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  1. i think it took him around 6 or 7 tries off the top of my head, ive been playing with him off and on this week and he has yet to get me again, has gotten close i admit but hasnt succeeded in killing me, though he has distracted me enough to have a counselor escape.
  2. twice to @GeneiJin others have tried but i have thwarted there attempts
  3. @GeneiJin nobody ever recognizes me lol im one of the hardest to survive against too but i would say for me its Savini part 8 or part 3
  4. with how long ago you got banned you could have restarted and been back to where you was lol
  5. i use machete with my savini, and i use stalk a lot. on pc at the time i play i rarely see a group that give me a hard time anymore tbh i usually mess around and still get 7/7 or 8/8. i stop tommy quite frequently. a few nights ago had a kill group just leave the match after they realized they weren't going to kill me lol
  6. actually no swift attacker and sucker punch arent completely useless, if you run a jason kill group then they are great. sucker punch helps the axe stun jason etc. but yeah if you arent going after the kill they arent that great, all depends on what your goal is to do
  7. id be interested if i was on xbox but im on pc. bout how does a league for this game even work lol
  8. that is the best way to report and also illfonic is no longer responsible for friday black tower took over
  9. yeah its way to easy to kill jason imho, if im with the right players i can 90% kill jason every match, only thing that saves jason is the axe not stunning. once your mask comes off your pretty much dead against a good group. also if a group wants you dead your going to die lol its actually easier to kill jason then to escape imo
  10. they could release him without the x machete at this point and ill be completely fine with him just having to use weapon swap for his weapon, though i cant speak for everyone else
  11. back when you could get him with the DLL hack he was completely playable just 3 kills didnt have sound and his music was part 8's in theory they could just release him as is and could be fine though he wouldnt be 100% complete but close enough to function properly, oh also when demasked it was part 8's mask on the ground and his image didnt show up in the jason select screen, just showed his name with no image
  12. i am currently playing at 4k epic settings 70-90 FPS with dips to the 70s.
  13. you could also say that about Uber Jason because hes technically in the game sure not 100% finished but hes close enough
  14. i prioritize not getting killed as jason i will guard the tommy box over anything else. even the phone and even let a car drive away to avoid the tommy call. doesnt matter if they escape tommy wont come back if hes not called. ill go 2/8 or less if thats what it takes to guard the tommy call. though on another note i rarely see anyone trying to kill jason anymore on pc.
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