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  1. I’ve been playing this game for a while and I’ve noticed that a lot of people play as female counselors more than male counselors ultimately because there’s more you can do as them. When your a male counselor your only options are to either die or escape or you can assist in killing Jason but honestly they don’t even need a third person for that. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in lobby’s with all female counselors chosen. I propose adding another way to kill Jason in case there’s a lobby full of male counselors. It could work exactly how the regular killing sequence occurs but instead of getting the sweater maybe you could find a bald cap or when Tommy spawns he’s equipped with one to give to a male counselor since he knows it can stun Jason. Once the counselor has the bald cap they can stun Jason with it making him believe it’s his younger self then Tommy could go for the kill. Since the way killing Jason now is based from Part 2 this sequence could pay homage to the way they did it from Part 4.
  2. When I think of a male Tiffany only two counselors from the movies come to mind and that’s Scott from Part 2 and Cort from Part 6. Like how could you look at these two and not just stare in awe. Cort seems more like Tiffany since he was really dumb in the movie no offense to Tiffany players lol. So maybe a mix between these two characters combined with Cort’s outfit with the ripped jeans. If you look closely enough Cort’s outfit kind of resembles Tiffany’s tank top except it’s a guys sweater. It’d be so funny if they made him Tiffany’s brother something like Tyler Cox haha. @Barbara Ann @TiffanyIsBae
  3. I’d like new outfits for the new counselors as well. In regards to Fox I would like to see them give her a DLC option of the original outfit from the film in regards to the tail and hopefully heels that are missing from her character somewhere down the line.
  4. Great idea! I don’t know how they forgot to include this feature. It allows for the Jason player to play in a different style rather than just chasing counselors all the time. Just let them come to you lol.
  5. Great idea!! This would be a pretty cool mechanic to add in game. Imagine running from Jason inside of a cabin, then as he turns on his stalk and the music stops you think he’s gone but he throws the body of one of your dead teammates through the window. Pretty scary.
  6. Players still get stuck while opening drawers so I guess taking beta animations out must have not fixed anything much.
  7. Honestly I feel that all the character models need to be updated. Jenny does need something done to her hair though, like sooner than later lol. She looks like a hot mess. With Tiffany coming in close second.
  8. I agree the game was much scarier with these graphics and animations. I feel once the the graphics started to fade out the game lost an important aspect, so improving the graphics would be something to look forward to down the line.
  9. I’d like to see Cort’s trope in the game as well. He’s the hot, funny, dumb guy in horror films who you know is always gonna get killed. I’m sick of everyone talking about Chad, so he could also be a rival for him.
  10. Yeah I see what you mean, but it’s not the fact that you’re acting like a killer isn’t there. It’s trying to see what you can get done to get points before Jason actually spawns. I mean it’s ironic really like a typical scary movie we know a killers out there but their still gonna do dumb things. In a horror movie when do you actually see characters all come together and fight? This mode punishes you for sticking around with other characters until it’s actually necessary.
  11. So this is a idea for a new game mode I’ve been thinking about for a while. One where the devs incorporates 13 players as counselors and 1 Jason. In this mode it plays out like a horror movie. The teens arrive at camp to party, and has no idea Jason is there. Jason doesn’t spawn right away, but he can spawn at any given moment. So it’s in the counselors best bet to try and rack up points before Jason comes around, which encourages separation. If counselors try to stay together for more than 5 minutes their XP decreases. Your goal is to separate and play around as teens do in the movies. The only way to gain points for this mode is to complete certain objectives depending on who you’re playing as by venturing off into the woods. Doing leisure activities like watching tv, drinking, Smoking, and dancing. There can even be a chance to gain points for 2 counselors having sex, but it takes 3 minutes to complete so if Jason walks in your done for. This mode depends on Jason’s stealth so counselors can’t try to escape until they’ve seen Jason or a dead body of a teammate while wondering around. Once a counselor is alerted Jason will be alerted as well and can stop them from reaching their teammates and telling them so they can all be aware and try to escape. There’s no maps or walkies until you’re alerted that Jason is there. So you have no idea where your teammates are. Once all counselors know Jason is there it can play out like the regular game mode except there’s a huge XP bonus or reward like a tape for being the last survivor alive and escaping. .
  12. Since Roy is getting his overalls from the movie, can Fox actually get her fox tail and heels she had in the movie?
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