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  1. Yeah dark when Jason cuts the power would be great, but not all the time. Pinehurst map was always too dark and now I can't see a thing. Gamma is cranked, so it helps a bit.
  2. steven_kale99

    5/24 Update: First Impressions

    Already had 2 people rage quit. Thank God for the salt mines!
  3. steven_kale99

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Game is definitely too dark, even with my gamma settings cranked up. Also missing lots of sound effects at times (drawers, boarding door, etc). Graphics look great (what I can see) and I love the new grab. Haven' t played offline yet.
  4. Same with me. I'm on PS4 and no bloody skins 😓
  5. steven_kale99

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Man I cannot wait for the update! I do hope they tweaked things a bit so it's not so dark with the new engine, though. I realize they want more suspense, but i'd like to actually see what' going on.
  6. steven_kale99

    Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    Looks way too dark to me. I can barely see a thing. Maybe the final version will be better, though.
  7. steven_kale99

    Killing Jason with Tommy...

    Thanks everyone!
  8. steven_kale99

    Killing Jason with Tommy...

    Okay thanks, apparently I did blow it. Not sure why it didn't work. Anyway, thanks!
  9. The mods can delete or merge this if need be, but I was playing a match as Tommy and everyone got pissed off at me saying I didn't kill Jason. They gave me an axe to use and I did not have Jason's mask. When Jason was stunned with the sweater, I was unable to kill him. To kill Jason, doesn' Tommy have to have the mask and a machete?
  10. Hmm I didn't realize you could set traps off with knives! Pretty neat. But are pocket knives rare? I played a round earlier where someone stabbed me three times in a row with one!
  11. Holy crap excellent likeness on Roy unmasked. Dick Wieand must be pretty happy lol.
  12. steven_kale99

    Roy Burns-initial thoughts?

    I am loving it. The new kills are brutal, and I love the detail to the map. I am such a weirdo, but I was examing Matt's office to make sure the posters were accurate (they were) and I loved finding the blanket that Tina and Eddie....you know...on! I like the cut scene at the end with Roy leaving Pinehurst. I do wish it was Joey's voice instead of Pamela. And how about Joey's chopped up corpse in the shack instead of Mrs. Voorhees' head? Perhaps little changes will be made in the future. But overall I love it!
  13. steven_kale99

    Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    Damn sorry man had to pry myself away from the game. Didn't see til now. #Fail! Oh okay this is the first i saw it for PS4 offline.
  14. steven_kale99

    Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    Great new kills and a fun new Pinehurst map! And rain now available on offline maps, didn't see that in patch notes
  15. steven_kale99

    Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    60 seconds left!!