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  1. what problems aren't there in this game after the patch? Traps don't set properly in some places now. Jason can grab easier after he wrecks car the player driving cant get out in time. and if you do get out and start running you get teleported back like 2 secs to car and still get grabbed. game controls sometimes doesn't work the mouse and the E button don't work. Jasons grab is incredible now. ive seen Jason grab someone on the other side of car. So many glitches for this game that cost 40 bucks. I know the game developers are trying to get out updates fast but there ignoring everything else and don't seem to care or want to fix the massive glitches that ruin the game. Latency is another problem. and don't say its my cable internet because its the fastest out there. its gotta be high population on crowded servers please fix these problems or I'm going back to play something else
  2. Traps not working properly and sometimes the screen just shakes violently when driving boat
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