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  1. Here's what I think - If you're looking for a horror experience and you want to: A. Kick ass as a survivor - buy Dead by Daylight, just the core game, don't commit to DLC unless you love it. B. Kick ass as a killer - buy Friday the 13th only because it's on sale and play it in the offline, single player mode. For $20 the single player (Jason) mode is worth that much. **Sorry for the double post**
  2. There's always a possibility though that they fix the randomness bug, but a new randomness bug will emerge which is not the old randomness bug.
  3. I have a good chunk of time now invested in to Dead by Daylight. I can say, with 100% certainty, that Dead by Daylight is a better game. It's a better game because it fucking works. As far as the concept, the mechanics, the immersion and cinematic quality, well, I'm actually even more angry that the developers of Friday the 13th have let it slip in to it's current state. Forget the lawsuit, that has nothing to do with this and this game, for all intents and purposes, was going to stop adding content anyways. There's always been a cap. Gun Media, Illfonic - you have a game with the potential to utterly obliterate Dead by Daylight but you have broken this game repeatedly diminishing it to a smoldering heap of code. Dead by Daylight does NOT deliver a horror experience and comes nowhere close to holding the potential tension and fear that Friday the 13th is more than capable of delivering. I can't cohesively express the level of disappointment I feel right now towards this game after really getting a good dose of DbD. There's so many basic things the developers could do and what it boils down to, why Dead by Daylight is better, is because it works. It's updated and patched regularly, reliably, and successfully. The actual game however.... Jason mains, if you thought you had to deal with bullshit in this game, you obviously haven't had DbD redefine bullshit for you yet. The lawsuit drops, who gives a shit, the developers response should have been, "That sucks, new content will have to wait, but hey, we're rolling out some great enhancements to mechanics A B and C". But, no, we all know the lawsuit dropped and then oops, when you select Vanessa and spawn in as Mitch you're gonna die when you escape the Part 3 Jason wearing the Part 8 Skin. I'm just stopping the rant now but yeah, DbD is a better game for the wrong reasons even though it really kinda has no business calling itself horror.
  4. Well. Just finished the "Scam Media" video, food for thought, only to find the thread completely removed. I'd like to know what they are planning, couldn't give a shit at this point about would've-could've-should've plans. I think at this point complete transparency would serve them better than being tight-lipped and disengaged. I don't think it's unfair to say they really ought to start setting hard goals, with dates, and deliver on those even if it's just fixes. If they can begin the process of repeatedly, consistently coming through it'll speak volumes. What on earth is the point of lingering around for a one-day-maybe plan?
  5. There's a huge difference between: A. Yes, I want another game like this And B. Yes, I want Gun/Ill to make another game like this Is your Yes the A or the B?
  6. DasMurich

    Last Leg?

    The competitive nature actually plays out in the forums where people shoot for wittiest lines, best gifs, winning the day, and starting the highest number of redundant threads.
  7. Alright, I'm baffled by this and I'm sincerely asking for input - how is this poll sitting 8/11 right at the moment? Lawsuit aside, it's irrelevant, I'm thinking in terms of technical problems - since launch and following every update the game has been plagued with bugs - game breaking bugs - that seemingly get worse with each change. Why on earth would anyone look at that and think, "Hey, maybe they should get a second title going!" Not trying to be inflammatory here, I'm sincerely asking the "Yes" folks because I literally cannot comprehend that answer.
  8. I don't fix no stinking generators. I only repair cars and boats and phones and..... generators.
  9. Go check out Hide or Die on Kickstarter. I just backed it the other day, looks promising. It looks like any one of the players can become the killer and another player at a later time in the match. 1 vs 16. Might fill that void in your life. If you back it with $20 you'll have access to the beta in August. I'm pretty sure PC only. One of the nice things about PC gaming. So much Indie glory.
  10. DasMurich

    Dear Devs, Never Say Never

  11. Reading this thread I thought to myself, "I'm gonna just ask if this guy's keeping up on current events" then I read that. Sigh.....
  12. Unless anyone has data that actually shows the kinds of average numbers for consoles all anyone can do is say they don't know. Sales numbers are far easier to obtain, getting in to the nitty-gritty with consoles is a real chore and that's what matters. You can sell 20 million copies of a game and have 200 people playing at any given time or you can sell 1 million copies and have 50,000 playing. I assume there are more people playing this game regularly than on PC, but given PC numbers and the current state of the game, it still can't be good. If anyone can link to actual numbers that'd be great. In fact if there's a site that maintains all this information, up to date, for consoles please share.
  13. I'm having to research numbers right now and pulled these up - Friday the 13th Dead by Daylight This, and kind of combing through the forums for feedback, more or less, the death of this game has been an ongoing discussion recently as a lot of us have observed the drastic decline of players. There's been quite a bit of fed-up-ness with the failure to deliver anything substantial. Would not even be able to tally how many times the "I hoped that..." and "It never ceases to amaze me...." type comments are weaved in to the topics. Anyways, yeah, I think that a client side patch and peer to peer hosting should be what they focus on, and let us know asap if that's on the table.
  14. Because of the auto deaths, rubberbanding problems, re-skinning, random loads, etc etc? We only enjoy legit fan-made shitty games round these parts.