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  1. If you do not like this idea, then just write NO why insult people and argue?
  2. Oh Yes, I can dance like him,and I would like that they added in the game these dances
  3. And you can't understand that I might be from another country and do not fully understand your language?
  4. Here is important the opinion of the rest of the community and the developers
  5. If you don't like those emote no one is forcing you to use them.If the players want then why not.And by the way this game wasn't scary ever
  6. I'm not asking to make the game completely about Michael Jackson I wish they released at least a moonwalk that the players were happy and remembered Michael Jackson as a great artist
  7. Players want moonwalk so why not release this dance because he was t to be the most popular dance 80s
  8. Then why add those dance emotions?If they break the immersion in horror The developers these emotions moonwalk will get quite a lot of money and can make more great content for this game
  9. Hi, I'm a big fan of Michael Jackson, I wish the developers of this game added a moonwalk emot because it is very unusual dance for this game, I hope the developers will add this dance,thank you for your attention
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