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  1. Bugzy's shoulders

    Yeah, i play Bugzy sometimes and it's annoying when it happens, it just doesn't look right at all
  2. Has anyone noticed that Bugzy's shoulders tend to appear caved in sometimes? Not really a major or game nreaking glitch, just a minor character model fault i noticed.
  3. Same. I don't own a mic for Xbox nor am going to buy one just for one game
  4. Yes that's what i mean. I'll have to try that
  5. I recently switched back over to Xbox from PS4 and noticed I'm still getting booted out of the game at random. I'd really like to know what actually causes it and how GUN/Illfonic can fix it in the next update if possible
  6. This actually happened to me a few days ago, it was really confusing
  7. Rain on Xbox One

    Here's hoping!
  8. When can we expect rain to be re enabled on Xbox One?
  9. Favorite Jason theme

    Interesting about part 7... he's probably one of the most intimidating Jasons appearance wise, but his theme doesn't really reflect that. Part 9 does a really good job of conveying how dangerous he is.
  10. Favorite Jason theme

    I didn't put NES Jason as an option as i thought he was too disliked, but i am genuinely curious how many like his theme
  11. Glitch or hacker?

    I think i get it now, i was confused until you explained it lol
  12. Glitch or hacker?

    I can understand how frustrating it is for Jason, but I'd never immediately accuse them of hacking for the simple fact of knowing how glitchy the game is and because I'm not really the type for confrontation
  13. Glitch or hacker?

    That's one hell of a glitch... especially as Jason, first time I've ever seen it. My pings were good, the host was local and there was no lag prior... but i guess anything is possible in this glitchfest of a game lol
  14. Glitch or hacker?

    I play on PS4. There was no pocket knives on the ground, what she was picking up was the shotgun she had that she dropped when i grabbed her (i re watched it)
  15. https://youtu.be/YIXn3boMC24 This just happened a little bit ago, I'm not 100% sure if this person was hacking, using some new exploit or glitch, but it look pretty suspicious. Thoughts?