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  1. DasMurich

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Hereditary - this is one of the best horror movies I've ever seen. Ever. I'm not giving anything away but the best way I know to recommend it is this... If you liked The Witch the. You will probably like Heredity. Movie is slow, unnerving, and disturbingly dark. Toni Collette is absolutely amazing.
  2. DasMurich

    Jason is weak

    I want to throw this out there, and by no means is this my original idea as it's been floated for a while - but in addition to rebalancing a hard/horror type of game mode might mix things up and encourage some variety in play styles. Something like several locked settings like lower gamma, darker, no music, maybe even no items on the map? Just something.
  3. DasMurich

    Jason is weak

    This should stop. I'm trying to read ideas about how to improve balance and I have to go through all these double posts you're making and quoting people out of context as a way of trolling. Not cool. Side note: I won't lie about these new folks working on the game, gives me a little glimmer of hope it may make it longer than I was anticipating. Of course I'm not a console player so on PC, well, it's PC.
  4. DasMurich

    Jason is weak

    Personally I'd like to see stealth mechanics get some love. I prefer the lone wolf approach, never know what you'll be tossed in with in QP. Night Owl should be a lot more effective on the right counselors, especially when paired with other fear resistance or sense avoidance perks - for example. The effectiveness of their base stats in that area, especially if high, should make a difference and then really shine when paired with the right perks. Nothing sucks more than keeping a good distance from the frey, having not an ounce of fear while you trot along then having Jason drop on your head.
  5. The point is their patches are shit and, as developers, it is a complete guessing game as to what they claim will be fixed and what will actually be fixed. And at this point there's literally nothing that justifies having an expectation greater than expecting nothing. Hope? Sure, be hopeful, but don't expect any competence. Spectator bug bug fixed? Great, it seems fixed. Party bug fixed? I don't know and don't care, I don't play in parties. The rest of it? Still there. And one thing that was randomly fixed, for me, has been undone. I've stopped playing the game anyways so personally it isn't getting in the way of my fun. Glad you're having fun but that doesn't negate the fact that the people responsible for this game are incompetent. They are. They put out a brilliant piece of work and it's had an obvious impact on what people now know an asymmetrical, online, multiplayer, survival horror could be. Could. But they've demonstrated, faithfully, that they are out of their depth and they've done an abysmal job in maintaining and fine-tuning this game.
  6. Oh go f***ing figure. I can't hear other players again. This last patch I've yet to see the spectator bug. Other than that it's crap and I still see all the same stuff.
  7. The only reason Jason can face a wall to avoid the kill is because the "stun" can be triggered from behind Jason. We've all seen the animation he goes in to, as though he is about to strike person in front of him - the one wearing the sweater - and then pauses because maybe it's mom. If Jason could stop cars as easily as he could be stunned there'd be riots. And, to be honest, I've seen players put the front of the car against cabins and trees and such to prevent it when Jason shifts.
  8. I played 2 matches today. First ones since the patch, first time in 2 weeks. 2nd match I spawned in as the wrong character and died after experiencing combat lock. Bravo. Seriously.
  9. DasMurich

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Just watched a movie called Southbound. I can't recommend it enough. Not that it's so amazing but for an indie b-movie it was surprisingly well done; pleasantly surprised. It's an anthology, of sorts, which I normally hate but it weaved a few different stories together, kept them interesting, not too predictable. I watch way, way too much indie horror and I'd say I find about 1 in 20 worth the crap I subject myself to. This was a "1" for sure. Definitely a decent flick.
  10. Thanks for that.
  11. Add Friday's kills, it's still less content. "Yeah but opinion + hyperbole"
  12. There, I adjusted that for you.
  13. Dead by Daylight: 1. 13 playable survivors. 2. 12 playable killers. 3. 24 maps including some procedural generation for variations. 4. 53 perks for survivors, 48 for killers. 5. 278 total addons for players. 6. 102 total offerings for players. Friday the 13th: 1. 14 playable counselors. 2. 9 playable Jasons. 3. 9 playable maps (counting VC). 4. 46 perks for counselors, 0 for Jason. Dead by Daylight has more slated so those numbers are only going to increase as where Friday the 13th's are not because the game is done. No new content. The end. That's just math. Dead by Daylight has more content. Period. Your opinion is your opinion. Content is maps, playable characters, aesthetics, perks+. Every time DbD brings in new characters there's new maps, new perks+. I didn't tally aesthetics but DbD trumps F13 there too. You're just wrong on this one.
  14. What in the actual..... Waiting eternally on an actual bug fix that doesn't break the game in some other fashion.... Have not been able to hear players on their mics for months now and tried everything I've come across to no avail.... Still waiting on the next patch and today, having changed absolutely nothing, I can hear players on their mics.
  15. Part 9 isn't weak IMO. His speed more than makes up for his cons and in the right hands he wipes a lobby in no time.