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  1. Uninstalled the game 3 weeks ago and I have no intention of reinstalling it.
  2. I think the F13 car has driven off the cliff, figuratively speaking.
  3. I'm chiming in only to revive this topic - please oh please give us all the option to mute Pamela's voice if we so wish. Seriously - it's getting old. And it's not like the game is about immersion anymore so why must we be forced to listen to her every single time??
  4. Here here @DaVanillaThrilla You've only got so many hours in your life so why waste them on this trainwreck / human tragedy? You've made a good decision.
  5. Too often I hear this 'it's a video game' refrain . . . You seem unable to imagine a balance where counselors are fearful of Jason, just like they were in the movies. And as for the difference between the artistic media of game vs. movie, well I won't even get into that.
  6. "Fine" is not good enough. Only "unstoppable" is good enough for me (whilst removing his shift ability, for perfect balance).
  7. I hear you. It's more fun just to talk trash on the forums, honestly.
  8. 'Film score' is the name of the physical paper music, not the genre. Manfredini's score, as well as many other horror movie composers' styles, is based on 20th Century art music. Penderecki and Crumb are some good examples of where horror composers got their idea for terrible screeching violins, etc.
  9. I can understand a moral objection to killing animals in order to procure their flesh . . . . However . . . . If it is being done for health reasons, it doesn't wash. Just cut out the preservatives (nitrates / nitrites in particular) and you're already on a good path.
  10. Am I the only person who gets more enjoyment from posting shit on these forums rather than playing the actual game? I support a declining playerbase for F13 (I'm a PC player). I no longer play.
  11. Now that you mention it, it kinda works with Pamela-voice!!
  12. "Salt mines" is a sad attempt to address a problem without going to its root. The root of the problem is the game itself - its mechanics encourage people to say "f**k this" after they get shift grabbed, etc. There is zero reward in that.
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