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  1. Part V: A Great Idea Really Badly Made?

    I disagree. The mystery is emphasize once the killing started. When the two greasers died and Roy and Duke where picking up the body, Sheriff Tucker said something along the lines of "who could of done this?" When the body count continue to rise, Mayor Cobb was demanding answers, from Sheriff Tucker. He took a wild guess and said Jason not because he solve the case. The Mayor doesn't believe it. That's the mystery. No one has the answer for the killing. It's unsolved. Raymond and Junior are the red herrings that are cross out at the mid way point. You don't need to have 5 suspects before the climax of the film. The movie focus on the idea that Tommy is the killer while throwing a wrench with other suspects and keeping the Jason mythology alive as a possibility.
  2. Who is your favorite Jason?

    Ted White is the most brutal Imo. He runs so fast in this one.
  3. I don't understand Jason x hate

    If you only watch this movie to see Jason do his thing then it can be entertaining. The whole storyline, cheesy and poor acting and bad cgi really brings it down a lot. And being in space is not creative. I know most don't watch these films for good story telling, but this one makes it too obvious that its hard to ignore. A lot of the horror elements aren't even there despite being one of the more gore fest F13ths. I call this movie the Power Ranger of all F13th films.
  4. Part V: A Great Idea Really Badly Made?

    The "Who is Jason?" has good construction behind it. Yes, we don't have a lot of backstory about Roy. But the purpose was to name him as one of the suspects without making it so obvious. So the limited screen time we had as Roy in the ambulance uniform fits nicely. All the others like Raymond, Dr. Letter, Junior, Vic and Tommy had similar motivations but where done as red herrings. I mean Raymond and Junior where both weirdos until their impending deaths. Vic was a psychopath who was arrested. Dr. Letter screen time was limited in the second half that we kinda wonder what's he's been doing offscreen. Heck, Pam could be one too, since "Pam" is a nice touch that may have trick viewers into thinking she might have something to do with the dead bodies. Reggie sees all the dead bodies upstairs and turns around only to see Pam grabs him. And the movie has many times cut straight to Tommy after kills were made making him the prime suspect. The film was design in a way where they wanted audiences to draw a list of suspects and figure out who done it. It's like the "Who shot Mr. Burns" episodes from the older Simpsons cartoons. Imo, it works. Part 1 didn't show Pamela until the last 15 minutes of the movie. We know there is a killer. But none of the supporting cast show any signs of motivation. There wasn't any crazy lunatics like Part V. There was only one suspect. So the mystery killer angle in this is done differently. Part 2 was like this as well. Part V is all about Tommy, fighting his inner demons. Roy being the villain only serves as the backdrop and catalyst for Tommy to overcome his fears and to take over the mantle as the next Jason. People have to come to that approach instead of expecting Jason to be the star of it.
  5. No because her telekinesis powers would break the game and that movie was awful seeing Jason nothing more then a punching bag.
  6. Small maps can be fix just by make parts spawn further away from objectives. Big maps like Jarvis and Pinehurst can be fix just by spreading out the objectives more and keeping part within the vicinity of 4 cabins. It has less to do with how the land is structure.
  7. Oh, I can definitely argue. But why fork the effort when it already has been answered before like a broken record. If someone doesn't get the message, then no point beating around the bush. And if you thought two sentences from me was a personal attack that you couldn't handle then get some help. There is a massive experience difference between playing and watching.
  8. It is a weakness. I don't understand why people here wants to improve it. Because then it's no longer a weakness if it acts very similar to a normal shift.
  9. I say they were already too many of them. Like someone said. 35pts is not enough to differ one counselor to another. The more you keep adding the more they appear as skins rather then having unique traits. Mitch is basically a male AJ. Fox is basically a female Adam. Shelley stats are badly distribute making him the worst character. The new mean girl will likely play like someone we already have in the game. When distributing stats, a differences of one or two points is not significant to make then feel any different. They need to add new stat categories to keep me interested in new characters. But according to many people, they don't care about having unique styles of play and instead enjoy the aesthetics of a new skin.
  10. Wait aren't you the guy who hasn't even played this game? You talk big for someone who has zero experience.
  11. If they raise it to 200, people are going to ask them to raise it. If they raise it 300, people are going to ask them to raise it again and again. They should put it up to 999 or 1313 and be done with it. With more release content they can fill in the blanks where they want them unlocked.
  12. Part 4 Jason is a high risk high reward character. Can run, weapon strength and destruction are perfect for early game pressure. His -traps and -shift makes hims bad in mid-late game if enough people aren't killed off. I say keep him the way he is. If something really has to happen for him then remove the -traps and replace it with less HP.
  13. I don't know if it's been mention here, but Part V Roy has a unique shift. His cooldown is the same as -shift but the speed is the same as normal shift. He also stops somewhere in between the distance of normal and negative shift. I wonder if this was bugged or intentional. He is the only Jason with this attribute.
  14. PiƱata Jason

    I like how everyone ignores your video and continues to complain. Yes, that's a very good Jason against a very well organized team that sticks together. He combat stance doors. He blocks many of their attack. He snap tosses a lot of his throwing knives. Best of all, he has his mask on the entire time. The counselors did a number on him, yet he remains calms, wasn't a punching bag and kill everyone but one.
  15. I like how everyone here has their own crystal ball.
  16. They should rebalance the weapons and give them statistics like swing speed, range, recovery time, stuck percentage and hit radius. Each weapon already sort of have these properties, but they can tweak them out more and give each of them a more distinct feel to them.
  17. Then exit combat stance and throw knives at them. Nonsense. Nothing is complicated. If I can adapt so can anybody else.
  18. You should already be in combat stance when you are closing in and your guard up. I do this all the time and rarely get stun this way. When you block their swings, you have two options. Cancel the block by pressing the sprint and grab them before they flee. Or stay in combat stance and counter with a light attack. Both methods will work as they are fast enough counters as long as they are still in recovery frames and did not sprint immediately afterwards. You still win either way because blocking builds rage quickly and they are another swing away from breaking their bats. If they decide not to attack and run instead, that's when you can hit them with throwing knives. Learn how to get good with throwing them especially in close range. Use Jason right shoulder as an aiming assist and you can fire away fast enough before they can react to it. Once they are limping they are force to react or die. A lot of people likes to jog just out of reach from Jason. Punish them with those knives and make them try something else. Collect knives. Make sure you never run out of them. If all else fails, you should have shift ready and can try another attempt at it with shift grabs or shift swings. Still find it hard to get them? Morph away, turn sense on, stalk and shift at them. There are too many Jasons who does none of these methods. That's why they are getting bully and stun. Combat stance is needed for breaking doors down faster, attacking it at different angles and avoiding counselors trying to nail you from inside. Again, I would only suggest removing the auto lock feature for both Jason and counselor. It also allows me to double trap the phone easier then trying to do a 360 degree turn to place a second one behind the front trap. I'm not against a block button outside of combat stance. I figure it might help Jason a bit too much though. Counselors need a way in to hit Jason at some point.
  19. His 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses are basically his perks. And they are locked that way so they can each play a little different.
  20. Leave combat stance alone and just remove the auto locking feature. This game is approaching the 1 year mark. No point in drastically changing the control methods when I have already adapted and gotten comfortable with.
  21. Do you still remember your first match as Jason? How did it go for you? I remember picking part 6. My favorite. I think I only used morph once and shift a few times. I walked out the shack and walked about 90% of the times. I followed the pings trying to chase everyone down. I was lucky enough to kill one person using the one handed choke kill. Everybody else escape by police. I didn't trap objectives nor did I used throwing knives. Man I had no clue what I was doing back then.
  22. Part V: A Great Idea Really Badly Made?

    Lets not get carried away expecting an Oscar winning cast. The F13th films has never been known to have great acting so this one is no different. In fact further installments got so ridiculous that they became self aware. With that said part 5 is an OK film. I would rank it somewhere between 7th to 9th place out of the 12 movies. It gets shot down because Jason isn't the killer. That was basically the universal excuse and less about execution. If people had looked pass that, then you can see the potential. I like the fact that they tried something different while still keeping the serious undertones. In fact part 5 sort of harkens back to the first film using the mystery killer angle. I like to think the wasted potential isn't in the plot. Because all F13th films aren't without plotholes either. No one goes in this to see exceptional writing. What was wasted was going against the idea that Tommy should carry the franchise forward being the next killer after Roy's defeat. The creators were clearly exhausted after part 4, so they wanted to do something fresh. They did not follow through with their plans with part 6 because while that was a good movie, the pressure to bring Jason back almost made part 5 non essential to the series. So it falls on its face and takes the blame. Some creators don't make changes, because they feel the need to be safe. But that can also be their undoing. When they brought Jason back, it didn't make things better for long. By the time part 7 came out it went on a downward spiral. It got progressively worst with dumber storylines. But hey Jason is back, so everything should be better right? Box office numbers for 7, 8, 9 and 10 says otherwise.
  23. I don't get why people want everything good from start. It's like handing candy to children who didn't earn it. You have a busy schedule? Make time for it then. I have a busy life as well, yet found time to make it to level 150. If I can do it, so can you.
  24. The NES box cover shows part 7 Jason but the in game model looks like part 3 with some outgrown hair strings and wearing a Roy jumpsuit. Jason also runs in that game. Best option should be that he becomes his own unique Jason with scarier music. That way I can at least appreciate him more then calling him Barney.
  25. Why did they take them out in the first place? You couldn't lock those doors. So no one was able to troll by keeping parts down there.