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  1. *So this post is 16 days after the original, I'm unsure if there's a way to keep this information alive without continually adding to the one post? Apologies if I'm misbehaving here.* Character concept for the next Lucas.
  2. @Left2Right @TheRockstarKnight @TiffanyIsBae @Slasher_Clone Last Year The game is apparently available through Discord? Anyways I think I'm picking it up this week. I can barely stand Friday the 13th anymore, just too much with the trolling and hacking.
  3. Exciting news - I wrote a book called Lucas, a horror, that was published in 2012 by Arcana. I haven't been able to do any more with the IP due to Arcana holding 50% of the rights but this is no longer the case. I'm going to be launching an IndieGoGo in the near future for the project so anyone interested just follow me on Twitter and you'll get the updates and so on and so forth. Here's a preview of the original book - Lucas Preview And a review of the book - Review
  4. I've had the same problem on PC forever. Sometimes I can hear players, sometimes not. Occasionally when it's a period that I can't, once and a while I'll be able to hear players from Asia. It's ridiculous. I've given up trying to fix it.
  5. Or I want to have my cake and eat it too. The options are there for you to chose how to approach the game. You go for the kill and fail you should die. Plain and simple.
  6. IMO this would be the most organic next step in any coming changes.
  7. Does anyone know how the sense avoidance and stealth type perks work? I'm asking insofar as RNG being involved, is there a radius/distance limiting Jason, what might 10/10 composure or 10/10 stealth is in regard to full potential (is that half way there?). Anyways it might help making suggestions. Or maybe how it's reduced for a counselor while Jason is in rage, or how much sense for him is boosted. If anyone knows or maybe @mattshotcha could chime in. Unless this is all top secret.
  8. The "other game" conversation might be derailing the thread a bit but I actually think it highlights an important point about the buff Jason got. This is Friday the 13th and the new patch brings it closer to what the developers of this game had in mind. There are other titles out there now, and coming, that offer different mechanics and experiences. If this type of game is what you enjoy then should play at least some of the options out there. I think Friday the 13th currently offers the most hardcore experience against the most powerful killer. Personally if I want a different experience I'll play a different game. And enjoy them both.
  9. Just look it up on YouTube. There's a lot of footage out now since beta was released. The game is seriously gorgeous.
  10. There are Jasons that will likely get cocky in rage. If counselors are in a larger cabin, Jason is going to lose sight of them since the entire cabin is going to light up. If the cabin has been set up with bear traps, knowing Jason is going to be raging through everything, it's an opportune time to kill him. Just have what you need, and who, there and ready. It'll be riskier for Jason indoors now. You'll just have to outsmart him, bait him in for the kill.
  11. If you want horror then eventually Last Year: The Nightmare when it comes out. But that'll only be for PC. Also Hide or Die lacks combat, but I did back it and have played ... Game is pretty fun. Of course in Last Year if you take out the killer, that player just comes back as a different one. You know why they did that? Because it isn't supposed to be so difficult to take down the killer. If not horror then your options will probably open up.
  12. Okay, yes technically there is a bug at the moment. It should be getting a fix and I'm sure the devs are going to jump on this and deliver it in a timely fashion. But you have one of two scenarios, either the complaints are being made knowing the bug will be fixed therefore not counting it as a change and thus being completely exaggerated calling him invincible.... Or The complaints are being made as if this is by design, intentional, and that just makes them idiotic.
  13. Jason isn't invincible in any part of the match. What's with all the exaggeration? He cannot be stunned except by the shotgun, sweater, pocket knives, and bear traps when in rage. Phrase it like this: The counselors can't be stunned for the entire match so why should Jason be? Jason doesn't get perks so why should counselors? Counselors have virtually infinite trap use so why not Jason?
  14. Already switched to him after getting a few turns as Jason and finding no one wanting to fight. Had been relying on + Weapon Damage up until now. + Destruction seems less important now that raging through doors and walls is going to actually be worth doing. Sorry, I keep editing this. I suspect though Part 2 will be an easy pre-rage kill. That and - Shift is not fun. I'm starting to think Part 8 might be a good one to use. He hasn't got the - Shift, or like Part 6 hasn't got the - Morph. Hm..... The more I read in multiple threads all I'm seeing is a small group wanting to somehow be able to beat on Jason throughout the entire match, more or less. This is a huge change to the game but there's honestly going to be quick rebound as players adjust. If they adjust. There's a lot of hyperbole being thrown around too.
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