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  1. Hi, I'm Jin!

    Aww thank you!! I miss playing with you btw! And yeah I working hard for this new Jenny Group I'm trying to give people some engaging content lol What I like to do is only trap the phone with him, since you only start with 3 traps. If the map has alot of water on it, don't underestimate it, use it as your main mode of transportation! It helps especially while shift is on cooldown. I use sense to detect the counselor but don't approach until I have a plan in mind on how to catch them. I use knives from a distance to cripple, then close in for a shift grab. I also use stalk while in water or before I morph after sensing to suprise kill or grab a counselor. Thats just how I play him lol
  2. Hi, I'm Jin!

    Omg Hi Barbara!! <3 Yes It's been so long we should play again soon, I'll be on later today actually! Thank you, I feel at home already! And Yes my favorite counselor is Jenny Myers, my favorite Jason is Part 7, and my favorite map is The Jarvis House! I love that one! I also started a Jenny Myers Alliance Group on Steam Titled "The Jenny Myers Alliance" where we discuss everything Jenny Myers related, Horror Films, Different Strategies and More! I will most definitely check the Good Sportsmanship Club out! Here is the Link to my Group and Guides: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1246891189 Jenny Myers Alliance Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheJennyMyersAlliance
  3. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    I like this idea! I'm pretty sure they'll give some thought to it. I wonder what her stats would be?
  4. Hi, I'm Jin!

    Hello Everyone, I'm Jin! I have over 1,700 hours in game! I love this game and the team. I'm also working on a degree in design and media! So hopefully after I graduate soon, I'd LOVE to work for this company! My steam name is the same if you want to add me, I'm very active on the forums there as well. I'd love to see what this forum is like! Also, my main is Jenny Myers! My Youtube Channel is also under the same username!