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  1. Double trap the fusebox. It's good insurance because not only do counselors have to deal with two traps, it buys you time to morph back there assuming your morph isn't ready yet. I used to think the same way about having more steps to call the police or give Jason something to work with, but now I don't think this is the case anymore since double trapping have save me from getting calls done.
  2. Can be done outside too against a rock. I wonder if standing against a long table would work? I have to try that someday.
  3. If Tommy is on the otherside of the wall yes. But if he attacks Jason from behind or the side it doesn't work. If Jason is facing a rock Tommy won't get the prompt from the front side since the rock is thick enough to prevent Tommy from getting close.
  4. Standing against the wall means they can't kill you. It doesn't mean I'm going to stay there the whole time. I could morph out of there if I choose. You can't anticipate a snap toss. Do you know what that is? It comes out faster then a counselor can go into combat stance and block it. Only stupid Jasons get killed. If I continue to play the spacing game then they can't kill me.
  5. Face a wall and stay there when you know they are going for a kill. Tommy can't kill you from behind when there is no lean way for Jason to fall forward. Collect throwing knives and quick toss them at sweater girl or Tommy until they burn out their medsprays. Shift slash at them when they are near death. Turn on stalk and sense and wait for Tommy and sweater girl to separate a bit. Shift grab the girl. Whatever happens, Tommy won't have time to run up to Jason and finish him off. Morph away and repeat until sweater is used or one of them dies. Those are Jason counterplays. Slow process but will work.
  6. In Part 2 film, there is an interior door that can be barricaded. But to answer the question, heck no! Get better as Jason. Killing Jason only happens to the ones that deserves it.
  7. Well we have to see how the map layouts look first and see if shifting becomes difficult. I don't know what button it is on PC, but on PS4 you can strafe while shifting by holding down the R1 button. Good for weaving obstacles.
  8. If they gave -shift more seconds then it wouldn't be a -shift. There is a reason why its a weakness that shouldn't be improved on. Any Jason with a -shift should be compensated with a good strength. Not make -shift better. I don't agree with your reason.
  9. -Shift isn't better at catching people. The range is too short to effectively catch someone from a distance. It also doesn't benefit from the stalk and shift combo that much unless you turn stalk on ahead of time and the counselors happens to be approaching you without them hearing your proximity music.
  10. The last thing this game needs is a "give me everything." Like the other person said, sometimes your just unlucky finding nothing and that's how the game should work. Use your wits to survive. I've gone through matches where I find nothing of value and still survived/escape.
  11. Jason Selection Update

    The ticket system should only happen when we get dedicated servers. If it is implemented now, you can easily waste the ticket due to host disconnecting or just playing a round as Jason with a bunch of bad pings. It's not worth it.
  12. I'll be fine with Part 7 going back to his beta stats. Replace -traps with -stun resistance and he gets his 5 traps back. He won't play any different, but he'll patrol objectives better. That's the safe approach for pleasing those that like the way he is now and those that want to see an improvement made for him.
  13. I'm going go say the same thing what I've always been saying. There is nothing wrong with the landscape of the 2 new maps. You can easily fix those maps by properly spacing out the objectives and making sure that parts spawn within the 4 cabin radius. If you fix that you fix 90% of the problem. Small maps are the same thing. Instead of having parts spawn near the objectives, it should be at least 2 cabins away and no further then the 5th cabin. That way Jason can have a bit more time to work with instead of seeing a car start running when he hasn't got shift yet. It also helps if you can have 2 cars on the 2 new maps and have a boat option on the small maps.
  14. Mr. Potato Head as Jason XD

    Put him in the game!
  15. Demonic Jason Skin

    The only skin I like for Part 9 is the film accurate damaged right eye. Can't be that hard.