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  1. So after watching some gameplay of the beta i started thinking about how nice it would be if we could go back to that build of the game... now i know some people will probably disagree with me, but that's fine. Now a question for anyone good with coding and programming games is: Is it possible to revert a game back to a previous build let alone the beta?
  2. DarkWolf7798

    Friday the 13th: The game beta

    Thanks for the response, I'm not a PC guy so i wanted some input from someone who knows this stuff. Additionally I'm curious how many people that still play the game would be for this idea if it were to actually happen
  3. DarkWolf7798

    Friday the 13th: The game beta

    Ok so all i really want is the beta animations and graphics quality back from the beta. The way throwing knives worked in the launch build too.... it just looked so much more satisfying to see the knives actually cause cosmetic damage along with actual damage.... the sound of it hitting objects was way better too. Gameplay wise the current build is admittedly better save for a few things
  4. DarkWolf7798

    Friday the 13th: The game beta

    Ok, another question would be if it would be possible to build upon the beta build without changing it drastically, say for example implementing the throwing knives and traps for Jason or the new grab?
  5. Basically the description... the match ended for no apparent reason and Jason's icon was red indicating he had died even tho no one killed him. This happened in Quick play just now
  6. DarkWolf7798

    Jason randomly dies glitch

    This only happened once. I played 4 or 5 matches after it happened and it didn't happen again
  7. DarkWolf7798

    Jason randomly dies glitch

    It was about 5 minutes into the match
  8. A few days ago i was chosen to be Jason twice in a row
  9. So this happened just now... is this supposed to happen?...or is it like the unicorn blood glitch?
  10. DarkWolf7798

    Random music playing on menu

    Weird... I like the music though. Maybe they could actually incorporate it properly into the game somehow at somepoint.
  11. DarkWolf7798

    Dirt Bike escape

    I was thinking that he would just stand in front of it and they'd fly off the bike on impact and die, but i like your idea better
  12. DarkWolf7798

    Dirt Bike escape

    I actually had this idea before, but wasn't sure if i should post it. Main differences i had for my idea though is that it's the fastest vehicle and only takes 1 objective item to fix it instead of 2... however if Jason stops the bike it's instant death.
  13. DarkWolf7798

    Bugzy's shoulders

    Yeah, i play Bugzy sometimes and it's annoying when it happens, it just doesn't look right at all
  14. Has anyone noticed that Bugzy's shoulders tend to appear caved in sometimes? Not really a major or game nreaking glitch, just a minor character model fault i noticed.
  15. Same. I don't own a mic for Xbox nor am going to buy one just for one game
  16. Yes that's what i mean. I'll have to try that
  17. I recently switched back over to Xbox from PS4 and noticed I'm still getting booted out of the game at random. I'd really like to know what actually causes it and how GUN/Illfonic can fix it in the next update if possible
  18. This actually happened to me a few days ago, it was really confusing
  19. DarkWolf7798

    Rain on Xbox One

    Here's hoping!
  20. When can we expect rain to be re enabled on Xbox One?
  21. Added an additional choice
  22. DarkWolf7798

    Favorite Jason theme

    Interesting about part 7... he's probably one of the most intimidating Jasons appearance wise, but his theme doesn't really reflect that. Part 9 does a really good job of conveying how dangerous he is.
  23. DarkWolf7798

    Favorite Jason theme

    I didn't put NES Jason as an option as i thought he was too disliked, but i am genuinely curious how many like his theme
  24. DarkWolf7798

    Glitch or hacker?

    I think i get it now, i was confused until you explained it lol
  25. https://youtu.be/YIXn3boMC24 This just happened a little bit ago, I'm not 100% sure if this person was hacking, using some new exploit or glitch, but it look pretty suspicious. Thoughts?