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  1. These moderators are so sensitive no wonder the game is turning into a joke cause these clowns don’t know anything!!! Bunch of clowns developers and moderators don’t know there ass from a hole in the ground!!! Lmao
  2. No just like coming on here and pissing off all the coolaid drinks of this game!!! And beg thes developers to come up with a creative idea instead of posting chad in half naked dancing in rain on there twitter!!! Fuck the office!!!
  3. Yes the developers are hypocrites and ass clowns thank you!! If you smell what is cooking!! Nah I don’t want tickle me Jason
  4. And to think when this game came out I thought they change the franchise and revive, NOPE it still dead they just pissing on the grave!!! This next patch will break the game like always then it will move to free to play were hopefully it will DIE so Jason can move on to better things get that pay raise with dead by Daylight and be with his friends!!
  5. Aww sounds like this game good idea just wrong dumbass made it
  6. This will fall on def ears cause the only ideas these developers listen to are stupid shit ones, anyway they should do week events like some battle royal games!! Like a event were all weapons are removed from map for campers except sticks and cooking pans while Jason is on a buff. small maps were one way to escape and turn team killing on Iam begging these developers to be creative!!!!
  7. Oh I didn’t back this and speaking in the now thank god I didn’t lmao I feel so bad for ppl who did!!! It ok Jason Dead by Daylight hiring pay rise and get to be with ur friends!!!
  8. Actually at point I am at I wish Jason would just jump to dead by Daylight get a pay rise and be with all his buddies!!
  9. I have it getting on this “forms” and bitching that as a consumer who payed 40 for something they promised and didn’t deliver as a backer I be doing what I am doing complaining they ripped all you off!!
  10. How it feel that your money was wasted in this shit game that soon will be dead? The end for FT13 is when it goes free to play then these ripp off artist will bale on this game you hold so dear cause they don’t care you backers ever get you special gifts? Lmao probably not!! A classic like this were you will be able to collect skulls to unlock a dance emote ??? developers who post gifs of chad dancing in rain in spedo on there twitter!!!
  11. I was curious cause I know if I backed this and this is what I am getting I be pissed hell I am pissed and Iam not a backer!!
  12. Thus why the frachise is DEAD and instead of them changing the franchise to a survival horror game they maded it a cartoon no different then Fortnite, game is dead 4 in a quick match at a time so it will be free to play were it will die just like the franchise!!! Point of post is if you was a backer are you pissed at were game is? Are you a backer?
  13. Again they had a chance to change the franchise and they went to what killed the franchise more!!
  14. And look were the franchise is DEAD!! These guys had a chance to follow MKX and bring back a Jason in a horror game that is not only dangerous cause of Jason but having to worry about others two ppl killing you cause they wanna take the boat!! Imagine these small maps if it was one car and boat and you had to kill others to survive Jason, I am sorry team killing add suspense if I get this car working is something and there buddy going to take me out???
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