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  1. Had they stuck with the original plan and not delay content for a stupid engine update that made the game worst, we could have had Uber and the Grendel ready. It was a 5 month gap of waiting. Uber and Grendel probably would have been ready before the lawsuit hit. And the engine upgrade to have dedicated servers could have also seen the light since this apparently has no effect on the lawsuit announcement. Man, talk about bad luck and setting their priorities wrong. The only thing that would have been missed is the single player content. That does not even compare to missing the mark with Uber and the Grendel. I only play single player to get the unlockables. Never will I touch it again.
  2. They should keep the p2p going while dedicated servers goes offline.
  3. Ted White is like 94 yrs old. You expect him to sprint? I'm fine with Kane doing all the mocaps but I do wish they make each Jason model more screen accurate. Sackhead wasn't exactly the hulk.
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    Are you from the future?
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    it sucks to be Jason

    Jason block is a full circle. If he is holding block, it doesn't matter if someone hits him in the back. His guard is up and he blocks that too.
  6. I've notice med sprays in unusual locations as well. If they've increase it, what a shame.
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    it sucks to be Jason

    Jason ability to fight off groups is getting worst. He cannot used grab counselors as human shields anymore. Nor is he capable of grabbing them and do a quick turnaround to pull that grab counselor away from the group. In slashing match ups he loses because counselors recover fast and can swing immediately again resulting in a stun and med spray. Jason does not have that ability to stun counselors. Jason best weapon is throwing knives. A quick toss will beat out even the best swift attack perk, and you can follow up with a grab or slash assuming you have them in cripple state. The problem here is that there are just not enough of them. You want to know why every counselor main loves picking packanack small? It's because there are barely any throwing knives on that map.
  8. He's not finished yet because he doesn't have his stupid space opera theme.
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    What makes you tunnel?

    Tunneling is only for the weak. I've killed a lot of Vanessas and Chads indirectly just because they continue to follow me around like a lost puppy. I just pretend that I don't see them and when they sneak up behind me is when I catch them off guard. These types of players are easy to catch because they aren't doing anything to get objectives going.
  10. Their method of fixing bugs is to not fix it and cover it up with bandage.
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    Jason trap exploit

    I rarely place traps anywhere but the objectives. Too risky in my opinion and becomes a complete waste of no one steps on it. By putting them at objectives you at least force them to deal with it. So it's essentially another step for counselors to do.
  12. Levels doesn't play a factor whether the Jason player is good or not. People might think it matters, but the vast majority of Jason out there aren't competent. So thats give you an illusion that you are somehow doing everything right when you fight him. Getting good with Jason has a much higher learning curve then playing counselors, simply because he is by himself.
  13. He will be one of the better Jasons for sure. Any Jason that does not have the big 3 weaknesses (- shift, - traps and - morph) is automatically qualified to be a solid picking. Most other stats are either nice amenities or irrelevant. But if you got one of the major 3 weaknesses it can hamper them without some serious compensation to make up for the lost.
  14. Savini Part 8 Part 3 Part 5 Part 6 Part 9 Part 2 Part 7 Part 4 That order. When Part X comes out I'm guessing he will be behind Part 3.
  15. Fox is an excellent end game sweater girl for killing Jason. If everybody dies or escape and Jason is rarely hit, she and Tommy can turn the tables around and kill him very fast. Strength will matter at this point for demasking and she can do both.
  16. - Defense is meaningless. If a team of Jason hunters can get Part 2 mask off, then all it takes is one or two more hits to take off normal hp's Jasons mask off. So it's largely irrelevant. Just like -stun resistance. It doesn't do anything to make a big impact. Part 2 > Part 4. Most people still goes for objectives.
  17. The easiest way is like what I've mention in another topic. Make her a counselor build. Remember when friendly fire was on and every troll would pick Buggsy? Well, put her in that place as the killer and just give her stalk and morph. As for the car, just give her the ability to go inside of it and hide so she can kill the driver when it tries to take off. She can also used the car to roadkill other counselors.
  18. I still prefer Pamela as a selectable killer in the main multiplayer. Remember when Buggsy was team killing? Well make Pamela a counselor build with all the same traits that they can do and start having her run around with that knife of hers and kill people. She would only need stalk and morph to make it work. Not that difficult now is it?
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    Upcoming Patch - 6/1/18

    What about combat stance for Jason? I am having problems getting in and out of combat stance on command. I have to mash the sprint button to get out of it.
  20. ^Stalk is useless without sense. So if your planning to do an idle stalk while waiting for the counselor to come to you, you can't effectively do it without having sense turned on and stay on. Also if Jason gets stalk first, it can seriously ruin his early game. Counselors can just easily hide in plain sight when spawning near objectives and Jason would not be able to detect them and scare them off. So when Jason thinks nobody is around and morphs to the next objective, you get an easy pass to tank his traps and/or work objectives without having to run from him. If I'm Jason that would be so annoying to have to search the nearby trees, rocks and all the rooms in the nearby cabins when I could have save time and turn sense on and be done with it and move to the next objective. So no way in hell would I recommend stalk being swap with sense.
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    Should the Perk ,,Medic´´ get removed?

    I would be fine with the way it is if they can bring back trap stacking and increase Jason trap count across the board. Then buff the number of throwing knives that can be picked up around the map. When this game came out Part 2 Jason benefited well with trap stacking to deter thick skin + medic + hypochondriac. You could drop 5 traps at the phone and chain stun them and have more than enough time to get back there and kill the counselor while they are caught in it each time. If you want to keep overpowering perks then Jason should get overpowering trap stacking back.
  22. I stated that the new grab animation was going to be controversial before the update. I guess right. Your don't just change a core mechanic and expect everyone to like it.
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    Savini Jason

    Like I said before in another topic. Uber doesn't have any of the big 3 weaknesses (- shift, - traps, - morph). Any Jason that can avoid those automatically makes them viable. All the other available stats that they've been presented for every Jasons are either nice amenities or irrelevant. I'm fine with no weapon strength for Uber. If he had it, this would put half the cast with that. In the movie as a cyborg, he grab people around and fling them. But he didn't even use his machete X on anybody or killed anyone in robot form. So if we go by movie accuracy, Grip Strength is a better choice even though its an irrelevant strength.
  24. Stalk is useless without sense. How effective you use stalk is largely dependent on sense. So if you stalk someone outside, you need sense on the whole time. Otherwise how else can Jason see counselors through obstacles? Sounds does not help. If you put stalk before sense, then not only will it be easier to hide from Jason, but it will also be easier for counselors to hide, then tank traps or do objectives when he leaves. Sense is important for Jason to know the whereabouts early game, so he can chase them away and not get fucked over quickly. If I'm Jason, I do not want to be checking every tree, rock and every room to see if someone is trying to rush an objective when I need to morph away and set traps at other locations. So keeping it the way it is, is better. If they want to improve stealth for counselors, they should find other means.