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  1. So much for "vacation" lmao We're now on life support, it was good while it lasted. I'm not giving my hopes up anymore. We appreciate your efforts and wish you well during this sad time. @Armani? @TyroneKing @ShiftySamurai @wes @GunMedia_Ben @Liquid Swordsman
  2. It's not really debatable, It's proven science. Also Vegan doesn't = whole food plant based diet. Vegan just means not eating anything from animals. Although most vegans still eat pretty healthy in general. The longest living civilization are the Okinawans (most people over 100 years old), who ate only 3% of their calories from meat. Their diet was mostly from plants (whole grains, fruits and vegetables etc) Sadly, they're westernized and their diet is becoming shit like ours. Mediterraneans are just better health wise to the US, but they're not the best. Most vegans don't even go vegan for health reasons. They hope to help preserve the environment because animal agriculture is ruining it. Animal agricture, ironically is the biggest threat to human extinction. They also are fed up with 64 billion animals being slaughtered every year for no objective reason than that they taste good. The system is flawed and it won't even benefit humans in the long run. If bees go extinct, humans are going to be in deep danger. So you can't be mad if a vegan is upset with you. If you support the industry, you have to suck it up. Although some vegans can go overboard and be unnecessary.
  3. A whole food plant based diet is the only diet clinically proven to reverse heart disease. So of course oreos and fries are vegan, but they aren't healthy. Vegans have about a 15% less mortality rate currently than meat eaters.
  4. What's your opinion on this lifestyle/diet?
  5. They'll probably plan him to be released as the 3rd counselor released from their next skin pack. I don't see him being next if the next counselor is within this year.
  6. With the single player challenges, I'd like to see how they would kill Reggie if he comes considering how Jenny died.
  7. I wonder when they plan to release the next counselor or if they even have it in production yet. #Reggieforthewin After Reggie or a counselor inspired by him, I wouldn't mind to see a counselor inspired by Eva.
  8. At least it's much better than what he tweeted for Crazy Ralph "Will we ever see Crazy Ralph? - Nope sorry to disappoint." Savage lol Hobbs is usually straight forward, unlike Wes. Reggie still has a chance "for now." We just have to remind ourselves they told Shavar yes.
  9. A very hard decision, but I'm going with New Kids On The Block
  10. I wouldn't go as far as looking for voice actors just yet. I don't think they're even sure about how they'll implement Reggie's voice just yet.
  11. Whoever they get to voice Reggie, will be deserving of an Oscar. Even Shavar himself went hoarse on set doing that scream. It's very high compared to what was his speaking voice. Also, Slash N Cast thinks he'll be a kid based on Wes's post lol. Sure, they can keep his voice and face canon, but they'll have to buff Reggie's body shape a bit to avoid any lashings. There's a reason the OP says 17 years old.
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