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  1. Honestly the way this trophy works hurts my brain so I'm just gunna be glad i managed to get it and move on LOL. Everyone here has been great help ☺
  2. I just had an offline bot session as Part 9 with his default weapon and killed someone in the barn closet on Higgins and i got the trophy.... even though I've done that kill so many times
  3. I know i wouldn't want to watch people beating the shit out of Michael Myers in a Halloween game... definitely not scary. It's an issue I've had with F13, the fight back mechanics could of been better.
  4. Yeah, I'll try again, i just feel like I'm not making any progress and it's frustrating.
  5. I'd really like there to be a tape drop event too, i still need some Tommy tapes.
  6. I've been playing offline bots killing them in every place i can and still nothing. I tried all the head slam kills and nothing happened, i tried the other environment kills too and still nothing. I know for a fact i have done all of the grab kills and weapon kills, slashed ppl dead and knifed them dead. Bots have died in traps many times and i even managed to drag a bot all the way over to the Higgins graveyard for the fence impale kill for the dozenth time and nothing happened..... i honestly can't think of what i could be missing. I never had to do the same kill multiple times to get the achievement on Xbox... i wasn't even trying to get it either, it just happened during a bot session one day.
  7. Yes I've done all of those. I feel like it's one of those corner head slam kills I'm missing
  8. I tried doing the door smash kill outside of a cabin and you just automatically go imside... so how am i supposed to do it outside? Ok I'm now definitely convinced that the trophy on PS4 is glitched as I've already gotten the achievement on Xbox ages ago and i didn't do anything different.
  9. Wow thanks a lot! I completely forgot about the tombstone kill, I'm pretty sure that's what I'm missing. I'll try it when i get back on. Thanks again ☺
  10. I've been playing since november 2017 and i still haven't been able to get this trophy, is it glitched?
  11. I was about to post my own topic about this, but I'm glad i looked first. I'm unable to play online on PS4 at all, it doesn't even put me in a peer to peer server, it just cycles from searching dedicated servers to checking for room over and over.
  12. I recently played some offline bots on Pinehurst and dismembered chad at the main house as part 7 Jason with the machete and he was bleeding neon red blood, it looked really cool tbh lol
  13. Yeah i don't think they should scream at all unless they're actually facing in Jason's direction and there's NOTHING obscuring the line of sight.... like an entire damn cabin...
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