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  1. It's gonna be grind this month, fingers crossed. If you guys have a chance to check out that link up top for the campaign please do. Any and all word of mouth I can get would be absolutely stellar. Definitely would love to see you back it, would love more if you got many others to do so by way of persuasion, coercion, extortion, threat of death, or bribery! All accepted!
  2. Do you know when you back Lucas: Book Two you'll receive exclusive access to the private beta for Lucas: Chapter One, now in development. This is just a general concept teaser, enjoy! https://youtu.be/WaRvfwZLIJ8
  3. I've put a lot more time in this game and it's genuinely fun. I've given up on Last Man Standing though as the rewards are exponentially better in Escape. The map for escape is obscenely large and takes some getting used to. Think of it like combining all 5 large maps in Friday and then doubling it. Enormous. Essentially the way the game plays is everyone is a survivor. You earn darkness and once you've got enough you can become a killer. It's intense when you've got a full lobby. There can be more than one killer too. Most I've seen at once is 7. So you're trying to escape with as much darkness as possible, it's what you use to upgrade perks which are unlocked by leveling. If you're a survivor and attack a killer, that killer will drop darkness and you can nab it. The inverse is the same. There's now 4 killers in the game and more to come. Essentially one survivor that's highly customizable and then you build it to your liking although some perks feel essential. Especially silent steps which allows you to use portals to jump around the map. The game is a ton of fun, simple and straight forward. The design is okay, but the atmosphere of the environments I particularly like. Great use of shadows and lighting and fog and such. Definitely recommend this for anyone on PC right now.
  4. I back this game on Kickstarter so I had access to the closed beta. It's on Steam now, available as an early access title here. There's 2 game modes - Escape and Last Man Standing. I haven't really spent any time in the former but I'm really enjoying LMS. It's a battle royale style survival. Match starts, first player that makes it to the orb becomes the killer which is on a timer. Objectives for survivors is turn on these fuse boxes which cause the killer's time to drop faster. Once it's gone another orb appears and, again, first one there becomes the killer. The maps are a pretty decent size but as the match progresses the dome around continues to shrink. It's a fun game, I'd say more akin to Dead by Daylight in terms of the pace and actually hiding, because in Hide or Die you can really hide and fighting the killer just isn't an option. For $20 I'd say it's worth it. There'll be more content added, maps and killers, and I'm confident it'll roll out since this is all original content so there's no threat of being destroyed in a lawsuit.
  5. Yup. Finally able to get in today but then this, 20-30 minute searches for lobbies with 5 players. Match starts and 1 or 2 quit. Think it's time to shelve this for a while.
  6. Yup. Since this morning for me. Gotta love it. @mattshotcha is this getting worked out or is it going to endure over the long weekend?
  7. I'd take -traps over -shift. Part 9 is a lot if fun to run once and a while. The problem I run in to with part 2 is the traps being popped so easily with the counselor perks. IMO best next thing they could do for the game is just let us choose Jason's loadout. + and - both being required. You could run with + traps + knives + weapon damage? Something that suits your play style. Maybe + Shift + Can Run + Destruction?
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