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  1. After playing Dead by Daylight, I'd have to disagree about it being the most toxic community.... you don't need a mic to be toxic... i actually find it worse, at least if someone is being obnoxious on a mic i can just mute them, but when someone is using the game's mechanics to troll you every other match there isn't anything you can do about it
  2. Yeah, i wasn't going to let someone who clearly can't handle losing in a mature fashion tell me what to do
  3. He left the lobby after a few moments after he told me to get out of the lobby... i wasn't planning on leaving anyway despite the verbal abuse
  4. This happened not too long ago and isn't exactly the most toxic lobby I've been in, but this one guy made it feel like it was. Basically what happened was, i was Jason and he and his friend were trying for the Jason kill and failed... i killed everyone in the lobby. He calls me pathetic and a few other choice words i won't repeat here and then demanded i leave "his" lobby... as if he owns it... then he goes on about how i wouldn't have the balls to face him again... i was rather comfused by that as he was the one that died, not me lol
  5. I agree, I'd like the Xbox mic issue to be resolved first as it's more important imo
  6. That is an interesting glitch, first time I've ever seen it. What platform are you on? I'm on Xbox One, glitches are pretty common place there, but this seems pretty unique.
  7. That's nice to know it isn't just Xbox. I've never actually experienced it on PS4 and i don't play PC so i wasn't sure
  8. This^ I tried it today and was able to hear them with a headset, but i can't hear them through my TV. Guess I'll just have to deal with it.
  9. I don't personally use a mic when i play, but i do like to be able to hear people that are using them, especially when I'm Jason just in case they're planning something. Anyway, i haven't been able to hear anyone for awhile now on Xbox, i checked on PS4 and i can hear people just fine. Hoping that this can get fixed
  10. Yep that's exactly what I'm referring to. It definitely makes the match more interesting at least lol
  11. It happens to me frequently and I'm playing the whole match as Jason with this glitch which is why i was curious if anyone else is experiencing it.
  12. Sooo.. this has been happening a lot recently where I'm Jason and he loads in as this Frankenstein's monster abomination. It looks like the game is fusing aspects of 2 Jasons together with one being the base model and the other ones textures. Is this happening to anyone else as frequently? Is it only happening on one platform? I have screenshots but i dunno how to add them. Thanks.
  13. The sleeping bag kill can be executed by pressing X/A/E when a counselor is hiding in a tent. Uber Jason was never fully finished when they got notified to stop making content. If the lawsuit ends soon however there might be a chance they can finish him and release him otherwise we won't be getting any new content.
  14. The sleeping bag kill is already in the game and Savini Jason will never be available to the general public. As for FvJ Jason, they don't have the rights to him as he is a New Line Cinema character, not Horror Inc.
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