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  1. Speed_Force92, just throwing this out there but a lot of your suggestions and responses come off kind of like you're the top Friday the 13th player in the universe and the game needs to become overcomplicated in order to contended with your godly skill. Nobody wants to interrupt the flow of things with a mini game to stop the car and a mini game to pull a counselor out and a mini game to pocket knife Jason and so on. You might as well have a mini game to initiate a mini game. I'm sure everyone wants the game to feel more intense and feel more like Friday the 13th and everyone has their own ideas about how to do that but I'm just laying it out there, requiring every event to force players in to a duel of the mini games is never going to happen, nor should it.
  2. So, obviously, there is thread after thread covering all kinds of issues in the game from bugs and balance to mechanics and dancing. We all know there is a patch coming and I thought it might be helpful for the folks at Gun Media and Illfonic if we all listed our top 3 expectations. Now, I'm not talking about making suggestions on how those things should be addressed, only list the top 3 things you expect to be addressed. If they want suggestions as to how, well, those are all over the place. So, for example, if you expect Jason's grab range to be addressed, we all (I assume) know that's in reference to his grab being nerfed to it's current state. No need to elaborate, although a small descriptor may be appropriate just for the sake of being clear. Just to reiterate, this is for the developers benefit (hopefully) and only regarding the supposed, upcoming patch. Maybe they'll see a trend, maybe it'll help them prioritize, maybe there's no point. To kick it off, the top 3 things I expect to be addressed in the upcoming balance patch are: 1. Jason's hit detection when slashing. 2. The number of counselor items. 3. Jason's stun time.
  3. 1. Have a pocket knife on you when you drive. 2. Your passenger(s) has more than ample time time to get out and hit him. 3. There's no need for a number 3. It's difficult enough to get the car stopped as it is and there's already two ways to deal with him once that happens. There is literally no reason to add another layer to things because at the end of the day every single thing like this Jason has to do just opens him for the umpteenth stun.
  4. A Speculation

    *cough cough* different IP *cough cough*
  5. I play on Steam. There's usually 800-1300 playing at any given time. I don't think I'd say the game is dying but it needs to be revitalized. I think the license alone is giving the developers a lot of leeway and players are willing to wait it out a little longer to play a proper Friday the 13th game.
  6. I'm saying the number of pc gamers is greater than the number of console gamers in total. If you've got a multiplatform title you want to do well on both consoles and pc. It's not just one of the platforms. If DbD can hit 16k and it's a direct competitor... You and your archenemy are selling candy apples in 3 different stores. In store number one, where more people go, people are eating your archenemy's candy apples over yours 16 to 1. Better figure out why no one wants your candy apples.
  7. Whoa there Skippy! I believe PC gamers outnumber console gamers. Just one platform is a bit of an understatement. Would matter to any developer that they were doing well in the PC market and on consoles. XOXO
  8. I think you missed the point. It's the I-have-a-shotgun-and-three-knives-and-sweater-so-I-better-win-or-I'll-rage-quit mentality. A counselor arming themselves to the teeth with the abundance of offensive weaponry and running around like an idiot isn't a skill, and it's ruining the game. If you want to be good then outsmart Jason, avoid him, get the objectives solved without letting him know it's being done and get the fuck out.
  9. No. Just no. Dolemite posted this, just up above, I'm reposting it (the link) here. Watch the whole video because the end, that is what's become of pocket knife reliance. Scratch 3 Pocket Knives
  10. F13 App Beta testing!

    You could, as an alternative, look around online for some original Jason art, ask the artist if they'd care if you used it and let them know what for. You aren't paying for it, you aren't making money. Probably a non issue. BUT this is connected to a specific game and using that game's assets would be ideal, I get that. Anyways just an idea. Just make sure it is actually original meaning wasn't paid for already and used y someone else and isn't a drawing of something else someone else owns, like a sculpture.
  11. I did try searching this first and I am not finding this anywhere specifically. Figure a thread on it, for the purpose of advice, might be helpful to some. So, playing this morning to get a few matches in before work and I've got 2 events where if I can't tell if the players are cheating or it's just a broken-ass game. First instance is a match on the Jarvis map, I was a counselor and there was a part 3 Jason. The Jason was morphing on top of players for kills and people were dropping out of the match like flies. Leaving. I was all the way on the south end and there was an AJ to the west of me and a Deb way up north. Two other counselors were off to the middle east of the map. Anyways Jason was making these jumps and I know that 2 minutes in that a part 3 Jason isn't going to be spotting everyone everywhere and would not be able to spam morph. Is this a stellar Jason player or a cheater? Second instance I was Jason and chasing down a 4 seater on the small Crystal Lake map. Everyone had dropped out except 4 counselors and the car had been repaired by the time I made my second morph which was unfortunately to the 2 seater. It's bullshit that it got repaired so fast but I know that is part of the game's stupid. The car picked up everyone and I keep getting shit morph landings and it would pass, you know how this goes. Finally the driver crashed, my morph was still on cool down but I had shift available so I got as close as I could and then power-walked to the car as it got started. Driver hits the gas and goes in reverse right in to me, BOOM! ...... Wait, no boom. No fucking boom. The driver was going in reverse and pushing me down the fucking road!? What the actual fuck?? Same thing, cheat or bug? Match was over in 5 minutes and I went 0/4. That has never happened before and I'm now level 140. So this all comes down to the question, how do you spot cheating? How can you tell it's cheating and not a bug? I'm not talking about an exploit either. I see this enough, playing on the PC. I could never say, definitively, that someone is running a cheat but there are occasions that what I see is just too off. Secondly, what do you do? IMO, leave the match. It isn't something you could prove and report because it's usually just one or two things you see happen that raise red flags for you. So, I figure, leave. Thoughts?
  12. Where did the firecrackers even come from? What inspired that? Never understood that one.
  13. A Speculation

    So, thinking about the limitations, the game is going to hit a stalemate at some point. There is a limit to what can be added to the game in the future and this is partly (apparently) due to legal restrictions and the fact that there is a limited number of locations and versions of Jason. Down the road what are the options? New, developer designed Jason? Some contest for a fan made design? SDK for players to build new levels? Things like trying to create an abandoned camp, or, when people get really inventive, some hellish Doom inspired map? I hate to think the game has an inevitable expiration date. This of course would likely be at least a year away. That is, adding what ever it is that's still on the table.
  14. F13 App Beta testing!

    Here's a good summary of images and copyrights. Copyrights This is a seriously sticky subject. You have to realize that you're using something that is copyrighted, created because it was licensed from something that was copyrighted. Layers of legality. I would suggest just pause what you're doing, wait to hear back, and then go from there. They may not even be able to grant you permission to use it, they themselves could be restricted from using specific content in certain ways even though they themselves created it. FFS, this is a Friday the 13th game and they can't even use all the Jasons from the movies! I would also add that the people behind the game are themselves fans so in one way they probably completely get what you're doing.
  15. That would be a nice option. First game if the day today I go in to Quick Play, select North American servers. I was met with a lobby full of Asian symbols, pings around 300, and some guy saying, "I am a Japanese meatbar, meatbarl, meat-barl" Some girl tries to clarify, "Met-bar" He states again the he is a "Japanese meatball" They must have been from various Asian countries, I can't read their language (the names) so I don't know, but they were all trying to communicate in English. Maybe it was a mix of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean players or something. Can't lie, it was entertaining.
  16. A Speculation

    Sigh... Okay Ben, Vincente, we'll get together and I've got an IP for you. I'll get Vincente the treatment and script. Fire off the sizzle reel to Ben. Go the Distribber route on the film and full indie with the game. No big fat cat CEO's or any of that shit. I've already got a developer I work with so, that's covered. Fuckin' Hell.
  17. A Speculation

    From damnenchiladas, "Gun is legally blocked from including NHA characters in the game. " EDIT - You know, considering New Line can't even call their movies Friday the 13th it shouldn't come as too much of a shock. This franchise is tied up in a shit ton of bureaucracy.
  18. A Speculation

    NHA Jason and all else is legally blocked? What in the actual fuck?
  19. Never even crossed my mind but I know exactly what you're talking about. I'll be paying more attention to that. Another one is see is when you clobber Jason with the bat, all your bonuses pop like Fight Back and more importantly Stunner, and he isn't fucking stunned! Game registers the contact, game awards the points, but Jason just keeps going like nothing at all happened.
  20. A Speculation

    Kyle, Jason, and the abandoned camp all need to come to the game. I've said this in other threads as well. It was far too good a fan film to be ignored and was arguably better than 8, 9, and 10. That Jason would even have his own music since NHA boasted an original score. Jason was a definite nod to the part 3, 4, and 6 versions. He was brutish too. Loved Kyle shattering the chair across him and Jason didn't budge. I'd think he'd be +Stalk, +Weapon Damage, +Stun Resistance. Negatives? I don't know. Maybe for a weapon he could use that bladed shovel contraption that Kyle had. We've got Uber Jason (Jason X is the same Jason, different skin and a God-awful Casey Jones mask), and then what? 2009 Jason and FvJ Jason are the only ones left. Literally. Hell, I'll even give Roy a pass and call him Jason too. Why not the NHA Jason?
  21. Nope. I've seen people try this several times. The counselor on the car just glides off when it crosses the boundary. A while ago, had to be maybe a month, I was using AJ and climbed in through a window on the Higgins house from the porch. She landed inside the house with her feet through the floor and dust started drifting in a straight line, fast. I could change her direction using the W S A D keys and turn the camera but she wouldn't quit. She was passing through everything too like the clipping had been disabled. I could interrupt it with actions like climbing through a window or opening a door. So bizarre. I got hit and it took me out if it. I wish I could replicate it, pretty bizarre.
  22. Car Push: Probable Bug Perfect Morphs: Unknown Rapid Cool Down: Probable Hack Unlimited Firecrackers: Probable Exploit
  23. That is the most bestest idea I've heared in a while. Really though match lengths are okay. I think the pace needs some attention to draw out the 20 minutes. Calling the cops in under 1 minute is not good. IMO
  24. This is what I would hope is sorted out in the thread. Unlimited firecrackers? Possibly a hack, possibly a bug. I think the fine line sits between the random shit we all encounter that is obviously due to the bugs and then the controllable, repeatable bugs which steadily become an outright exploit. For example: A Jason that shifts every 3 seconds is probably a hack. Jason shifting isn't a bug, and the shift in and of itself is working correctly, it's just that they're running it with no cool down. Likewise, if everyone sees that over the next 2 weeks counselors seem to have an endless supply of firecrackers then we're all stuck with a bunch of twats using a new found exploit. Like if I get killed early enough and can spectate for a bit and start watching Jason go back to one particular counselor and they dick around, then he goes to another, kills them, then back to their buddy? Yeah fuck that I'm leaving, hosting or not. Just get out and find a new lobby. Unlimited firecrackers? I'd probably do a second round and then decide if it seems like someone is cheating by some means.
  25. Well, hope they see this thread. It's a small pool and just a snippet of the community but I would be confident in saying it probably sums up the general expectations. We may want dedicated servers, it'd be cool to nail up bodies and block doorways, some AI improvement would be great for offline, but for balance? We better see the number of items and Jason's hit and grab fixed. Wants aside, we expect at least this.