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  1. The lobby is also darker too. Actually... the entire game is made dark, I call this super-lazy-ass-work by the company. I can see their lazyness. Jason in this update is too brain-dead to play as now.
  2. Jason would have an easier time and then there isn't the med perk trick by escaping upstairs through windows anymore.
  3. Victoria has more of the stats of Vanessa. Victoria can easily lone-wolf and repair stuff to escape in early game. <3
  4. Her overall stats are really great, I'd say she is a silent vanessa, who has slightly better repairing
  5. This company are not professional at keeping their promises then.
  6. We were supposed to get a new update this month, but it seems like the devs has cancelled it by the looks of it.
  7. I like Deb's hair and her swimsuit. I like AJ's voice (Cause she makes funny sounds, when running or in fear) and the way she walks/runs makes me laugh on the inside. AJ is a better version of Deb, when you look at the stats. Repair 7 is so damn easy.
  8. I agree with you, that they have bad stats. AJ is the best fixer character in the game. If only Mitch and Shelly had a higher speed or stamina, they would make a difference between the other repair characters.
  9. This game needs a serious update. The characters with high Stealth (AJ and Tiffany) shall not make pings, and if they did it shall take them a while to make a tiny ping as they sprint/run. The other characters with low stealth shall always be the characters Jason can hear until they've all died/escaped. The stealth stat really needs a rework. The same goes for the composure stat as well.
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