is Tommy Jarvis and they play ring around the rosie :/ but yeah i think a bit of a buff to Part 7 and Jason in general is needed
  4. maybe most people would disagree, but i feel like the 2009 reboot of Jason should be in the game, and he should have the options to switch from having the potato sack or the hockey mask, i have an idea what his strengths should be Strengths: + Grip +Traps +Can Run Weaknesses: -Stun increase -slower swim speed -Defense or someone who replies to this may have a better idea on his Pros and Cons than i do {Love the way this Jason looked, quite intimidating in my perspective}
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