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  1. in my opinion the party issue is more game breaking to me as i dont play solo and only with friends so not being able to party totally kills it for me on PC
  2. will this update also fix the issue where parties break when entering Quick Play on PC? in my opinion that is a bigger issue then any of those listed
  3. shady

    Jason trap exploit

    this is why i always morph to phone first before anything else so they dont have time to do this. if you morph straight to phone first you completely thwart this tactic and maybe even catch them in the act and can get a early kill out of it. but yes it has been around since the start just not many know of it. i have known about it just never get the chance to do it or forget about it.
  4. yeah i used to be able to do that all the time, plus with jasons new grab and being unable to body block anymore grab is useless in groups even i have had to slash a few counselors down to get the group to disperse and i usually almost never slash.
  5. actually i havent been able to block the quick turn hit much anymore its much slower to do CS/Block as jason then it used to be
  6. Hello, just wondering if you were to put all the counselors into a tier where would each stand?
  7. yeah that sweater you need to hack in for the pc version there is no legitmate way to obtain it for pc at this current time
  8. i have yet to play with anyone on here but the group i play with is fairly good too. me and kurtz are considered the best in the group
  9. yeah geforce experiance didnt work i even tried editing the file and inputting resolution manually
  10. EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3 is what i currently have
  11. only issue is there is no 200% resolution scale. 150% is max. also max res i can select is 2560x1440p
  12. so i got a new 4k monitor but i cant select 4k resolution in the options and was wondering is there was any way i could force it to run at 4k?
  13. or heres an idea how about the more you stun jason the more of a resistance he builds tgo getting stunned, make it so he can get to the point where you need a char with a certian strenght to even stun him if you hit him too much. so that debra or any low str consulor cant stun him. that way it would keep everyone for just beating on him for fun
  14. i dont slash and i still usually get 6/8-8/8, i think slashing is lame so i still always grab even though i know they have a pocket knife most likely. i use savini primarily too