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  1. Yup. Finally able to get in today but then this, 20-30 minute searches for lobbies with 5 players. Match starts and 1 or 2 quit. Think it's time to shelve this for a while.
  2. Yup. Since this morning for me. Gotta love it. @mattshotcha is this getting worked out or is it going to endure over the long weekend?
  3. I'd take -traps over -shift. Part 9 is a lot if fun to run once and a while. The problem I run in to with part 2 is the traps being popped so easily with the counselor perks. IMO best next thing they could do for the game is just let us choose Jason's loadout. + and - both being required. You could run with + traps + knives + weapon damage? Something that suits your play style. Maybe + Shift + Can Run + Destruction?
  4. I feel like communication was better between players, even in QP, before this was introduced. Once this came in to play the take-nothing-to-the-objective style went in to full effect.
  5. That's the question - moved it from where since the one sitting outside the barn is still there? If they can't add a rock that doesn't mean create and add a new rock but fine to duplicate as many they'd like. An additional asset is a new asset to the level. If there was a 2nd tractor sitting somewhere else in the level that was moved, sure, fine, where was it? Otherwise they added a 2nd tractor. If this falls under the "already existing content" idea, well, then they can make Uber available. Not as an additional Jason with unique kills but they could make him a "skin" for the others.
  6. Yes! This exactly! I mentioned this in another thread. I saw the tractor in the barn and assumed it was moved to block the car. Exited the barn and ran past the original tractor. I had to do a double take. They can't add a rock or a tree right? Wasn't that the line? So where'd the second tractor come from?
  7. It just dawned on me with the patch, on Pinehurst, that tractor was moved to block the door. I'm assuming to keep the car out of there. But I exited the barn through the window and ran past the tractor where it always was. I actually went back inside for a double take? Where did the 2nd tractor come from if not ADDED to the level?
  8. @mattshotcha Do you know how to get on roofs?
  9. You'd have to recall how they got killed, those circumstances are usually what leads to the accusation unless it was just pure salt. I might, for example, get killed near the car in what appears to be a completely legitimate manner while another counselor stands there doing nothing, common occurrence. I won't think anything of it immediately. If Jason then walks away, completely ignoring the other counselor, then they get in the car and start it? Yeah, I'm putting my money on teaming up.
  10. This concept seems like a no-brainer as far as asymmetrical games go. But then I saw it was PS only and was disappointed. But then I saw Illfonic and wasn't.
  11. This is true but it's bad right now. Really bad. I just finished a match and Jason had 19/8. This is on PC. I've yet to see a match since the patch where this hasn't happened multiple times. I need to read the patch notes... Was Jason's rage changed? I've seen matches where there's only 8 or 7 minutes left and Jason still hasn't gone in to rage mode.
  12. On PC now Jason can't grab and kill a lot of the time. He grabs the counselor and they'll simply float in the spot where they were grabbed while as Jason you can walk around, execute the kill with nothing happening. Jason can end up with 15/7 kills. I also had this happen then that counselor escaped preventing the match from even ending. The random spawns and wrongly skinned Jason models are occurring often again too.
  13. I'll be appearing in a live stream tonight at 9PM EST with IndieDaveComix on YouTube to discuss Lucas. Swing by and check it out!
  14. Lucas: Book Two, the official campaign teaser trailer. The campaign will be launching on 10/01/19. This book, I can assure you, is going to be horror like you've never seen it. You're going to be taken to some very dark and unexpected places. Lucas: Book Two @Slasher_Clone @Jason Todd Voorhees @deathbat96777 I'll tag you folks in, in return maybe tag in anyone here you might think would want to see this?
  15. @Slasher_Clone @Jason Todd Voorhees Thanks a lot! I'm dropping the trailer tomorrow all over the place. When the time comes I hope this is successful, the book I've got planned is going to be pretty good, pretty unique. And @Slasher_Clone has had a peek at some other plans for the character, which I'll hopefully know something around August.
  16. Anyone else running in to this? All day today (yeah I'm aware it's still early) and intermittent most of the day yesterday. I can fire up the offline version but every single thing is reset which is awesome.
  17. On May 1st I'm gonig to be dropping the official teaser trailer for the upcoming #Lucas campaign. This is hopefully going to we your chops for some serious #Horror. Please be sure to follow and RT the hell out of it @DavidMurdochArt on Twitter. In the meantime, a rarely seen unused piece from the original #Lucas.
  18. *So this post is 16 days after the original, I'm unsure if there's a way to keep this information alive without continually adding to the one post? Apologies if I'm misbehaving here.* Character concept for the next Lucas.
  19. @Left2Right @TheRockstarKnight @TiffanyIsBae @Slasher_Clone Last Year The game is apparently available through Discord? Anyways I think I'm picking it up this week. I can barely stand Friday the 13th anymore, just too much with the trolling and hacking.
  20. Exciting news - I wrote a book called Lucas, a horror, that was published in 2012 by Arcana. I haven't been able to do any more with the IP due to Arcana holding 50% of the rights but this is no longer the case. I'm going to be launching an IndieGoGo in the near future for the project so anyone interested just follow me on Twitter and you'll get the updates and so on and so forth. Here's a preview of the original book - Lucas Preview And a review of the book - Review
  21. I've had the same problem on PC forever. Sometimes I can hear players, sometimes not. Occasionally when it's a period that I can't, once and a while I'll be able to hear players from Asia. It's ridiculous. I've given up trying to fix it.
  22. Or I want to have my cake and eat it too. The options are there for you to chose how to approach the game. You go for the kill and fail you should die. Plain and simple.
  23. IMO this would be the most organic next step in any coming changes.
  24. Does anyone know how the sense avoidance and stealth type perks work? I'm asking insofar as RNG being involved, is there a radius/distance limiting Jason, what might 10/10 composure or 10/10 stealth is in regard to full potential (is that half way there?). Anyways it might help making suggestions. Or maybe how it's reduced for a counselor while Jason is in rage, or how much sense for him is boosted. If anyone knows or maybe @mattshotcha could chime in. Unless this is all top secret.
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