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  1. There's a bug where textures will not load in unless you set graphics to epic? Is this being looked at as well?
  2. What about the texture bug where everything is obscure?
  3. I don't know if it's because I'm on the mobile site, but the format is off. A bit confusing to read.
  4. As long as it's quickly resolved it won't bother me. I just hope this premise is seen by the devs. If not exactly how it is, I would love to see something similar implemented.
  5. I could remove the composure penalty, that's true. I'll revise this, so it will be a bit more difficult. Maybe instead of the penalty, the girl has to see at least 3 dead bodies of counselors before being able to kill Jason. I don't know what else to put, on paper it might seem easy but I'm also imagining how this would play out in actual gameplay. Very True, and yes jason should be harder to kill solely.
  6. Not even that, just similar to either what chris or ginny did, with Axe or machete lol
  7. I feel the same way I listed it in the description, it makes sense more than anything for the Final Girl to be the only one aside from Tommy to kill Jason.
  8. So we can't have more than one method?? Noone is saying to boot the other one.
  9. Yes, that would be amazing, I just wish more people could see this. It would be such a refreshing and nice change to killing Jason!
  10. Yes Barbara! You know how I feel about Jenny! She needs a bit of a makeover, her ingame model is not that pleasing to look at. Her hair should be different especially now that we have the new engine coming.
  11. I like that we can kill or incapacitate Jason as is. However, I wish there was more variety in killing him. So far the only way to kill him is through Tommy. But there is another way we should kill him in my opinion that is underrated. The final girl should be able to kill him. There are many specifications for this to happen, so it's not as easy as 1-2-3. The only female counselors that can kill Jason are those with 5+ composure stat. To kill Jason: The mask needs to be off. Tommy needs to be called, arrive on the scene, and then defeated! There needs to be only one girl left in the match, with the exception of only 1 other guy( due to the nice guy trope). Jason must be stunned first, and brought to his knees. you don't need the sweater. The counselor has to be well composed, meaning that cannot kill him if they are hysterical with fear. Only the frightened stage and above. The prompt is randomized and only appears once in the match, signaling when Jason is vulnerable. If you miss it, you miss your chance. You must use a bladed weapon. The Final Girls were also a force to incapacitate Jason. I feel this should be an alternative way to killing Jason that is not only very specific, but different, refreshing, and also makes sense.
  12. AI cats for Jumpscares had me rolling, I'm just trying to imagine that lol, and hi RedCat
  13. I prefer a walking killer that is unstoppable. It instills more fear into the prey when they see it can't be easily taken down, and while the victim gets tired from running and getting away multiple times, the killer still keeps going.
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