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  1. I told myself I wasn't going to respond but GODDAMNIT I fucking have to, because this post is just...UGH! You call him a hypocrite while doing the exact same thing you accused him of. Good job. Anyway, let's get to what I want to address. First of all. "Who were these terrible people who asked for god like powers ????" "Oh wait ....it wasn’t the player base? .It was the developers who wanted Jason to feel/seem more powerful in the game!......that’s an actual fact...no assumption.." "In all the time I have been on the forum I have never seen or read about anyone asking for God like/ insta- kill powers so.... I think you did that thing again with the assuming....😉" Are you blind? The devs did it because people were bitching and crying for months that Jason was too weak and that he got bullied by the counselors boo hoo hoo ;( I REALLY hope you're just playing ignorant but somehow I know you aren't. Next. "So then since you are such an epic Jason “main” player.... you didn’t need this “god like buff” and were already getting 7/7 or 8/8 kills huh?" "So what did the patch change for you then?" "I will tell you Nothing since you are a Jason “main” apparently And can Bulldozer these pathetic Counselor ”mains” and go 7/7 or 8/8 still hmmmm? Sounds like there is more to your issues with the patch than this..." The ISSUE with this patch, is that it makes it unfun for both parties, Jason AND Counselor. Nobody believes this apparently, but even before this buff it was EZ as piss to get 7/7 or 8/8 even with a Jason squad on your ass. But nobody wanted to actually learn how to play Jason, so the devs introduced this buff that REWARDS YOU for being bad. Gone are the days where Jason has to worry about being proficient at combat or even caring about dodging Counselor's blows. He WANTS you to hit him, so he can get rage faster and steamroll the lobby. If he hasn't steamrolled it already. This buff REWARDS JASON for being bad a combat and PUNISHES COUNSELORS for exploiting his lack of skill. I can see why so many of the whiners love this patch. It literally rewards you for being bad and punishes counselors for punishing you. It holds your hand and coddles you. And because of it, the counselors are less inclined to punish you, because it punishes them too. Which I feel is incredibly unfair and honestly stupid. It completely devalues being able to fight with Jason. There's no point in learning how to fight properly anymore when the game rewards you for losing. And because of this end game is VERY boring and just uneventful to watch. I'll get to that later though when I address another point you made. Anyways, next. "You have missed the entire purpose of this game and how it’s a love letter to The franchise and the character of Jason Voorhees....him getting beat up by teenager stereotypes is not...they aren’t the Stars of the Game." What Friday movies have you been watching? The ones I've seen either end with Jason getting his ass beat by a teenage girl or Tommy Jarvis. Everyone seems to have this deluded view of Jason, it's really weird it's like some fucking mandela effect. Everyone thinks Jason is some unstoppable god of death or something. I hate to burst your bubble but, Jason loses at the end of every movie. So, trying to bring the movies into this is a pretty terrible argument. If you want to go that route the counselors should win by default every game because that's how the movies go. Sure, some of them die, but one always wins in the end. Moreso, this patch also makes the game even LESS like the movies and I'll explain why. Remember those games before the patch where people would just ring Jason around as Vanessa without even trying to stun him? Remember how boring that was to watch? Well, now that's what you're inclined to do for the whole game, because you're punished for fighting Jason. And once he gets rage he can just M1 everyone with little resistance. (Seriously, I know alot of the community follows this dumb "No slashing" rule, but this buff makes slashing even more of a viable tactic. I never minded slashers myself but, I can't deny this update makes slashing even easier. Atleast before you could counter it by stunning Jason. Now though once he's got you stunlocked you're pretty much screwed since he can interrupt your heals and, well, if he's in rage you can't stun him. So you literally cannot stop him.) Now, this rage buff removes what I call the "Final Showdowns." You know how in the movies the movie usually ends with Jason having one final showdown with the last survivor? Ah yes, that was my favorite scene from Part 6. When Tommy ringed Jason around the table for 5 whole minutes. Best part of the movie. Or when Chris Higgins looped Jason through the main cabin multiple times. Jokes aside, those final showdowns were thrilling for me as both counselor and Jason. And this buff completely removes them. Gone are the adrenaline rushing final showdowns with Jason as the clock ticks down trying to hold out until the sun rises. Now its been replaced with just briskly jogging away from him for minutes on end. During those final showdowns I actually felt like I was the protagonist of a Friday movie having that epic final showdown with Jason. I FELT like I was actually in the movies. But now that feeling is completely gone, and it makes me sad. As for the Jason side, there's no satisfactions in it either. It's boring if my prey can't fight back AT ALL. Where's the sport in that? "Jason can still be stunned and Killed even in Rage so......" No, no he can't EXCEPT with a shotgun. I don't even need to go into how stupid that is. The only time you can stun him with any other weapon once he's in rage, is if you knock his mask off. Otherwise, yeah, hitting him does jack for shit. Overall, my main complaint is that this update needlessly removes options for counselors and devalues skill as Jason. Counselors no longer have the option of fight or flight, which makes for very boring games when the only option is to briskly jog away. As for Jason, what's the point of learning how to fight when they get punished for exploiting your lack of skill anyway? The game does it for you! I don't really have much else to say on the matter, I'll fully admit I am terrible at structuring posts but I just HAD to say something. Because this post bothered the shit out of me. Yes, it's sad and pathetic. And I probably shouldn't have even bothered typing it out but. Well, I already put the effort into it so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Too late now.
  2. What an insightful and useful response. I'm just telling the man like it is. I barely even post here anyway. Just decided to come look today out of curiosity since the game is almost unplayable now on PC with how little players there are. And I'm not playing on no european servers. Hackers galore. (Nevermind the horrible balancing. But that's just a myth guys. Jason still needs more buffs!) Nice to see this place is still nothing but an echo chamber and any legitimate criticism of the game is answered with "REEEEEEEEE! GO AWAY! COUNSELOR MAIN REEEEEEEE!" Or because you don't like the criticism given you just discredit it as "Not a legitimate criticism". or "Not useful." This community AND the game is honestly a mess. And honestly it's the devs fault because they share the same mentality of ignoring criticism they don't like. So, I can't even blame you guys for the game's current states. It's all down to how Illfonic and Gun Media handled the whole thing. Now, I guess Black Tower or whoever the hell is in charge of development now. You probably won't realize how you destroyed the game until they finally add a key for Jason that makes all counselors automatically drop dead. Or an instant escape button for counselors. Since if people are so bad at Jason they need even more buffs they probably aren't that good at counselor either. I'll stop rambling now. Nobody gives a shit anyway lmao. Somebody else has probably explained it better than I'm willing to and nobody listens so, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I give up. Either way, I'm off now. Have fun with the game. lmao. Not sure how it's still fun for you guys, you must enjoy watching paint dry too. As for me. I'm off to greener pastures. If you enjoy the game in it's current state, then hey. More power to you I guess. But personally, this game is just boring to me now. And it's probably going to get even worse. So, enjoy it while you can I suppose. Although if you're still here even after all this, you probably will. Seriously though. I loved this game, and it hurts me to see what it's become. Buuuut there's nothing I can do about it. So, no point in trying. >Inb4 this post gets deleted for going against the norm of the forum.
  3. You're wasting your time. This forum and this game are a lost cause. Nobody is going to listen to you unfortunately. Might as well just find a better game to play instead. You'll probably feel better once you forget about it.
  4. I kinda just skimmed the thread here, very late response but. I would love the option to disable the timer or add more time in PRIVATE MATCHES. Like the title of the thread says? Also skimmed because I didn't want to read the whole thing but I don't get any of these arguments on why it's a bad thing. It's a private match you dip, as for the server argument goes, aren't private matches not servers at all but peer to peer? Considering the host doesn't have a displayed ping on the lobby screen I assume as much. Obviously this would be a fucking terrible idea for public matches, but we're not talking about those. Private matches are completely self contained. You're gonna be playing with friends in private matches typically. If there's a glitcher, well just end the match and kick him lol simple as that or if it's a friend being dumb just ask him to stop. It's that simple.
  5. Also maybe at some point add the ability to play as a counselor offline against a bot Jason? I would really appreciate a semi-controlled environment to practice being counselor in. And it's a bit hard to practice against mlg pro tryhard jasons or getting friends to co-operate. So a bot Jason would definitely be appreciated.
  6. I want this so badly. Just make the weapons and kill animations purely cosmetic. The Jasons keep their stats the weapons just give them different animations depending on which one you have equipped. I want to play as Part 3 Jason wielding a machete so badly, or even Part 9. I really hope Illfonic/Gun Media does this. (I'd probably give all of my Jasons machetes tbh call me boring but it is the most iconic weapon.)
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