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  1. I should of been more clear. It wasn't really the level I was worried about, but more so the rewards associated with the levels, such as Jason weapon swapping. Level might not always amount to skill, sometimes it can be associated with patience. Though, I would say level 150's that suck are more rare than those who actually got a good grasp on the game. After work last night, I played for 7 hours with a buddy. Only managed 2 levels, from 61-63. As a counselor I am pretty decent, escaped half the time. Did the usual stuff, repair car parts, barricade door, pick up weapon, pick up car part, set a trap, heal, hit Jason, sometimes even knock his mask off. Averaged around 1,000 EXP a match, give or take some depending on how good the round was. As Jason, I played him twice in 7 hours (forgot I had to reset my preference after the patch). Averaged 1,500 EXP as Jason. One game I got 5 people, 1 game I got 8. Now that I think about it, perhaps Gun Media should re-balance the EXP charts for this game. It seems like most of their beta testing and balancing was done after the release of the game anyhow. So it might make sense for them to re-balance the game a bit. For example, when an MMO or a tabletop game get built, they go through a long process of test play and balance. This game, I feel didn't really get that much test play, and the balance seems to come as it goes. Seriously though, leveling up during normal EXP times is crazy, even if you do super good as a counselor, repair everything on the map, and come back as Tommy escorting 4+ people out of the stage.
  2. Entitled would be if I just expected to be level 150. Paying for it isn't entitlement, people work for their money. P.S. Other games have allowed people to pay to unlock everything instead of earning it through play. I don't see why it couldn't be an option for this game.
  3. You know, Ahab, you are right. Perhaps I should just play a bit more. I think I'm just freaking out about everything else in my life, and all the time I don't have, that I just bugged out easy. A $1 a level is expensive, but seems more realistic. I'm level 61, so that would be a lot of dollars. ?
  4. You get a decent amount of CP for leveling up. CP can be used for rolling for better perks. People who buy max level would NOT have all the CP opportunity that those who leveled up naturally had/would.
  5. I wouldn't mind leveling up if leveling up wasn't so tediously slow. If it takes 6+ matches with normal EXP to level up, how is that even fun? And leveling up slowly wouldn't be bad if there wasn't a huge number of levels. You either have a huge number of levels because you level up fast, or you have a small number of levels because you level up slow. NOT both.
  6. I play a game that I enjoy, yes. I play them for a few hours here and there. I don't feel a sense of accomplishment when I have to dump 100's of hours to become level 150 because the leveling up process is so painfully slow. They add new features to the game for players who reach max level, such as newer kills, weapon swapping for Jason, and if I am correct, Jason X will be available to those at level 150. It is sure "fun" putting 100's of hours into slowly creeping toward level 112 to be able to swap weapons for Jason! I feel such a sense of accomplishment! I don't like to do anything else with my time such as work, write, play other games, spend time with the wife, spend time with friends, see family, eat food, or whatever, because it's all-so-important I spend 6+ hours a day grinding just to go up a few levels.
  7. But would more people do it for $3, or for $10? Just saying. Then they would have to predict sales of the DLC, and multiply their predictions by what the hypothetical charge would be. Say 3 million people own this game. Say 100,000 of them would buy this option if priced right. Now let's say only 10,000 of them would pay $5 or over for the DLC. What would they make more money off of? 100,000 x $3 = 300,000 10,000 x $10 = $100,000 The higher the price, the less people you will get to buy something, but the more money per that 1 transaction you can make. I would say going for what brings in a higher number would be a better option.
  8. Sorry, I haven't been around in a while. This was just based on the recent evidence I have seen in the game.
  9. For those of us who do not want to GRIND all the way to level 150, putting in hours, upon hours, upon hours, upon hours, upon hours, upon hours, upon hours of redundant work on this game just to achieve max level, can we instead buy it as a DLC? Seriously! I would pay a few dollars to get to max level. How much would it take? $2? $3? $5? $10? $20? I'd probably pay a max of $3 for this option. And it would allow your account to be max level from now until the end of time (any time level cap is increased). I am level 61, it has taken forever to get there (I play, but not all day every day). Let those of us who want to pay for max level pay to get there, please? P.S. I got this idea from the Accelerator that 2K games has for the WWE games.
  10. I would not mind an Endless mode. It would be pretty interesting.
  11. Do you think the next counselor we get will be one in a wheelchair?The reason I ask is some "evidence" from the last update.In one of the single player challenge missions, I think episode 4 or 5, it takes place at Packanack, which was in part 2. In part 2 was Mark, who was in a wheelchair. In this episode, Bugzy is in a wheelchair. He can go up and down stairs, open doors, etc... It seems they are testing wheelchair mechanics/animations as of now.During multiplayer matches I noticed you can unlock doors from the outside now. Aside from a few random cabins where this is necessary because the windows are too high up, why would we need this? Simple, a wheelchair counselor couldn't get through windows. The only way in would be to go in from a door.And let us not forget, one of the Friday the 13th stretch goals was Mark the wheelchair counselor.It also seems they have been meeting their not obtained stretch goals from the Kickstarter one-by-one. So it seems inevitable that Mark the Wheelchair counselor is coming.What are your thoughts? P.S. Sorry for the background color, I am not sure why the forum is making the background of my text gray, and my text grey, yet I choose black text.
  12. Should they increase the max perk limit from 30 to higher? I know some people like collecting the different perks, and it seems like there are more than 30. It makes it harder to collect them all if you are only limited to store 30 of them in the bank.
  13. If it is an abandoned camp, how do the players escape? Cars or boat? I would like this map. The swamp area could be knee to waist deep and slow you down as you walk through it, but Jason walks normal speed through it. Buildings could be half dilapidated, with some portions being too broken to get into. There could be many dead trees. Perhaps many ripped opened and torn to shreds everywhere tents. And let us not forget the random animal bones laying around.
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