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  1. This should be common gameplay at this time.
  2. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    Interesting system Great new addition especially for people with all rare perks
  3. All new counselors have repair We need new luck counselors, + Reggie would be the male token with composure as well.
  4. Is Shavar still busy making money off Black Panther or has he taken the time to contact the Devs?
  5. In America it isn't okay. They have to age him.
  6. Will they never rework Jenny?

    I play well as her During double XP weekend, I had Jason on me for nearly 10 minutes going between 5 houses as I was the last person alive. Hit him, run, juke, rinse, repeat. She's fine.
  7. I don't quite remember, but I definitely killed more than 1 person.
  8. Better singer - Justin Timberlake vs Usher

    This + he's also a great songwriter Usher can't write hits
  9. They really do need to make the tractor drivable. It will be another fun thing to to add to the game and make the map unique It would also be a great tie in for when they bring in Reggie.
  10. They must have been using a perk