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  1. DarkWolf7798

    Suggestions for the game

    The sleeping bag kill can be executed by pressing X/A/E when a counselor is hiding in a tent. Uber Jason was never fully finished when they got notified to stop making content. If the lawsuit ends soon however there might be a chance they can finish him and release him otherwise we won't be getting any new content.
  2. I agree with everything on the list!
  3. DarkWolf7798

    Suggestions for the game

    The sleeping bag kill is already in the game and Savini Jason will never be available to the general public. As for FvJ Jason, they don't have the rights to him as he is a New Line Cinema character, not Horror Inc.
  4. I'm very interested in seeing the "Retro Retaliation" and personal cabin in between matches come to fruition
  5. I was kinda dreading scrolling down to read everything when i saw this, but thankfully there still seems to be a small chance content will continue. I still really want those beta animations implemented, it made the counselors and Jason look more alive and realistic.
  6. DarkWolf7798

    Being killer

    How does Dead by Daylight do it?
  7. DarkWolf7798

    Being killer

    I actually agree with the OP. There's times where I just want to be Jason and not have to sit through a dozen matches as a counselor.
  8. Yes, it would be very helpful. I've numerous times where a group of counselors have snuck up behind me and stunned me all because i was chasing someone else and unable to look to see if i was being followed
  9. Not that one, the one I'm referring to is actually more like one of Uber Jason's leaked kills where he stabs them with the blade flat horizontally through the mouth
  10. Yeah, i was really excited for that kill too. Simple, but brutal.
  11. Does anyone notice that the knife through the head kill on Bugsy isn't actually in the game?
  12. Is it still possible to re-add the beta animations? It's technically not new content so it'd be possible surely?
  13. DarkWolf7798

    Friday the 13th: The game beta

    I noticed with the engine update that the textures on clothing looks a bit more detailed, but overall i prefer the way it looked pre update. It'd be great if the next update or the one after added back the beta animations.
  14. DarkWolf7798

    Friday the 13th: The game beta

    Comimg back to this topic as i don't want to make a new thread only to have it be deleted. Seeing as it's become all too obvious that they can't.... or won't add anything new to the game... what about adding something old that was removed? Namely, the beta animations and possibly Jason's old grab? If they added either or both of those I'd could personally say I'd feel satisfied with the current state of the game.
  15. Note how i said "and just get rid of all the glitches"...