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  1. @Liquid Swordsman ? If they miss the 1 year anniversary without the update, I no longer have any words for them. As for Reggie, we'll be waiting a while....the Miller case may get overthrew this summer...hopefully.
  2. This update will be the last in a while. So much stuff lol
  3. @ShiftySamurai I'm all for Reggie being added as his name, but if you can't get his lisense or whatever by July which is supposedly when Miller may lose his lawsuit, just make a counselor inspired by him (example - Victoria) There's no point waiting until the game is on life support from running its course.
  4. What kind of logic lol This is about Reggie. Not other people related to him. Reggie lived, he didn't die. So therefore, he's above average in luck. Only 3 people made it out the night alive.
  5. I just realized this thread is the #1 most replied in this entire section. This thread will be so fun to come back to years from now to look back at. So much mess and tea.
  6. Well the actor for Reggie the Reckless sells merchandise of the character through his own website, so he does have rights to the character. They need the actor for likeness approval. I'm not sure what's conflicting that though.
  7. I'm pretty sure they couldn't contact the actress for Melissa I don't know about Chuck. I just want more honest info regarding it.
  8. @ShiftySamurai At a certain point, I hope they release more info about these legal issues to explain the problem of Reggie's lisense? Fox was in the game not very long after everyone discovered she passed away. Didn't lawsuit start around a month after the game was released?
  9. Pretty sure he doesn't care. He got this far with his campaign. He'll continue to push till Reggie is in the game. I look forward to seeing playing him. I don't expect him till maybe January at the earliest. That's a long time from now.
  10. No one asked you though? I'm not even on here as much as I'd like to be. Only about 100 posts so far. But hey, we're the #1 replied thread in this section and #2 viewed. Don't think it really matters at thjs point. Your job is about done. Shavar contacted the Devs, it's their job now.
  11. I don't even have that many posts on this forum, so no, I'm not magically here always when Armani "disconnects"
  12. I don't think @Armani? has posted any Reggie threads in general discussion though Y'all keep saying this, but I don't remember any that are recent.
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