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  1. Definitely agree with you on the proximity issues because I was well away from the boat she shouldnt of known I was there. I guess I didn’t realize just how out of whack the proximity is now. Appreciate the response @ThePunkPirate
  2. Anyone having issues with “stalk” not always working properly on PS4? Did a stalk morph into the water few days ago and as “Vanessa” headed to the boat she screamed as If she knew I was there. She turned & gazed out to the water and taunted me with her flashlight. Checked it out a few times in a private match with 2 ps4 systems in close proximity and although it seems fine from Jason’s end the coucellors hear the Jason music and react to his presence. If you burn stalk off and then turn it back on with both Jason/counsellor in the same proximity as before then it seems to mute Jason’s music. Anyone else notice this?
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