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  1. My new game plan is to chase down all the excess pocket knives and dump them somewhere hidden. Same for all the excess med sprays. As for shotguns I waste them. I'm tired of this game trying to hold my hand and make it anymore easier for me to survive. I feel bad for Jason now. He's already a stinker with t-rex arms and swings at thin air half the time.
  2. Jason X unlock

    I don't have a problem seeing uber Jason getting knocked out by a frying pan. This game already has all kinds of things that don't make sense like pink cops, bunnies and gokus dancing on firecrackers and teabagging 8-bit Barney.
  3. Longer matches equals higher probability of disconnections.
  4. What fan movie are you talking about? He was a paramedic in Never Hike Alone.
  5. We have the Retro NES Jason so why not the Retro Commodore 64 Jason? They could give him black trousers, black shirt and black hair like the game. Maybe even give him a black mask. Yes he doesn't look anything like Jason, but can you fault a very old computer game? Here are some of the things he did in that game. Strengths +Stalk. He impersonate himself as a counselor. +Stun Resistance. Jason can trade hits with you and recovers fast. +Destruction. He had no problems walking into rooms. Weakness -Can't Run. You can chase him down easily in the game as he moves slower then you. -Defense. He has low HP's and didn't block in the game. Pretty easy to kill. -Throwing Knives. He didn't throw stuff at you in the game. So this Jason will start with zero and he has to go find them.
  6. Pamela won't be playable and that's just the fact. You can imagine a possibility all you want, but I like to look at the reality of it. When has Gun Media ever taken big discussions into play? Its a waste of time.
  7. Tina would be OP and I do not consider her a hero type character. Characters like Tommy have a certain vendetta against Jason. Creighton Duke, Kay-Em 14 and Sergeant Broski are the type of characters who would strike me as those that could fit the role better. Tina is an emotional wreck who I think prefers not to do encounters with Jason.
  8. Back then nobody was willing to put the fuse in when they saw 3 to 5 traps laying there. It was a strong deterrent since they will be chainstun to death at every attempt. This was when P2 Jason was top tier because he had almost no reason to guard it. If they keep the number of items the way it is right now and raise Jasons trap counts and bring back stacking its one way to getting him back on track and making counselors think twice on stepping into them.
  9. Pamela uses Necromancy?

    JGTH would be a decent movie as long as you try to think its not a F13th movie. Jason X is something I cannot stand. Its like they ran out of ideas and asked a little kid to write something up for them. "Hey, lets turn Jason into a power ranger." Lol.
  10. Yup. I knew I wasn't dreaming when I got 8 pocket knives stuck in my neck. The 11 med sprays is over the top. Think about how many people run medic to double its size and dont forget thick skin. Then you have hypochondriac where each counselor can start with a med spray. Lol. This is why trap stacking for Jason needs to come back. They are worthless at protecting objectives. Everyone tanks them no problem and save all those pocket knives for their free getaways. 5 shotguns? My goodness.
  11. When people think of Jason X they think of uber first. With that said, uber did nothing special in the movie. He killed zero while his normal form did all the dirty work. It'll be funny to see uber Jason getting knock down by a frying pan.
  12. Make the police have a leave timer of 1 to 2 minutes max. If no one takes the exit in time its their lost. I have lost so much xp due to prolong matches leading up to disconnections because dumbasses are drawing out the match at the exit.
  13. He can do those but they accomplish nothing for him when everyone runs thick skin and medic. Not to mention the massive increase in pocket knives, med sprays, and shotguns. And of course him having trouble grabbing knives around cabins. On top of that his poor swing hit detection and t-rex arms. Lastly invisible shields protecting counselors through windows and making him run laps around a table. Jason is trash.
  14. I do. I am sick of this game trying to hold my hand and doing there best to make me survive. It should be a challenge to play as a counselor. There is none. That's what it will come down to. It will ultimately be the death of this game. Nobody gets to play Jason online much. And when they do it should be easy enough and intuitive to play and have fun with him. But it is not.
  15. None really. Mortal Kombat is far more gory. I will say P4 Jason has some of the best kills though. Slam and split is sick but underwhelming the same time because he doesn't cut them all the way through. They need to add cut in half physics like a vertical cut from head to crotch and horizontal cut from the waist line. Btw, I like to see an Andy headstand kill. I dont know how that would work but it would be too funny.