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  1. Unpopular counselors

    I almost always use Eric. I would also agree he is probably the most unpopular. I would also state he is probably the most underestimated. I always get a kick out of the other counselors that feel obligated to talk shit to him, call him fat ass and such. I was the passenger in the 4 seater a while back. It was being driven by an Adam. Near the exit the driver stopped to pick up a Chad. Chad gets in and scoffs, saying, "Who the fuck still uses LaChappa?" I repaired the 4 seater you fucktard, fetching the parts you're too lazy to carry. And I wasn't getting picked up on the ass end of the map running from Jason. I think most folks in a match kind of ignore you when you're running Eric, which actually works to your benefit. It's rare now to see anyone bring me a part or come across a Jason that actually focuses on taking me out.
  2. I was in a match earlier as Eric, there was another one there, plus a Deb, 2 Adams, 2 Vaessas, 1 Chad. Fixed the 4 seater, gassed the 2 seater, repaired the fuse box. Everyone was just picking up and dropping parts. Keys were never revealed until their holders were killed. I escaped by way of the police. Alone. Has anyone developed a list of priorities at this point in time? A list of priorities that shifts as it's set up against varying sets of circumstances. 1. Call the cops, get out. 2. Encounter gas before fuse, check map, go for boat over 4 seater. 3. No boat, check closest vehicle. 4. Gas in 2 seater, X cabins searched, no battery yet, fuse on map, abandon vehicle repair and go for cops. And so on
  3. No. They bested you. They stuck on you and you were ultimately defeated. If they "slashed you to limp" three times then you're obviously milking med spray. Of course you do then say you weren't because there were none around. If you're limping and Jason is on you, you're dead, even if you pull off a stun. But that's the miracle of being a counselor, isn't it? You can take an axe to the face with zero consequence and then exploit the ghastly openings in Jason's mechanics to lay his ass out every single time. It isn't an exploit (slashing). It's part of his kit to be used at his his discretion. In fact to further illustrate the non-exploitiness of slashing I'd like to remind folks their is a badge for it.
  4. This could be brought in to Friday the 13th. Easily. That kind of tension I mean.
  5. The shack only has 2 spawn locations per map, just learn them and you'll be a psychic without wasting a perk slot.
  6. What I love is when the static itself glitches and doesn't stop. That'll get you killed.
  7. Jason does still get the No Survivors bonus if he kills 6/8 and the other 2 have committed suicide correct? A counselor will not receive a survivor bonus is they've committed suicide correct?
  8. Can't Run, as a weakness, means it is taking up a slot and something else isn't there. In that aspect I don't mind it. But, on the other hand Can Run, as a strength, is also taking up a slot. So it goes both ways I suppose. Personally, I'd like to see his "run" being something that can be toggled on and off like the counselors' jog.
  9. I don't think Jason should get the points for a suicide. It can happen that Jason has weakened a counselor to the point of limping and under some circumstances it takes a little skill to avoid him just enough to make it to a window and deny him the kill. I have done this on a rare occasion and the situation is always the same. I spawn in and Jason morphs right to my location and just won't get off my ass. If the chase goes on long enough, 5+ minutes, I may start looking for death. Yes it can be done for no apparent reason, and it does. I don't personally see it happen often. If anything I think suicides should be ineligible to return as Tommy.
  10. Except I never actually asked for feedback. All I was shooting for was a thread where people would just list there top 3 expectations for the sake of the developers since a balance patch is coming. I didn't want to have the thread instantly derailed because someone wants to start debating if asymmetry is the same thing as unbalanced.
  11. Got a good bit of time in today and I've got to say I'm over the quitting. I really am. This is killing online play in 2 ways. 1. Jason quits. Almost half, half of the games I was in today Jason quit around the 5 minute mark. Some less, some a little longer. It's fucking ridiculous. I can't even say they need to switch their preference to counselor because at this rate it seems so many people don't want to play as Jason I'm sure lobbies full of counselor-only players are being randomly put together frequently enough. Jason shouldn't suck so bad that this is happening and I'm sure it is happening because playing as Jason sucks. 2. The counselors quitting. This is also a problem but a different one. I'm finding too that you are generally fucked with Jason setting his sights on you when these people just collapse in front of him. They break left, I break right and he goes for them. I pause to double check the map to make sure I'm going the right direction with the battery. I see the little so-and-so left and Jason is now chasing me (and I can't fault him for that). I started a match today on the Jarvis map by an island cabin where the boat was docked. Propeller was in there. I put it on and headed to the nearest cabin to find the gas. In that time there were 3 people left, including myself. Matches are over as soon as they start. Again, fucking ridiculous. They need to take a serious look at either how to deal with this or put some AAA effort in to offline play. Jason leaves, game over, or 5 or 6 counselors file out, game over. Sidenote: Players that suicide should not be eligible to come back as Tommy.
  12. Speed_Force92, just throwing this out there but a lot of your suggestions and responses come off kind of like you're the top Friday the 13th player in the universe and the game needs to become overcomplicated in order to contended with your godly skill. Nobody wants to interrupt the flow of things with a mini game to stop the car and a mini game to pull a counselor out and a mini game to pocket knife Jason and so on. You might as well have a mini game to initiate a mini game. I'm sure everyone wants the game to feel more intense and feel more like Friday the 13th and everyone has their own ideas about how to do that but I'm just laying it out there, requiring every event to force players in to a duel of the mini games is never going to happen, nor should it.
  13. 1. Have a pocket knife on you when you drive. 2. Your passenger(s) has more than ample time time to get out and hit him. 3. There's no need for a number 3. It's difficult enough to get the car stopped as it is and there's already two ways to deal with him once that happens. There is literally no reason to add another layer to things because at the end of the day every single thing like this Jason has to do just opens him for the umpteenth stun.
  14. A Speculation

    *cough cough* different IP *cough cough*
  15. I play on Steam. There's usually 800-1300 playing at any given time. I don't think I'd say the game is dying but it needs to be revitalized. I think the license alone is giving the developers a lot of leeway and players are willing to wait it out a little longer to play a proper Friday the 13th game.