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  1. Yeah. Weird choice to make but, I guess that the developers thought that offline mode is basically some sort of training and therefore, people won't care to much about the map and just want to jump in to the gameplay. But, I agree that we should be able to choose our map.
  2. Yeah I definitely agree. It does get rather monotonous seeing the same person run by 4 times... it also decreases the experience as everyone wants to only choose the people that are strong or fast. Not many players care about working as a team or winning by using other strategies. Instead they randomly run about the map trying to all drive the car or, even worse, everyone starts to taunt Jason (thinking they're unstoppable) but then end up all dead!
  3. I'm definitely hoping for a sequel that is safe from any legal actions as then it would be a really great game. However, in reality I don't know which company would be able to do it and, actually get it done right.
  4. I thought this at first and this could be the main reason but, then I thought that Jason is normally following at least one person so basically, we can cheat now by saying to our friends who he is following and where he is.
  5. @Fair Play I would also like to see an offline counsellor mode. That would've been awesome to have when I first got the game, heck, it would still be fun to mess around in!
  6. That would be cool! I like the elusive kills using different objects like the windows, toilets and fireplace. It would also be nice to use other weapons too.
  7. @Slasher_Clone thank you and yes hopefully enough people will see this and appreciate it rather than hate on this thread.
  8. These are a list of things that should've been in the game from the very start! Please not, if some of these are in the game, please tell me and tell me how to do them. I mean no hate, only help. Thanks, Tom. 1. I'd like to be able to turn down the ear rape cutscenes. 2. I'd like to choose which server I join. 3. It would be nice to have an inbuilt report system. 4. It would be nice to see a different type of game mode, plenty have been suggested. 5. It would be nice to have a working mute system. (Mute doesn't work during lobby or start of the game). If you have anything that you feel should've been in the game from the start feel free to reply.
  9. Yeah, I'm on pc. As the other person replied "it must be unique to pc."
  10. 1. I guess it's just a preference so it's not 100% guaranteed that you will not be Jason (what where everyone else's preferences in the private lobby?). Also when I set it to Jason I was him 5-6 times in a row which I thought was impressive. 2. I haven't had a problem where the fuse spawns in the same house as the phone. How often do you encounter this?
  11. HELLO! I'm a little annoyed... so I don't like that Jason can communicate with the counselors as if a couple of friends play together they both team up and kill the other counselors and their friend gets to win the match. I have just been in 3 rounds back to back where jason and a counselor have decided to team up. I also think a text chat option would be nice for the counselors so people with out mics can also communicate throughout the match. I'm aware this would clash with collecting the walkie-talkies, so I thought the text chat could be like an emote wheel where the player can choose a few messages that could be displayed above their head for a few seconds. Bonus: These messages could then also be tweaked by the player in the customization tab. One last thing I have thought about is the mute system.when I mute someone in the lobby they can still speak. Then when I'm in a game I have to remute the annoying people. Thanks, Tom.
  12. So I had a thought about some modes that could be cool to play. I thought of a 4 vs 4 mode that allows each side to have one Jason and they must try to kill the other teams Jason. In this mode each teams Jason can't kill the counselors but, can slow them down by throwing knives and placing traps. This is just a little idea and could be tweaked but I think some sort of 4 vs 4 could be cool with a good idea...?
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