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  1. Weapon swings keep missing

    Exactly. I know for certain it's not lag or me being shit at combat, it literally does nothing when i "hit" Jason
  2. Weapon swings keep missing

    I play on PS4. It probably is a simple answer, it just doesn't feel right is what I'm getting at, thanks for the feedback.
  3. Weapon swings keep missing

    I'm aware of this, but it doesn't explain what I've been experiencing the last couple of days. My connection in those matches were fine. My weapon literally goes right through him.. yet I'm still getting chain stunned as Jason.. it doesn't make a lot of sense IMO
  4. Has anyone noticed how your attacks as a counselor keep missing Jason or even going right through him? It's REALLY frustrating to know that i should have stunned him with a bat but instead it phases right through him as if he were a ghost or something.
  5. I completely agree. Last night i was playing a match in QP with my brother, i got picked as Jason, Tommy spawns in, i find him and slash him to death to avoid the pocket knife.. Tommy gets on the ic and starts calling me trash for slashing, then the host joins in agreeing with him say slashing Jasons are bad at playing as him.... hilarious part happens next, the host finds the propeller for the boat in the next match, but Jason finds them an kills them (door kill) they quit mid kill animation.... who's the real trash here?
  6. G'day

    I won't lie, i picked Pinehurst a lot when it launched just to get familiar. I can understand people getting tired of it.
  7. G'day

    I'm glad someone else agrees about Pinehurst, i keep seeing people leave the lobby as soon as i change the map to it. Kinda turns me off actively selecting it so i just keep it on random whenever I'm the host.
  8. G'day

    Greetings everyone. Been reading the forums for a few months now and finally decided to join. I'v been playing the game a lot... like way too much lol. Despite what others say i actually like Pinehurst. Oh and if it wasn't too apparent by my greeting, I'm Aussie ☺
  9. Gamer Tags for F13!

    Xbox one = DarkWolf7798