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  1. There are too many variables when considering how long it takes to reach max fear. Does Mitch have perks on? Is he carrying a weapon? Is he near light sources and have the flashlight on? Is he hanging around counselors or by himself in the woods. What's the proximity between him and Jason? Too many factors to consider and then some.
  2. They aren't releasing shit. They made a statement back then saying that if the lawsuit ended immediately, they still wouldn't created content. Nowhere in my mind thinks any of the latest news will change the fate of the game. People can continue to hope and believe. I choose to be realistic. You are less disappointed this way.
  3. Gun Media is still in control. So I doubt we will get any new content. Its a shame really. The day they said no more content was the day I really stop playing because there is nothing to look forward to. I went from playing nearly everyday to once every two weeks. With no hope and no future, there were other games that deserved my interest and my time.
  4. Would you have said "well done", if they had dance, teabag and called you names as you fall to the ground? Just curious.
  5. 1. If they want to keep this section going no harm is done if they renamed it "Post your ideas here, but we'll never put them in the game." 2. If it's balancing, there is already patch notes that they post up every time a new build is up where people can give immediate feedback on. 3. There are some naive players that still thinks new content will be coming. They play the game but dont follow the news.
  6. "Have ideas about what you want to see in the game? Got a cool thought about something you'd think would be cool for the game? Perhaps you've got feedback from what you've seen so far? Post here!" You are not going to make anymore new content. You can't even add a rock. So why does this sub forum still exist?
  7. Had they stuck with the original plan and not delay content for a stupid engine update that made the game worst, we could have had Uber and the Grendel ready. It was a 5 month gap of waiting. Uber and Grendel probably would have been ready before the lawsuit hit. And the engine upgrade to have dedicated servers could have also seen the light since this apparently has no effect on the lawsuit announcement. Man, talk about bad luck and setting their priorities wrong. The only thing that would have been missed is the single player content. That does not even compare to missing the mark with Uber and the Grendel. I only play single player to get the unlockables. Never will I touch it again.
  8. Ted White is like 94 yrs old. You expect him to sprint? I'm fine with Kane doing all the mocaps but I do wish they make each Jason model more screen accurate. Sackhead wasn't exactly the hulk.
  9. Jason block is a full circle. If he is holding block, it doesn't matter if someone hits him in the back. His guard is up and he blocks that too.
  10. I've notice med sprays in unusual locations as well. If they've increase it, what a shame.
  11. Jason ability to fight off groups is getting worst. He cannot used grab counselors as human shields anymore. Nor is he capable of grabbing them and do a quick turnaround to pull that grab counselor away from the group. In slashing match ups he loses because counselors recover fast and can swing immediately again resulting in a stun and med spray. Jason does not have that ability to stun counselors. Jason best weapon is throwing knives. A quick toss will beat out even the best swift attack perk, and you can follow up with a grab or slash assuming you have them in cripple state. The problem here is that there are just not enough of them. You want to know why every counselor main loves picking packanack small? It's because there are barely any throwing knives on that map.
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