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  1. The game need things of this beta.

    *sigh* That's the game I want to play.. I'm not saying all changes to this are bad but I actually got excited for this game again. Last time I played was a week ago. No chance getting the beta released.
  2. I don't think Tina would be a bad hero character but I do like the idea of having more of them. Just as you listed, a pick your hero choice to go along with counselor and Jason choices. I have no idea what Creighton Duke's speciality would be or anyone else's for that matter but it's a cool idea. First I"d like them to fix the basic gameplay though..
  3. What about a functional power box kill ?

    I support this. Honestly I can't believe it wasn't like that to begin with. We've seen people in slasher movies get fried on electrical boxes resulting in the power going out. Wasted opportunity here.
  4. Another vote for Vanessa. She's the only reason I check who's playing which counselor in the lobby before I pick a Jason. High level players and just outright c***s/trolls who main Vanessa don't need an inch of give. She's difficult to deal with when controlled by an inexperienced player just as well.
  5. I got kicked for inactivity once while staying crouched in the forest waiting for the cops. I don't know if it's different depending on the platform but I'm on Steam. I certainly learned my lesson -> gotta stay active, at the very least move the camera around.
  6. Double negative - so you DO think there's enough of a fear penalty from darkness?
  7. Unplayable EU server

    It's not "unplayable" but yes, lots of knee highs out there. On the plus side, you don't get trolled as Jason nearly as much.
  8. Morph fix

    The red morph icon covers a lot of ground. I don't think it's meant to be pinpoint accurate or has there been a discrepancy since the original release? Whenever I click the middle of a road I usually spawn somewhere around there. I get the feeling they didn't want to make stopping cars too easy for Jason by morphing right in front of them. You need to be a bit more calculated with it. Of course "not wanting something to be too easy for Jason" sounds ironic right now. Regardless I have no problem with the morph accuracy. It's always got me around there - not ridiculously far off, inside buildings, stuck or whatever.
  9. Using dead bodies to supplement traps

    That's another great idea. The fear mechanic needs a more prominent effect on the game since it doesn't seem to handicap the counselors much. The player might think it's doing something but once you get used to the effects, it's not that hard to ignore and just keep laying waste to old maggothead. High composure should be coveted in this game.
  10. Spawn kill as Jason etiquette

    Sounds like unnecessary gentlemens rules. The game is on when the game is on. Atleast you still have a chance at the Jarvis roll.
  11. I don't know if I'd been attracted to this game if it wasn't for the license. Granted, it is immensely fun when you get the right roll of the dice (good connection, decent players in skill and by nature, maybe a patch that fixes more than it breaks..) but horror in itself does not hold any specific value to me. If this was just a generic horror game I'd probably have passed on it. I've had zero interest in even trying DBD for instance. I enjoy F13, the game and the movies. I have hope for an even better gaming experience. Before the latest patch I was on daily. I still want to be but it's getting quite 50/50 right now if I want to deal with all the stupidity. Guess I am hungry for a more authentic experience but I'd much rather have it be in this game.
  12. Team killing should be back

    I vote no. Fair Play made all the good points. Car betrayers should have the car stop if you run someone over.
  13. Fix the damn lag.

    Is there a way to host a public game? I don't have tons of lag but it does get fairly slow from time to time. QP is always a crapshoot in so many ways and none of my friends play this game.
  14. Car trolling

    Great idea. Obviously the counselor getting run over should fly across the air or whatever but the car shouldn't survive without damage. This is a no brainer for discouraging griefers and makes perfect sense. Is there any reason to not implement it? Some vocal pro-betrayal minority? Please, make it so.
  15. Absolutely this should be done. Make it an execution while in rage, otherwise just a grab. And the through the wall grab/execution like in part 7. The latter maybe only in rage mode but then again, the problematic thing would be the fact that you can't sense through walls.