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  1. Yes. I’m having the same issue. No more bloody skins on PS4 disc version as well.
  2. For what it's worth I've seen counselors step over my traps in offline mode. This even happened when they were bugged and stuck around the cabin doors in Packanack small.
  3. They should re-record it to make it more realistic. Say something like, "There's nothing we can do about it..." then hang up on you.
  4. What do you play on? I play on PS4 and I never get rain. Bought the game for my nephew on XB1 and about 2/3 of the offline games I played had rain.
  5. For me, almost all of the kills make me squeal with delight...except one. It actually makes me wince when it pops up. It's the environment kill where Jason takes the butcher knife and stabs the counselor. It just comes off as so angry especially when all of the other kills are so over the top. I think they went full retard with that one.
  6. Were the amount of medic sprays always high or was increased throughout the months? There could be a legitimate reason why there are so many. Reducing the amount of sprays could just re-introduce other problems that aren't obvious to us in the first place. I have a feeling the high amount of sprays on maps is to discourage people from hoarding them. Fewer medic spray availability means people die faster, they get frustrated, leave and/or stop playing, and that could lead to the population dropping. Games are supposed to be fun. Try and create a game where players last less than 5 minutes before they die. It really isn't that fun. Again, the issue is creating a balance with all the elements in play.
  7. I think the issue with that is it would just encourage people to rage-quit even more so. All you're doing is delaying the inevitable. Hell if I stepped in a trap and was sent to a permanent limp state, I'd probably just quit and join a new game. The fun is in the chase. If you can't get away then it's not really a chase. Honestly, would you play that?
  8. I can definitely see that as a problem...but that would just mean the car/s wouldn't be trapped. And really, that's just one Jason (I assume, I'm still relatively new - level 19 and haven't unlocked most Jasons). My whole thing here is giving players the tools to adapt and evolve their experience. I totally get it...it's so much easier said than done. Balance is as much about what could happen as opposed to what's supposed to happen. But other than the phone, is there any way this could be exploited?
  9. I'm just trying to wrap my head around it. As it stands now there are only so many places where it's worthwhile setting up a trap. I'm wondering if they're trying to do that intentionally. I'd get it if we had twice as many traps but with the limited number we do have - after the car/s and phone - I'm usually left with one, maybe two, depending on who I'm using. I actually wouldn't mind being able to place them indoors. From Jason's perspective it adds a little more strategy. From the counselors perspective it increases the chance that the car/s and phone won't be trapped.
  10. Did he by chance mention how it would be unbalanced? I'm genuinely interested in game design choices and direction developers make.
  11. Why can't Jason just re-use traps? Even the ones that are triggered by counselors? It would add a new dimension when picking which Jason you would use and your play style. Also, if this were the case I would be ok with counselors being able to destroy traps after a convoluted mini-game, however, failing the mini-game would result in the counselor being...trapped.
  12. I don't like emotes in general in most games. The ONLY exception was City of Heroes (old superhero MMO) that had costume change emotes. They were so awesome and wonderfully immersive...so I guess it would be more accurate to say I do enjoy emotes as long as they're relevant. For the people that enjoy them...why? Honest question. There really is no wrong answer. I'm just curious at what the appeal is. I wonder if a horror themed emote exists...what would it look like? Would people like them then?
  13. I actually created a forum account just to comment on this. I bought the game a few weeks ago for my PS4 but I haven't had too much time to play. I woke up early this morning and played a few offline rounds. My observations: Someone had posted before (it may be this thread or in another) that he thinks the difficulty is mixed up. Easy is actually hard and hard is actually easy. Although I don't think that's what's happening, there is something going on... I played on easy with 7 counselors. I can't remember if it was Jarvis House or Packanack small. Within less than 5 minutes both cars were started, cops were called and Tommy was radioed. - That is not an exaggeration. It's funny how someone commented that when the bots drive they stay on the road. They're easily stopped... but I noticed that they were really aggressive in trying to start the car again. As I was chasing one counselor, two got back in the car. I mention this because when the cops did arrive, I killed two counselors who were really close to escaping but were running around in the woods just off the road that led to the cops. They both could have easily gotten away. In fact, unbeknownst to me a third counselor did when I got distracted by the second car starting up again on the opposite end of the map. Again, this was on easy. I had some issues today (and only today, I never experienced this before) with two things: 1. I'm beginning to have difficulty with grabbing knives only when they are on the corners of the cabins. Jason starts to go into the animation, then stops. I usually have to do this 3 or 4 times before I can finally grab it. 2. I noticed today that it's become difficult to do environment kills in the cabins. I see the reticule pop up but the 'X' never activates. This happens a lot around doors. Like I said, I haven't played too much but I've played enough that I can definitely say this wasn't an issue before. As for counselors hiding when in the same room...here's the thing. About a month ago I injured my finger. It got infected pretty bad to the point where it swelled like a balloon. Almost every activity I did reminded me of the injury as the throbbing was relentless (Try wrapping presents when your middle finger is twice the size) and it just got worse every time I used it...which was all the time. I could feel the heat coming off when I inspected it. It didn't help that as it was beginning to heal I aggravated it again in an office chair incident unrelated to the game, prolonging the pain and swelling for another week. By the next day my finger again swelled up. This time even larger than before. The pressure and throbbing was so bad that I even woke up a few times during the night. I couldn't deal with it anymore so I just bit the bullet and I (carefully) sliced my finger open and squeezed the pus out. It poured out - there was a lot. A never ending river of white and red. BUT, every second the pus and blood streamed out of my finger it was quickly replaced with relief. Wave after wave the throbbing was replaced by glorious peace and comfort. The funny thing is, cutting my finger open did hurt - but it wasn't nearly as bad as the relentless pain I had to put up with. It's like I could feel the blade slicing my skin, but I just wasn't registering it. My eyes widened, I salivated just a bit and I actually gasped with joy because I could feel the pain subsiding with the pus. That joy is EXACTLY how I feel when I'm in the same room as a counselor and I watch them hide under a bed right in front of me. Please don't change it. I love it too much. One issue I do want to bring up. There have been a few times where Tommy has been the last counselor in the game - and he just hides. There was one game where I had to quickly go cabin to cabin and check every hiding spot until I found him. It was cutting it close. I probably had less than 5 minutes left. Again, this was on easy. I've also noticed that some counselors begin zigzagging just before I throw a knife at them. It could just be something I'm choosing to see, though. Counselors rarely set off my traps even when I put them near the car and phone. It's gotten to the point where I'm almost never using them. I've had Tommy get stuck opening drawers about as many times as I've had him just hide and do nothing. I've had counselors dive back and forth through windows. It's funny when they land right at your feet. I've played on hard and the bots are quickly killed. I've played on easy and they've given me a challenge. It's not all the time but it's happened enough that if it were to happen again I wouldn't be surprised. So far, I'm really loving the game. Sure there's room for improvements, but that's true of all games. I'm looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings. Congrats everyone. My finger's doing much better, by the way.
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