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  1. your probably forgetting the no fear jenny which would move her up a bit imo
  2. you can do it on keyboard/mouse, its one of the only exploits you can do on keyboard and mouse
  3. and of course if they do this they need to give us the jason from FvJ to and make him playable in the normal game mode too
  4. i have had some thought on this idea myself and maybe have it so it is just jason at the start of the match and a player can find a certain item which will cause freddy to possess that person and thus bringing freddy to the real world which the player that finds the item gets to control freddy and then he can either go for jason or kill other counselors. maybe have the item spawn at like 3-4 mins in so freddy cant come too soon.
  5. if you get a good group that wants to kill you as jason your only defense is stopping tommy once they get SG and tommy together unless they seperate you are in a very bad spot as jason and theres little you can do imho you can try knives but they probably have thick skin and medic. best chance to avoid dying as jason is prevent them from getting SG and tommy together in the first place by stopping the tommy call. also if you know the group isnt the entire lobby you could try to kill some counselors you know are newish to the game to get tommy in hopes they will mess it up.
  6. where is the game free at? doesnt show as free when i look at steam
  7. lol you didnt give any tips for new players when facing veteran jasons though
  8. i have seen players using Jason X, bugzy in a wheelchair, inf shift etc but dont seem to get banned
  9. You have to get lucky and spawn in the tommy house and hope he picks wrong lol. i've killed him before once though it was a long time ago on his Savini. if i see tommy is called against him and i can get a tommy that knows what he is doing im not afraid to attempt to kill him lol. We should all party with each other sometime i think it would be fun
  10. i play with @GeneiJin a lot myself and have called tommy against him though he does cut it majority of the time. i also cut the tommy box most of the time. me and him share tips and tricks with each other, ive learned from him and he has also learned from me. but it is mostly 50/50 on most maps. like on crystal lake tommy box is never the boat house, usually its either springwater or birch ridge though it can sometimes be hillbrook. pinehurst my and Jins method is take out north box first the swim up the river to check for it and if not check south. also in certian locations in packanack i believe if you look carefully you can see the tower too
  11. i think it took him around 6 or 7 tries off the top of my head, ive been playing with him off and on this week and he has yet to get me again, has gotten close i admit but hasnt succeeded in killing me, though he has distracted me enough to have a counselor escape.
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