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  1. We never mentioned removing combat completly, but diminishing it so we dont get to a point where people gather around him and kick his ass for 5-10 mins.
  2. Example two, - Shift is used to grab two counselors (regardless´╗┐ if they break free) it upgrades too regular shift By that you mean it upgrades during the match and once its over youre back with regular -shift comes next game? If so, I like the idea.
  3. your punishing weak stamina counselors with stamina drain for missing and they can't really afford it´╗┐ By 'you' I meant to target the game in general, not you personally, as for now it gives too much sustain for counselor with high stamina. I think low stamina counselors can afford to get penalised for missing, just dont be a fighter, not every character should try to fight anyways. Hence why we're having dancing parties around Jason most of the time. The goal here is to get rid of Pinata Jason.
  4. @Slasher_Clone Yes, but you also give way too much sustain for a counselor with high stamina.
  5. Cut by half the amount of stamina gained after a successful hit or remove that system completly? Everytime you miss/blocked by Jason, you lose a small percentage of it. This way it will force people to manage their stamina even more, and combat would be less frequent as Ricky mentioned.
  6. Beautifully done, I hope the devs take notice of that. More music would make the game overall more enjoyable.
  7. Waste of time trying to tweak Jason's strengths and weaknesses. Instead, each part could have their own special ability. The weaker they are, the more useful the ability should be. Part 7 for instance, give him a 12% permanent shifting speed everytime someone disarm or walk into one of his traps (max 36%). For a stronger Jason like Roy imo, whenever he loses his mask, all of his cooldowns reset.
  8. I am not sure if it is legal to post the pics here, but please do if you're allowed to ^^
  9. Sure would, but the game needs a bigger change to shake things up (stats), then we can add more counselors.
  10. Agreed, remove the option of wasting pocket knives. Instead, we could be able to use the 2 most useless weapons in the game, branches and fire pokers as a one time use to disarm traps. Add few more branches through maps but keep the same amount of fire pokers.
  11. Agreed. The game needs more depth, adding counselors wont change anything after the Vanessa clone. Also, making each stats more useful and even add one more on the other hand would change everything. (poor Jenny) And then we can add more counselors knowing that they wont end up being compared to one another.
  12. Keep his Str/Weaknesses the same. Increase his attack speed when hitting doors so that 6 hits take the same amount of time as any 3 hit Weapon Str Jason. Do the same to his regular strikes. Yes he is still slow on his feet or when shifting, but that would make him deadly as hell and fun to play against bullies.
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