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  1. It's been like that for awhile on all platforms, we'll have to wait for the next patch for it to get fixed.
  2. It's just a reference to part 2 when Ginny pretends to be Pamela, she says the same thing.
  3. It's only an issue on Xbox, i can hear people on PS4. Something is definitely wrong with the Xbox version of the game.
  4. I have this exact same issue! I thought i was the only one experiencing this. I made a report to Jasonkillsbugs.com awhile ago, but no luck figuring out how to fix it. I honestly think it's the game itself.
  5. Just a small update on my situation. I still can't get into any AU servers at all... period. It's as if they're completely gone... however i have managed to randomly be put into AP servers with Japanese players... not a complete loss, but it's WAY too inconsistent to bother playing on PS4 for the amount of time it takes just to play 1 or 2 games before i get booted out of the lobby... it takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes to POSSIBLY find an AP server...most of the time i will find nothing and be put in Peer to peer lobby by myself. I have tried playing peer to peer as an alternative but nobody ever joins. So in conclusion Xbox is my new home.
  6. Anyone still doing offline bot challenges? I was bored one night and decided to roleplay as Roy on Pinehurst i.e cannot use any abilities except stalk so you have to run or walk everywhere and can only use throwing knives and traps, it was actually a bit of a challenge when they got the car started lol
  7. Ok this is genuinely beyond ridiculous at this point, can't even get into AP servers anymore. I'm done, I'm going to Xbox lol
  8. I haven't been able to play the game online on PS4 at all ever since the last update and it's really sad. I have been able to get into AP servers on rare occasions after midnight, but otherwise unplayable. Is it possible the AU servers for PS4 are gone?
  9. Honestly the way this trophy works hurts my brain so I'm just gunna be glad i managed to get it and move on LOL. Everyone here has been great help ☺
  10. I just had an offline bot session as Part 9 with his default weapon and killed someone in the barn closet on Higgins and i got the trophy.... even though I've done that kill so many times
  11. I know i wouldn't want to watch people beating the shit out of Michael Myers in a Halloween game... definitely not scary. It's an issue I've had with F13, the fight back mechanics could of been better.
  12. Yeah, I'll try again, i just feel like I'm not making any progress and it's frustrating.
  13. I'd really like there to be a tape drop event too, i still need some Tommy tapes.
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