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  1. After a high enough level, XP is worthless which is why they quit as soon as they’re about to die. They really need a way to kind of cash out after you die. Just take your XP and go. The reason this is such an issue is because your forced to sit and watch the entire match play out till the end before you can get your XP. Just let people get their damn points and move on to the next match when they die.
  2. mikeyhorror

    Counselor Safety Briefing - 1/29/18

    Thank Christ!
  3. mikeyhorror

    Upcoming Jason Balance Changes - 1/25/18

    Doesn’t change a thing as long as each councilor is packing two to three pocket knives each.
  4. The only thing needed to balance this game is to remove the ridiculous amount of pocket knives, first aid sprays, shotguns and flare guns. That’s why no one is afraid of Jason. They’re packing two pocket knives, a shotgun and a first aid spray with medic perk. It’s no wonder Jason gets trolled.
  5. Jason had two different looks in Jason X. Uber Jason and pre Uber Jason.
  6. mikeyhorror

    host always leaves the game

    The host was probably another player who can’t stand those stupid dance emotes. If I’m the host and I either escaped or died and am forced to sit there and watch another player dance for ten minutes instead of play the game, I shut it down. It’s bad enough I have to wait till everyone else is done the game to earn the XP, but to have to spend that time watching that? Nope. No amount of meaningless XP is worth that. I want to move on to the next game, not watch some idiot dance for ten minutes. Think of ending the game on dance partiers trolling in reverse.
  7. mikeyhorror

    Emotes need to go

    I see it constantly and it’s incredibly annoying. I’m not going to sit there and watch those idiots dance for 7 or 8 minutes just to get the XP. Once you hit 44, XP is meaningless anyway. What does it get you pass that? A different colored shirt for your character? Pfft. I’ll live.
  8. mikeyhorror

    Emotes need to go

    I’m at the point now where I’ll only play a round if I’m the host and if anyone is dancing at the exit to the cops for more than 15 seconds, I just end the damn game. I couldn’t care less about any lost XP. I hate those douchebags.
  9. Anyone else having the problem where Jason’s abilities just randomly stop working? Was playing last night and for a good two minutes all four (shift, morph, stalk and sense) would not work at all. Everything else in the game was working fine. Seems that every time I go to play something else is broken.
  10. mikeyhorror

    Hot fix? Bots better

    I’m struggling to see any difference between the easy and hard difficulties in offline mode. It all seems the same to me.
  11. I love trolls when I play as Jason. Makes killing them that much more enjoyable.
  12. The last FOUR times I played as Jason, the host quit just as I was about to kill the last councilor.
  13. Exactly. There’s already enough ways to troll players as it is so why give them even more ways to do it. Friendly fire was removed for a reason.
  14. mikeyhorror

    Car Officially Broken

    Last two times playing as Jason, I grabbed the driver out of the car and was basically just frozen holding a councilor in the air who wasn’t even there. I could move the camera, but that was all I could do. This is getting frustrating as hell. I know these guys are a small outfit and are doing the best they can and that’s fine. What frustrates me the most is that this is such an incredibly fun and addicting game when it works and those moments are becoming less and less frequent.
  15. mikeyhorror

    Jason Taunt Pack?

    Come on, man. Those are a far cry from the OP’s idea of wagging his finger back and forth in a “tsk tsk” manner. That is just ridiculous.