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  1. Did you you ever see the unused dream sequence shot for The Final Chapter? They never actually showed Mrs. Jarvis die but they used her in the scene. It was actually pretty cool IMO. Could have been nice if it made it in, like the unused part 7 ending. Oh well.
  2. Mrs. Jarvis, Sheriff Garris, Mrs. Sheppard, Dr. Crews, Collen Van Duesen, Charles McCulloch... Personally I'd like to see a new character based on of the parent figures in the movies.
  3. Thanks for the update. Sounds like you're trying to nip things in the butt before they become an issue too, it's appreciated. As far as the video, no, it isn't too dark IMO. It's enhancing the sense of depth and everything pops. Well done.
  4. This is new to me and something I'm seeing largely on the EU servers where I tend to be getting stuck recently, possibly due to the less-than-700-in-game numbers I keep seeing on Steam, but anyways.... The go-ahead-and-hit-me Jason's. Uber, this one is a given. Savini, tends to be the majority. Part 3 & 4 Jasons are the minority. What I'm seeing are folks allowing themselves to be hit by any counselor with any weapon and they do not get stunned. Not only do they not even attempt to avoid being stunned but some flat out wait for a failed hit before they grab you. And the hits are connecting, you will get the point bonuses for stunning Jason, fighting back, etc. It's irritating beyond words. Anyone else been seeing this lately?
  5. Have the Friday the 13th movies benefitted from "AAA" studios?
  6. I haven't seen a gif for a while that's made me laugh like this one did. Well played.
  7. I have to say, I'm happy the change was implemented that when already obtained tape is located the counselor just shuts the draw and can't grab it. Not a brand new change but still. I've got all the Pamela tapes and maybe 6 Tommy tapes. Not really concerned about it though. I'll get them when I get them.
  8. If the big update isn't rolling out this month and they just announce it, talk about where it stands, I'd be okay with that to be honest. They just need to be transparent.
  9. Believe it or not there are some people that maintain a certain, I don't know, ethical code we'll say where a player might mod the game where they've got Uber Jason available but would only use him in offline for multiple reasons. They may not want to get banned and they may also just not want to use him in QP because they know it'll ruin the game and It's just cheap. This type of player would also probably dump the mod once Uber is officially released since they're only using him in offline because they think he looks cool. Then you get the other type that simply doesn't care. They'll ruin everyone's game until they get banned and once that happens just crack another game and do it again. They're probably also a hardcore rage quitter. All I'm saying is think there's a difference. But, if someone were to mod a sweater and get banned, as lame as I would think that was I also couldn't say the ban was wrong. Maybe if some level of modding were acceptable and didn't come with the threat of a ban it would let people get that out of their system. If there were counselors running around QP with all kinds of modding clothing prints and patterns I would be totally fine with that. Would also think level building would be an amazing addition.
  10. I agree. Probably, technically an offense that could get a player banned but unlikely. There's 2 kinds of game hacking. The harmless version where people do things like modding a sweater or other similar things where, in my opinion, it's something PC gamers do because they can and it doesn't hurt the game. Then the other type of hacking where players outright cheat and run around with a God-mode Uber Jason and that does have a grossly negative effect on gameplay.
  11. Can hiding ne redeemed?

    If Jason makes an inexplicably accurate beeline to a hiding counselor under a bed in large cabin where there are at least 8 beds to choose from, early in the game, and goes straight to the exact bed and kills that counselor without skipping a beat I think there are 2 options: A. Jason is likely teaming if there is either another counselor right there or one counselor is dead and spectating. B. Jason is using ESP. This is probably restricted to playing on Steam but I am a PC user and I see this and similar scenarios on occasion.
  12. When people are doing this effectively or attempting to do this, that's what works to your advantage playing solo. Every group of 2 or more will almost certainly keep Jason off of you if you're using a counselor with the right perks. Typically if you have a pocket knife you'll be using it for a trap but much of the time they've already been triggered by the wild bunch. In fact if you get good enough at this play style you'll get more annoyed losing a knife on Jason than having to use one on a trap.
  13. Can hiding ne redeemed?

    There's always the tactic of opening a door when Jason is hacking one down on the other side of the cabin and then just ducking under a bed. Not always an option but It's worked for me many times. Once Jason gets in and sees the open door he usually goes right out looking for you.
  14. I think the number of knives is right on the money. What players do with them is another matter entirely but trying to dull the effects of players' misuse by adding more is no solution at all. We've been there before; it's a bleak and sorrowful place.
  15. Best Jenny Build?

    Have to say this has been one of the most helpful threads to read through in a while. Don't use Jenny but applied some of the mentioned perks to AJ so I can go at it solo. Currently trying her out using Preparedness, Lone Wolf, and Nerves of Steel (10/10/9). Had Night Owl, Level Headed, and Marathon on her forever and success was so-so. Now with the 3 fear reducers I managed to escape 6/7 games completely alone in lobbies where the Jasons went 7/8 in each one. And I'm normally getting out in less than 10 minutes. I just trot around pick up the items I need and keep my distance from the others. Been working like a charm so far.