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  1. Check out some video! Development Video 1 Development Video 2 Development Video 3 Development Video 4 Development Video 5
  2. Reported 2 more today. Bad ones. Counselor cheaters. One Chad was wearing hacked clothes, warping, and performing instant skill checks. I mean this guy called the cops and as soon as he picked it up he hung it up, cops called. I reported to JasonKillsBugs and sent a DM to @mattshotcha and @GunMedia_Ben as well. Hope these guys get hardware banned, seriously. On one of they're steam profiles they give out their discord address so you can find out how to cheat like they are.
  3. Kill the lights! Crank the volume! #LucasChapterOne is now in development! RT! Comment! Follow @DavidMurdochArt on Twitter! More to come! This is an asymmetrical horror game featuring 1 vs 4 vs 1 game play. Be sure to subscribe to @SlasherNewsLive on YouTube for exclusive coverage on the development of this title! @Slasher_Clone @Jason Todd Voorhees @Fair Play @Dolemite @Kodiak
  4. Happy to say it appears all three were banned. 12 days ago. All I can say, if you're reading this, record the game play. If you see an obvious cheater or hacker in the game, die, spectate, record. Don't leave the game.
  5. I just fired off a report today. 3 players, EU servers. All had Jason X. Player using Jason 8 with the Savini pitchfork. Constant morph/shift. Other playing running glitch exploits. Obviously the 3 were teaming. Fucking irritating as all hell. Steam player base is sub 1000 on a good day. Would love to see the last few asshole like this go. Actually I reported his JasonKillsBugs and DM'd Matt too. Video evidence still has zero views. Curious how long it'll take if it even gets done.
  6. It's gonna be grind this month, fingers crossed. If you guys have a chance to check out that link up top for the campaign please do. Any and all word of mouth I can get would be absolutely stellar. Definitely would love to see you back it, would love more if you got many others to do so by way of persuasion, coercion, extortion, threat of death, or bribery! All accepted!
  7. Do you know when you back Lucas: Book Two you'll receive exclusive access to the private beta for Lucas: Chapter One, now in development. This is just a general concept teaser, enjoy! https://youtu.be/WaRvfwZLIJ8
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