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  1. Melissa is more recognized. She made it all the way through the movie before being killed off towards the end. Tamara didn't even make it halfway through the movie and was a minor character. So when people think of "mean girl", Melissa is the first thing that comes to mind. Tamara was more of an afterthought in that sense.
  2. I say no to the abandon camp. It doesn't tie into any of the Jasons from the game and am surprise so many of you voted for it. 6, 7, 8 and 9 needs their home turf in the game period. I'll take Lazarus > NY for Part 8. I don't think they could do the city justice.
  3. Anything less then a clean sweep is a failure in my book. Unless your going against a skilled team, 6/8 or better is acceptable. If your playing for fun or consider yourself casual then I can see why you would lower your standards. But if you really want to become better, you should set your priorities much higher.
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    Part 4 Tips

    He's fun against noobs in Quick Play. But he gets reck hard against skilled groups. - Shift and -Traps together is hard to swallow. Like what people already said here. Kill fast early or get recked.
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    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    So no news huh? I thought these guys said they were going to tease us with news every Thursday since January. I predicted correctly that they were going to run out of stuff to talk about, and I guess right.
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    Best Kills for Part 8

    Here's a trivia for you. Part 8 was the only Jason to never used the machete.
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    The "Farmer's pitchfork"

    If we complain about it enough, they will probably add it. It's not like they don't read the forums from time to time. People bitch about certain cosmetic changes and then they decided to do it. Roy's jumpsuit for example. The farmers pitchfork can operate the same like the trident. Just change the skin.
  8. The fire axe and pig splitter are actually better weapons then the machette because they actually have a slight range advantage over it. They are also one handed weapons. The only reason why someone would think the machete is the best is because of the default door swings speed. But combat stance the doors with any of them results in the same speed. They were all the lowest grossing films of the series however.
  9. Getting stun after a pocket knife is incredibly cheap. There is no way for Jason to deal with that. An objective can get fixed easily this way and buy counselors much more time. People complain about door combat, but there is a way out for Jason and render that useless against him.
  10. Trap objectives. Even though they are place at predictable spots it's better then gambling at other places. You at least enforce counselors to deal with it and be notified. If they tank it, then they tank it. It's better then placing them in strange places where it may never go off. I only get creative when I play part 2, but that's only on occasion and not the norm.
  11. Last counselor I've played was LaChappa. Everyone was dead and I've escape via police mere feets from Jason grab. I dont know why, but it feels sooooo rewarding when your LaChappa and become the sole survivor.
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    Let's talk about Jason and kids.

    The writer definitely toyed with the idea of rape and in the end probably thought it was best to leave it vague to the viewers. At the time, Jason really had one movie behind his belt and wasn't fully established as we know today. I personally don't believe he raped her but many people out there still do. I like to think the human element of him at the time played a factor, so when Chris blacked out he left her alone.
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    Let's talk about Jason and kids.

    Because there are people out there that actually believes he rapes her and others don't. So thats why I left it as that.
  14. Is Jason ruthless enough to kill a kid? Let's take a look. We know he kills handicaps. Mark on a wheelchair. We know he kills cute dogs. Muffin. We know he kills pregnant women. Debbie laying on a hammock. We know or don't know if he raped Chris Higgins. We know he grab little Tommy through the window. We don't know if he was just going to kidnap him or kill him. In JGTH, the Duke said Jason will kill Jessica baby. In the NES game he kills kids. However in part 6, Jason just looks at little Nancy before being distracted by a noise and disappears. Had he killed every adult what would have he done to the kids? So in your opinion, what side are you on? He kills kids or he doesn't?
  15. His shift cooldown is the same as - shift at 40 secs. His duration is also the same at 4 secs. His velocity is much faster though and just slightly slower then the neutral and +shift, meaning the range of it will covers more ground then - shift but ends before neutral and +shift finishes. +Shift and neutral are identical in velocity, duration and range. Only difference is that +shift has 20 seconds on cooldown compared to neutral 30 secs.