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  1. It says she passed last December, so this may be old. I never knew about it and it just came up on my timeline. if its old i sincerely apologize. Id delete if if this forum actually gave us the option to delete our own posts...
  2. http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2017/04/actress-gloria-charles-fox-friday-13th.html?platform=hootsuite Actress Gloria Charles (Fox, F13th Part 3) Has Passed Away Friday The 13th Part 3 is littered with colorful characters that are each dispatched by Jason Voorhees in an interesting 3-D manner. In the third installment of the franchise, we are introduced to a small biker gang which includes the sassy and lone female of the group, Fox. Actress Gloria Charles brought the character to life with a devilish glee and provided a nice balance to the trio of bikers that were hell bent on revenge against Shelly and the kids at Higgins Haven. Just a few years ago, Gloria returned to the Part 3 filming location in Newhall, California at the Valuzet Movie Ranch for the Crystal Lake Memories documentary. She had a great time reminiscing about the production of the film and it was a fun edition to the show. Sadly, we were just informed that Gloria has passed away. According to fellow Part 3 alumn Larry Zerner on his Twitter account, Gloria passed away this past December. We do not have any more details surrounding her death at this time, but we shall celebrate her role in the Friday The 13th franchise as well as her other films that includes Brewster's Millions and National Lampoon's European Vacation. Gloria will be missed.
  3. there's already an imminent threat of death. id say f*** you. i need my legs. lol
  4. yes i did. the steel case collectors edition. ah i gotcha! in my haste, i missed that part. thanks! that's awesome!
  5. wont work out for me since i couldnt use the cabin, or play the beta cause my computer cant handle it. but i still have much love and respect for these guys for their transparency and dedication.
  6. were already getting single player. it just wont be released until around summertime along with offline bots mode. it wont be with the initial release.
  7. very true i forgot it automatically deactivated upon sight. still gonna make for great moments!!
  8. the music wouldn't be blasting. its negated when stalk is activated unless the jason player shuts it off at that moment of course. but yeah that scenario would be awesome. much more potential for jump scares. i love it.
  9. and pessimism is the first step on the road to misery. dont worry this game will be amazing!!
  10. Amazing!!! I cant wait!!! Cause it gives you the opportunity to create what the movies did. JUMP SCARES. With the music constantly warning counselors when hes near, you didnt get jump scares that often. But now you can really get that sense of fear. You really don't know where he could be. Maybe you lock yourself in a cabin with him? maybe hes slowly stalking you. Maaaaaybe he's in the water...waiting. You just don't know. GENIUS.
  11. Randy Greenback (Gun Media), Wes Keltner (Gun Media), and Ronnie Hobbs (Gun Media)
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